10 Best Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

Whether you’re a local looking for something new or a tourist wanting an authentic experience, we’ve curated the best Food and cocktail pairings NOLA. Join us as we explore one of America’s most unique cities.

Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey through vibrant New Orleans streets, where Food and cocktail pairings NOLA shine. Explore the historic French Quarter with enticing tours that tantalize taste buds and immerse you in rich flavors. Uncover cocktail history on a walking tour, sampling craft cocktails, and learning Prohibition’s intrigue. Dive into NOLA’s food scene with a Taste of the French Quarter walking food tour, savoring local delights. Indulge in seafood excellence on specialized tours like the Original Seafood walking tour and private Seafood Bar Crawl. Unearth history with a Drunken History Tour or explore neighborhood gems with a Private Neighborhood Food Tour. Discover authentic flavors, an epicurean paradise in New Orleans.

1. New Orleans Cocktail History Walking Tour in the French Quarter

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

New Orleans Cocktail History Walking Tour in the French Quarter

Embark on a captivating exploration of New Orleans’ liquid culture with an insider’s cocktail tour in the historic French Quarter. Led by a knowledgeable local guide and shared with fellow fans, this journey transcends the bustling Bourbon Street, leading you to four iconic local haunts, each offering a signature cocktail. Unveil the artistry of renowned bartenders, unearth the origins of age-old spirits like absinthe, and relish the classic Sazerac, a New Orleans staple. Sip and savor in diverse settings, including a former icehouse and the elegant Bourbon Orleans Hotel bar, once a 19th-century convent. Immerse yourself in captivating tales of cocktail history from your native guide, delving into why absinthe was once banned in the US and Europe. This tour promises an enchanting blend of flavorful insights and spirited indulgence, showcasing the dynamic food and cocktail pairings that define the essence of NOLA’s vibrant scene.

2. New Orleans Taste of the French Quarter walking Food Tour Du jou

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

New Orleans Taste of the French Quarter walking Food Tour Du jou

Embark on a delectable journey through the heart of New Orleans’ culinary scene, savoring iconic Louisiana flavors on a captivating food walking tour in the historic French Quarter. Immerse yourself in the heritage of Creole, Cajun, and French-inspired cuisines as you traverse charming streets—delight in tastings at five renowned eateries, each a testament to the city’s vibrant culinary tapestry. Satisfy your palate with various specialties, from beef brisket po-boy sandwiches to the legendary muffuletta and mouthwatering jambalaya. Succumb to the allure of sweet pralines, a timeless delight from the city’s oldest candy store. This afternoon tour is the epitome of indulgence, offering insights into New Orleans’ gastronomic legacy and a delightful lunch composed of the included tastings. It’s an exquisite showcase of the enchanting food and cocktail pairings NOLA, an epicurean paradise.

3. New Orleans Famous Craft Cocktail/Prohibition walking Tour of French Quarter

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

New Orleans Famous Craft Cocktail/Prohibition walking Tour of French Quarter

Join the revelry with Tastebud Food Tours as we mark 12 vibrant years in New Orleans! Celebrating our 1251 5-star TripAdvisor reviews has earned us the prestigious Hall of Fame Award and the 2021 Travelers Choice recognition as the #1 choice in Nola. Our legacy in the spirited city continues to shine. New Orleans, a cradle of iconic cocktails and legendary bars, beckons. Delve into century-old restaurants, where recipes and tales span generations. Discover the birthplaces of unique cocktails, sipping history as you traverse the French Quarter on foot alongside an expert guide. Immerse yourself in the flavors, the stories, and the magic of food and cocktail pairings NOLA’s essence.

4. Private Food Tour – New Orleans Historic Culinary, Cocktail & Kitchen Adventure

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

Private Food Tour – New Orleans Historic Culinary, Cocktail & Kitchen Adventure

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of history and flavors as you explore the renowned culinary landscape of the French Quarter. This unique tour seamlessly weaves the past and present, beginning at a rooftop bar that offers panoramic views and an orientation to the city. Ideal for newcomers, this journey introduces you to New Orleans’ essence. Venture through the city’s historic establishments, indulging in classic dishes and libations, all handpicked by your knowledgeable guide. Delight in a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a restaurant kitchen and savor historic beverages and foods that might otherwise be missed. With a small group, a dynamic atmosphere ensures accessibility to your guide, adding to the allure of this food and cocktail pairings adventure that beautifully encapsulates NOLA’s charm.

5. New Orleans Original Seafood walking Tour of the French Quarter

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

New Orleans Original Seafood walking Tour of the French Quarter

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans through a captivating food tour of the French Quarter. Allow your guide to curate a remarkable culinary journey that unveils hidden gems and iconic restaurants often overlooked by visitors. From delectable Creole crepes to the bold flavors of blackened catfish, indulge in a diverse range of tastings that epitomize the city’s renowned cuisine. This experience transcends mere research and planning, ensuring you savor the very essence of New Orleans’ culinary treasures. Enjoy an intimate, personalized adventure in a small group setting where the city’s history and flavors intertwine to create unforgettable food and cocktail pairings NOLA.

6. NOLA Drunken History Tour from New Orleans

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

NOLA Drunken History Tour from New Orleans

Cheers to New Orleans’ vibrant history with an immersive French Quarter tour that fuses lively libations and captivating tales. Tailored for those aged 21 and above, this evening adventure traverses the city’s renowned neighborhood under the guidance of a spirited storyteller. Delight in a unique blend of revelry and New Orleans history, where intriguing stories of murder, pirates, and brothels come to life. Experience the charm of historic bars selected with care along the route, offering refills that keep the party spirit alive. As an adults-only tour, this journey offers an insider’s glimpse into the city’s colorful past and present, complemented by the allure of free drinks to inaugurate an unforgettable night. It’s a perfect fusion of history and indulgence, capturing the essence of NOLA’s spirited food and cocktail pairings scene.

7. Private New Orleans Seafood Bar Crawl

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

Private New Orleans Seafood Bar Crawl

Experience the essence of New Orleans’ vibrant culture, art, and seafood scene as we embark on a captivating seafood journey. Join me in exploring the city’s most renowned seafood spots, uncovering the art and history that define New Orleans. Each eatery carries a tale of tradition and innovation, reflecting the heart of this dynamic city. Delve into these remarkable narratives while savoring the beloved flavors that have won over locals’ hearts. As we indulge in quality seafood moments, let’s capture the spirit of NOLA through your camera’s lens, creating lasting memories and picturesque selfies. This food tour is a heartfelt tribute to the city’s charm. Come adorned with a smile, positive vibes, stylish attire, and a sense of adventure, and let’s celebrate NOLA’s goodness together! With a duration of about an hour, we’ll also make delightful stops at local bars, complementing the experience.

8. NOLA Carte Food Tours

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

NOLA Carte Food Tours

Embark on a culinary journey that unveils the essence of New Orleans’ beloved dishes, revered globally for their authenticity. When in the Big Easy, entrust your taste buds to the experts and redefine your relationship with cuisine through the immersive NOLA Carte food tour. Immerse the city’s culinary legacy as you explore the history and culture surrounding iconic dishes such as pralines, muffulettas, beignets, and gumbo. This tour masterfully blends food, history, and culture, enlightening you on over 300 years of culinary evolution. Led by knowledgeable guides, savor traditional New Orleans flavors like gumbo, po’boys, and beignets, uncovering the heart of the city’s gastronomic tapestry. NOLA Carte Food Tours, curated by the food stylist behind NCIS New Orleans, offer an unparalleled opportunity to embrace the rich food and cocktail pairings NOLA.


Food and cocktail pairings NOLA


I’m Paul, a New Orleans native passionate about sharing my city’s flavors and history. Join me for an exclusive NOLA BIG 4 PRIVATE FOOD TOUR, where I’ve guided countless global visitors. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration and a New Orleans Tour Guide license, I’ll lead you on a culinary exploration. This private driving tour, exclusively for your group, uncovers the tales behind signature dishes at three renowned eateries: Pascal’s Manale (or Mr. B’s Bistro on weekends), Parkway Bakery, and Café Du Monde. Immerse in the rich heritage and culture of New Orleans through food, guided by a fact-based and comprehensive journey. Discover NOLA’s heart and soul with my expertise and passion.

10. Private New Orleans Neighborhood Food Tour – Historic Driving “Dine-Around”

Food and cocktail pairings NOLA

Private New Orleans Neighborhood Food Tour – Historic Driving “Dine-Around”

Embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure that promises an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in a captivating 3-hour journey through the dynamic neighborhoods of New Orleans, where your taste buds will delight in the rhythms of authentic Creole and Cajun cuisine. Unveil the essence of the city’s gastronomic enchantment as you indulge in distinctive eateries, local bars, and irresistible delicacies. Guided by a private expert, delve into insider knowledge that unveils the secrets behind these delightful flavors. Immerse in the captivating history and culture of The Big Easy through its cuisine, discovering the heart and soul of New Orleans’ culinary scene. Enjoy a seamless exploration of NOLA’s food and cocktail pairings with convenient hotel pickup and drop-off.

Embark on an epicurean journey through New Orleans, where the symphony of food and cocktail pairings NOLA takes center stage. From iconic cocktails to Cajun cuisine, our curated tours offer an authentic taste of this vibrant city’s flavors and history. Indulge in culinary delights, explore hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of NOLA’s gastronomic scene. With expert guides and intimate settings, savor the essence of New Orleans through unforgettable food and cocktail pairings, making your visit a true epicurean adventure in the heart of this unique and captivating city.