Things To Do In Houston

Things To Do In Houston

Houston is an incredible city in Texas, full of energy, full of life. Aside from the various things to do in Houston, the Bayou City is also the birthplace of many prominent personalities, such as singers Beyoncé and Hilary Duff, actress Renée Zellweger, singer and songwriter Kenny Rogers, and singer and actress Whitney Houston. 

This city is an enormous metropolis in the Lone Star State, extending up to Galveston Bay. Houston also has a relatively compact Downtown, which has the Theater District, home to the famous Houston Grand Opera, as well as the Historic District, which comprises 19th-century architecture and upscale restaurants. 

From visiting the renowned Space Center Houston to appreciating nature at Discovery Green, there are indeed so many things to do in Houston. We can’t wait for you to get to know them. So, join us as we explore the best things to do in Houston. 

11 Best Things To Do In Houston

The countdown of the best things to do in Houston begins right now. 

1. Try The Astronaut Ice Cream At Space Center Houston

The first on our list of the best things to do in Houston is your experience at Space Center Houston. If you are only staying in Houston for a few days, this place is a must-have on your bucket list. 

The official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center – NASA’s center for human spaceflight where human spaceflight training, research, and flight control are conducted – Space Center Houston is where you can find collections of spacesuits from historic space missions, real shuttles, and artifacts from space. 

Guests can also hop on the tram tour that will bring you to the Johnson Space Center astronaut training facilities and mission control areas. Sometimes, you can even meet a real astronaut here. 

On your way out, don’t forget to drop by the Spacetrader gift shop and try some astronaut ice cream. This astronaut ice cream is a freeze-dried, ready-to-eat ice cream originally crafted for the Apollo moon missions. 

2. Meet Various Tropical Species And Dine In The Underwater Restaurant At Downtown Aquarium 

Also one of the best things to do in Houston is your visit to Downtown Aquarium. Since it opened in 2003, this LED-illuminated complex has become one of the most popular points of interest in the city. 

Aside from showcasing various tropical species, it is also here where you can see for yourself a shipwreck and a sunken temple exhibited. Plus, there’s also an outdoor exhibit home to four gorgeous white tigers. Downtown Aquarium will really push you to immerse into the experience, and get up close and personal with the creatures as you walk through its halls. 

And these are a must-do here: don’t forget to visit the underwater restaurant where you can dine amidst colorful reefs around you, and board a train to bring you to Downtown Aquarium’s largest shark tank.

Things To Do In Houston - Astronauts

Things To Do In Houston – Astronauts

3. Feed A Giraffe And Give An Elephant A Bath At Houston Zoo

If you are traveling with your kids and there is a zoo in the place you are visiting, it is best that you include this experience in your itinerary. Here, one of the best things to do in Houston is encountering the wildlife at Houston Zoo. There are several things to do in Houston here, not just meeting the animals.

This zoo, which is home to more than 6,000 animals from across the globe, you and your kids can swap the shells, rocks, or fossils you’ve found around with points that you can spend in the gift shop. The more haul you get, the more points you’ll earn and the more items you can redeem.

Here at Houston Zoo, you can feed the Masai giraffes, give an elephant a bath, walk with a cheetah, play with a sea lion, cuddle a sloth, and bond with a gorilla. You determine your experience. There is a lot of stuff to see here.

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4. Bike Around Buffalo Bayou

On the other hand, if you are looking for things to do in Houston wherein you can get up close and personal with nature, nothing beats your visit to Buffalo Bayou. This park is the perfect place in Houston to take some time to breathe and relax, and enjoy what nature can offer. Its green space of 160 acres is pretty much an oasis in the middle of such a bustling metropolis. 

Here, there are numerous hiking and biking trails, and if you do not have a bicycle with you, there are bike rentals available around. The park also offers food trucks, so picnicking here with the family will never be a hassle. 

And, if you happen to be in the area by sunset, you can see a massive colony of Mexican free-tailed bats flying in droves under the Waugh Bridge at dusk. It’s one of the best things to do in Houston you don’t wanna miss. 

Things To Do In Houston - Houston Skyline

Things To Do In Houston – Houston Skyline

5. Have Fun At Houston Funplex

Things to do in Houston are filled with museum tours and exploring outdoor parks. Because of their frequency in the area, things can get really monotonous and boring. Why don’t you break the ice and let loose at Houston Funplex. 

Houston Funplex is an indoor amusement park that offers all the thrills and excitement you can think of under one roof. Unleash your inner child as you play your way through this place with virtual reality simulators, inflatable playscapes, gaming stations, arcade rooms, roller skating rinks, bowling lanes, go-kart tracks, and carnival rides. It’s really the perfect attraction to visit if you want to have fun in Houston.

6. Join The Country’s First Hip Hop Party Bike Tour In Houston

You’ve heard of walking tours, sightseeing tours, and the famous Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours plying major cities across the globe. They’re pretty in-demand, so things can get a bit boring here. Want to discover things to do in Houston that’s unique and all about the fun? Join the country’s first hip hop party bike tour – right here in Houston!

This is a totally BYOB (bring your own bottle) tour that will take you around hip hop personalities like UGK, Mega Thee Stallion, and Slim Thug. This tour’s custom-built party bike is complete with a large bar, cooler, cups, and even your very own hype man and party host. Plus, there’s a booming sound system, curated playlist, and LED lighting for the best experience. 

But wait, there’s more. You can also play along in the tour’s “Trill Trivia” and “Trap Karaoke” games. Whether you are here in Houston to celebrate someone else’s birthday, taking your girls for a night out, or simply dropping by the city for the weekend, this is a must-do activity that will never get you bored.

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Things To Do In Houston - Gerald D Hines Waterwall Park

Things To Do In Houston – Gerald D Hines Waterwall Park

7. Experience Outdoor Entertainment And Take A Yoga Class At Discovery Green

Houston may be a bustling city, but it never fails to treat tourists to areas with green spaces every now and then, such as at Discovery Green, where things to do in Houston are massive. 

Located at the heart of downtown Houston, this beautiful urban park has been the place for the city’s events and outdoor entertainment, including daily gatherings and special celebrations. There are also two great restaurants and a picnic lawn at Discovery Green if you want to grab a bite while doing your tour. And if you are bringing your pet, there is also a dog park in the area. 

Aside from concerts and festivals, you can also take part in yoga classes here, shop at the night markets, watch movies under the stars, and so much more. This is also one of the best things to do in Houston you should not miss. 

8. See Artworks From All Over The Globe At The Menil Collection

You are already here in Houston seeing all the museums that the city has to offer, so why don’t you take your things to do in Houston further up a notch by seeing artworks from all over the globe at The Menil Collection.

This place started as a private art and artifact gallery of art patron John de Menil and art collector Dominique de Menil. Now, it offers so much more. Believe it or not, this museum features more than 19,000 pieces from all over the world and throughout history. The gallery includes artworks from Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas, as well as from the ancient, Byzantine, Medieval, and contemporary eras. 

You can make the most out of your admission as your ticket will also already grant you access to its rotating galleries of photographs, painting, drawings, and mixed-medium artwork.

Things To Do In Houston - Reflection Of The City's Skyline

Things To Do In Houston – Reflection Of The City’s Skyline

9. Love Cars? Visit Art Car Museum

Do you love cars? If you do and are in Houston right now, drop by the Art Car Museum. There are museums filled with artworks like paintings and sculptures, then there are museums filled with quirky-looking cars, such as the Art Car Museum. Here, you’ll explore room after room of automobile art installations with such unique designs. 

Houston is home to several decorated cars roaming around the city, so it is just fitting to have a museum dedicated to these. Art Car Museum showcases pieces like a bedazzled derby car, a wood-bodied vintage car covered in forest animal designs, a motorized bike with a hippo head, and more. Prepare to get twisted.

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10. Catch A World-Class Show At The Houston Theater District

While Houston boasts of the magnanimity of its museums, when it comes to the performing arts scene, everything converges here at the downtown Theater District. It is the lifeblood of Houston’s vast performing arts scene. 

In fact, did you know that Houston is only among the fewest cities in the United States with permanent professional companies in residence for each of the major disciplines in performing arts – theater, opera, ballet, and music?

There is a wide array of things to do in Houston here at the Houston Theater District. One of the largest theater districts in the country, it is home to several world-class theater shows that include musicals, ballets, plays, and operas. You can even catch a Broadway show here.

11. Take A Daytrip To Galveston

This place may not be part of the Houston city proper, but if you have more time exploring the city, this is also one of the must-try things to do in Houston. Take a daytrip to Galveston.

Galveston is located 50 miles southeast of the Bayou City. It is a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast that boasts miles of beaches, a vibrant amusement park, and a state park. 

You may also head over to Galveston Island State Park, a place that features lookout points and scenic trails that lead to the bay, including padding trails in the water, a perfect destination for the more active traveler.

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Things To Do In Houston - Galveston

Things To Do In Houston – Galveston

Things To Do In Houston: Best Hotels

To have you make the most out of the best things to do in Houston, you’ve got to find the best accommodation where you will stay, take a rest every night you are in the city, and hang out during your free time. Here are the best hotels in Houston right now.

  • The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston
  • C. Baldwin, Curio Collection by Hilton
  • Four Seasons Hotel Houston
  • JW Marriott Houston Downtown
  • Marriott Marquis Houston
  • And so much more!
Things To Do In Houston - Downtown

Things To Do In Houston – Downtown

Houston, Here We Come

The laid-back, boot-scooting and pick-up truck lifestyle meets the energetic and sophisticated metropolis – this is Houston. Texas’ largest city, it provides everything you’d want to find in the state, and more things for sure. Houston enjoys one of the country’s highest standards of living. Plus, its museums are unique, not to mention its dining and entertainment scenes. 

Whether you are traveling to Houston for business (and taking a side trip to explore the city), a weekend getaway, or with the family, you will always find something for everyone here. Houston serves up nationally acclaimed shopping, dining, nightlife, and entertainment, as well as world-class events and attractions. Above those, you can find lots of things here that won’t hurt your budget, or even for free. With so many things to do in Houston, you will want to stay for more days in this place.

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