Savor the Authenticity: Indulge The 13 Best Chinese Food in Portland

Find the best Chinese food in Portland, Taste authentic flavors, and savor unforgettable dining experiences.

The Chinese food scene in Portland has flourished in recent years, offering a wide range of options for diners. From small family-run eateries to popular Asian chains like Din Tai Fung and Tasty Pot, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re craving comforting takeout classics or eager to indulge in hotpot, xiao long bao, or dim sum, this guide covers you. For dumpling lovers, we’ve got a special map just for you. So explore and discover the best Chinese food in Portland.

1. Szechuan Garden

best Chinese food in Portland

Szechuan Garden

Experience the vibrant flavors of Sichuan cuisine at a cozy restaurant near Beaverton-Hillsboro. Owner Daniel Chen delights customers with tingly and spicy favorites such as crispy Chongqing chicken, tangy mapo tofu, and crunchy lotus root dry pot. Take advantage of their delectable takeout options like eggplant in hot garlic sauce and dan dan noodles. Discover why it’s considered some of the best Chinese food in Portland.

2. Taste of Sichuan Beaverton

best Chinese food in Portland

Taste of Sichuan Beaverton

Taste of Sichuan in Beaverton has been a favorite among spice-loving Portlanders since 2011. This suburb gem offers an array of tempting dishes like the mouth-numbing Chongqing hot chicken, tangy sliced pork kidneys, and the crowd-pleasing Swimming Fire Fish in spicy chile oil. During holidays, don’t miss the grand presentation of the Sichuan crab, wood-and-tea-smoked duck, and whole fish in spicy black bean sauce. For adventurous eaters, their ‘Wild Side’ menu features Sichuan-style preparations of pork stomach and marinated beef tendon. Discover why it’s renowned for serving the best Chinese food in Portland.

3. Bing Mi

best Chinese food in Portland

Bing Mi

Bing Mi, once a popular street food cart at 10th and Alder, has found a new home at the Nob Hill pod. This hidden gem specializes in jianbing, delicious Chinese savory crepes filled with black bean paste, veggies, and crispy-fried crackers. Try their upgrades, like double the egg and crackers, or add duck, smoked sausage, or tofu for an extra treat. Indulge in some of the finest Chinese cuisines in Portland at Bing Mi. Take advantage of their beloved smoked sausage bing, and explore their enticing specials like the Sunday breakfast menu or smoked pork rib jianbing. For a comfortable dining experience, head to their nearby dumpling and noodle bar. Bing Mi is your go-to destination for experiencing the best Chinese food in Portland.

4. Jong Can

best Chinese food in Portland

Jong Can

Jong Can, conveniently located near Portland State University, is a go-to spot for students seeking budget-friendly Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant’s name translates to “lunch” in Cantonese, reflecting its focus on affordable meals. Their menu boasts generous portions of flavorful fried rice and noodle dishes cooked with the perfect “wok hei” or “breath of the wok.” Check out their signature pork chop fried rice with a crispy pork cutlet or the indulgent cheesy baked rice options featuring melty cheese and proteins like curry chicken or salmon. Then, indulge in the ultimate Chinese comfort food at Jong Can, known for offering some of the best Chinese food in Portland.

5. Tasty Corner Chinese Restaurant

best Chinese food in Portland

Tasty Corner Chinese Restaurant

Discover a hidden gem in downtown Portland with Tasty Corner, offering some of the city’s best new Chinese food. In their standout dish, the exquisite mapo tofu features tender bean curd cubes in a flavorful sauce packed with chiles, ground pork, and salted black bean. The Chongqing chicken is incredibly tender and seasoned with a delightful blend of spices. For noodle lovers, their hand-shaven noodles are tossed in tantalizing chile oil. Take advantage of the brick-red crawfish with a touch of heat for a fun twist. If you’re craving Chinese American classics like General Tso’s or honey-walnut shrimp, Tasty Corner has you covered. Experience the epitome of the best Chinese food in Portland at Tasty Corner.

6. Duck House

best Chinese food in Portland

Duck House

Indulge in carefully crafted Sichuan-style dishes at Duck House, where you can enjoy a sports-bar-like atmosphere with football on the TV screens and flavorful lipstick-red chile oil drizzled over their dumplings. Dine in and savor their must-try juicy xiao long bao, along with the delightful wontons in chile oil and dan dan noodles. Their cumin lamb, dry-cooked green beans, and Sichuan hotpot are outstanding for takeout. Interestingly, despite the name, duck is not on the menu. Instead, discover why Duck House is known for serving some of the best Chinese food in Portland.

7. Stretch The Noodle

best Chinese food in Portland

Stretch The Noodle

Prepare to be delighted by the skillful chef Xuemei Simard as she expertly hand-pulls noodles inside the cart she owns with her husband, Duane. The real satisfaction comes from savoring those noodles, particularly when immersed in a flavorful Sichuan beef broth infused with the aroma of five spices. Take advantage of the shrimp dumplings, where the tails peek out of the wrapper-like handles. As with many food carts, takeout is available, so walk up and place your order. Experience some of the finest Chinese cuisines in Portland at this remarkable cart, known for serving the best Chinese food in the city.

8. Street Wok

best Chinese food in Portland

Street Wok

Discover a relatively new restaurant in John’s Landing dedicated to serving exquisite Sichuan cuisine while offering a variety of Chinese American favorites. Spice enthusiasts will rejoice at the extensive selection of fiery dishes, including dry pot spare ribs, ma la fish, and garlic-infused hot eggplant. While Street Wok handles a constant flow of takeout orders, the restaurant provides ample seating for those who wish to enjoy dishes that are best enjoyed on-site, such as the flavorful hot boiling fish or crispy Sichuan prawns. Immerse yourself in some of the finest Chinese food in Portland at this establishment renowned for its culinary excellence.

9. XLB

best Chinese food in Portland


Indulge in the best Chinese food in Portland at this counter-service gem in Williams. Created by former Aviary chef Jasper Shen and Linh Tran, the restaurant’s name, Xiao Long Bao, pays homage to its signature dish of delightful soup dumplings. However, the menu offers a range of pure Chinese comfort food, including Shanghai noodles infused with tender shrimp and delicious pork crumbles. The ambiance effortlessly blends Portland’s industrial style with playful Chinese elements, featuring vintage lanterns and charming stenciled animals from the Chinese zodiac adorning the walls. Experience a culinary delight at this establishment, known for serving some of the finest Chinese cuisines in Portland.

10. Chin’s Kitchen

best Chinese food in Portland

Chin’s Kitchen

Great news for fans of Dongbei Chinese food in Portland! Chin’s Kitchen, the city’s premier destination for this cuisine, has reopened after a temporary closure during the pandemic. When the rainy season hits, you can’t miss out on Cindy Li’s delicious Chinese sauerkraut and pork, a portion of real comfort food served on a bed of potato starch noodles. Make sure to include their delicious dumplings and the vibrant la pi, a vegetable salad with delicate translucent noodles, in your order. Experience the best Chinese food in Portland at Chin’s Kitchen, where flavors and comfort intertwine to create an unforgettable dining experience.

11. Powell’s Seafood Restaurant

best Chinese food in Portland

Powell’s Seafood Restaurant

Powell’s, a beloved Chinese restaurant in Portland, has continued to excel. Their menu offers various options to satisfy every palate, including General Tso’s chicken, salt-and-pepper squid, Peking duck, and a seafood combination pot. However, Powell’s truly shines as one of the city’s finest destinations for enjoying fresh seafood, which can be cooked according to your preference. With a spacious dining room accommodating groups, Powell’s is the perfect choice for lunch or dinner any day of the week. Experience the epitome of the best Chinese food in Portland at Powell’s, where delectable dishes and warm hospitality await.

12. Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant

best Chinese food in Portland

Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Experience the best Chinese food in Portland at Happy Dragon, a Cantonese restaurant opened by a family who relocated from Independence. Nestled in Montavilla, this banquet hall features traditional lazy Susans and tables adorned with vibrant red tablecloths. Kick off your meal with a plate of flavorful jellyfish, generously garnished with sesame seeds and a gently spicy sauce. Then, delve further into the culinary delights with exquisite seafood options like abalone and sea cucumber. However, the show’s star at Happy Dragon is undeniably their Peking duck, served in a two-course experience. Take advantage of the lettuce cup service, where minced duck meat is the perfect accompaniment. The first course is served with bao, allowing guests to create delectable duck sandwiches. Imagine an unforgettable dining experience at Happy Dragon, where the best Chinese food in Portland awaits.

13. Fortune BBQ Noodle House

best Chinese food in Portland

Fortune BBQ Noodle House

Indulge in the best Chinese food in Portland at this strip mall gem specializing in Cantonese barbecue. Prepare to be amazed by the incredibly juicy roasted meats, generously coated in a sticky-sweet sauce and expertly packed into convenient takeout containers. The char siu, in particular, stands out with its intense flavor and perfectly rendered fat. The roast pork is equally impressive, boasting a crispy and crunchy skin atop tender and savory meat. Enjoy these delightful meats by the pound, accompanied by a plate of rice, or served over a bowl of flavorful noodle soup. Remember to add a few pork-and-shrimp wontons to your order for an extra treat. Treat yourself to an exceptional dining experience and savor the best Chinese food in Portland at this Cantonese barbecue spot.

Embark on a flavorful adventure through Portland’s culinary scene and discover the best Chinese food in the city. From authentic Cantonese cuisine to delightful Dongbei specialties, Chin’s Kitchen, Powell’s Seafood Restaurant, Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant, and Fortune BBQ Noodle House are must-visit destinations. Whether you crave a thrilling dining experience or a satisfying comfort meal, these restaurants cater to all tastes. Immerse yourself in the diverse flavors and textures of Chinese cuisine and uncover the essence of the best Chinese food in Portland. Take advantage of this gastronomic journey!