8 Best Vegan Pizza in Los Angeles

The diversified culinary scene in Los Angeles has contributed significantly to the rise in popularity and accessibility of plant-based options. The New York Times reports that Southern California has developed into a center for outstanding vegan eateries throughout the years, making it a paradise for people who prefer a plant-based diet. Los Angeles has several vegan options, ranging from Mexican food to traditional American burgers.

Conversely, there has been a significant rise in plant-based pizza options, with more individuals turning to vegan cheeses and toppings (per The Beet). Finding plant-based pizza in Los Angeles is really simple, whether you have a lactose intolerance or just prefer a diet devoid of animal ingredients. To help you plan your next meal, we’ve compiled a list of the best vegan pizza in Los Angeles.

1. Double Zero

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles

Double Zero

A vegan pizza restaurant called Double Zero by Matthew Kenney takes traditional Italian food and gives it a distinctive spin using plant-based ingredients and seasonally appropriate spices. The first Double Zero restaurant opened in New York. Still, Kenney's Venice site in Los Angeles has helped the LA vegan community by serving delicious pizza pies that are vegan- and environmentally conscious.

Double Zero is a great place to get a plant-based pizza on the west side of Los Angeles, whether you want to pick up a pizza to go to or you plan to sit down for a delicious dinner with a side of fresh ocean breeze. Pizza toppings that stand out on the menu include truffle, pesto, and potato. They also provide non-pizza foods like eggplant parmesan and fried artichokes. The best part is that Double Zero has a fantastic range of biodynamic wines you may appreciate all night. Make sure to order the chocolate budino for dessert if you have room.

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2. Hot Tongue Pizza

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles

Hot Tongue Pizza

Hot Tongue Pizza is a vegan pizza restaurant that elevates your sense of taste with ingredients like cashew mozzarella and almond ricotta. Hot Tongue Pizza manufactures everything, aside from their seasonings, in-house in addition to using organic products, so your meal will always taste delicious and fresh (we’re craving just thinking about it). The pizza at Hot Tongue Pizza is best since it comes in a variety of flavors besides just regular cheese pie, such as Sicilian pizza and pesto pizza. The menu is not at all simple.

Hot Tongue Pizza might satisfy your appetite for a round. There are many tasty selections, from buffalo to Margherita. You can also choose to receive thicker, Detroit-style pizza. Even though the majority of the cheeses used at Hot Tongue Pizza are manufactured from nuts, people with allergies can ask for different cheeses. On a 14″ square pizza, a gluten-free crust is also chosen.

Here’s a quick peek at their menu.

3. Dough Girl

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles

Dough Girl

Pizza is available at the female-owned Dough Girl restaurant in various vegan and vegetarian dishes. Delicious pizza pies made by Dough Girl provide classic ingredients like cheese, pepperoni, and BBQ chicken with a distinctive touch. Although they are not entirely vegan, almost every pizza on the menu has a vegan option, and there is also the choice of a gluten-free crust. Vegan pizzas like the vegan shroom pizza and vegan pep ‘n cheese are both rather popular.

Every pizza may be made in either the “selfie” or “big dough” size, giving you options based on the number of diners you’ll be dining with. Dough Girl also places a strong premium on giving back to the community, as their mission from the beginning was to provide wholesome snacks to underserved communities and neighborhoods. If you want something more distinctive, you must try their pizza in animal style. Finally, the spooky s’mores pie is a terrific way to satisfy your sweet desire for dessert.

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4. Mohawk Bend

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles

Mohawk Bend

The vegan-friendly hub Mohawk Bend serves delicious American food made with locally sourced ingredients in Silver Lake’s hipster district. Despite having a large selection of typical pub fare, they also offer a number of veggie-based options that are superior in terms of flavor and texture. Even carnivores will want a second helping of the popular buffalo cauliflower, which they may drink with a pint of beer.

But when it comes to pizza, Mohawk Bend is most known for this. Since almost every pizza on the menu can be turned vegan, this restaurant is excellent for friend groups with a variety of dietary requirements. Although Mohawk Bend offers all the standard toppings, like traditional cheese and mushrooms, they also offer more avant-garde pies, like a baked potato and Angry Vegan. After, if you still have a sweet tooth, try the vegan chocolate pudding.

5. The Butcher’s Daughter

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles

The Butcher’s Daughter

A beautiful restaurant in Venice called The Butcher’s Daughter is fantastic for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Most of the menu is vegan, with a few vegetarian selections. The menu does not include any meat. The Butcher’s Daughter is perfect for a variety of dietary demands, from smoothies to sit-down dinners. However, people frequently choose their pizzas when having a meal with drinks and food. If you’ve eaten there in New York City, you’ll be crazy about the Los Angeles location.

The Butcher’s Daughter makes all of its pizzas in a stone oven, giving them the ideal texture of being soft on the interior with a small crunchy on the crust’s edge. Unfortunately, despite having three vegetarian pizza options—Margherita, mixed mushroom, and spicy Italian—there is only one entirely vegan pizza. The ricotta and zucchini pizza is a light and delectable plant-based pie cooked with homemade cashew ricotta. Visitors can substitute vegan cheese for regular cheese on the other pizzas.

6. Pizzanista

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles


Looking for a fully original plant-based dish? Pizzanista is a futuristic pizzeria with a completely vegan menu for those who prefer plants. They provide a wide variety of vegan appetizers and sides, and pizzas. In order to ensure that you can get the right quantity for your group, Pizzanista also ensures that the slice offers all pizza varieties and toppings. Ensure you order beer or wine to accompany your pizza if you’re making a fun outing of your visit.

Pizzanista’s vegan macaroni and cheese is renowned and available as a side order or, in fact, on top of your pizza, even though it is only available on Sundays. Other vegan pizza options include cheese, pepperoni, vegetable, seitan meat, and margarita, which are standard. Miyoko’s vegan mozzarella is also used in all of Pizzanista’s vegan pies, giving them a rich and authentic flavor. This pizza’s incredible flavor is largely due to the hand-stretched sourdough crust.

7. Purgatory Pizza

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles

Purgatory Pizza

On the Eastside of Los Angeles, Purgatory Pizza is a well-liked pizzeria that offers delivery service to places like downtown, the Arts District, Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, and Echo Park. Despite not being entirely vegan, Purgatory Pizza offers various delicious vegan dishes. A whole section is devoted to plant-based pies in addition to the usual assortment of classic pizzas. Some of the favorites among customers are Thor’s BBQ pizza with vegan chicken and the Buffalo Bill pizza, which boasts a tangy buffalo cream sauce.

The restaurant’s own vegan cashew mozzarella, which has a deep flavor that goes above and beyond to make your pizza flawless, is used to make every pizza on the vegan menu. On the other hand, nut-free vegan cheese choices are offered upon request if you have a nut allergy. Besides making vegan-friendly sandwiches, Purgatory Pizza also serves delicious appetizers like crispy waffle fries and buffalo cauliflower.

8. SunCafe

Best vegan pizza in Los Angeles


You can eat healthfully at SunCafe in a number of different ways. At this vintage bistro, nutrition comes first, but everything is still absolutely delicious. The thoughtful menu offers a wide range of cuisines and is entirely vegan. SunCafe is a Studio City institution for both locals and visitors, serving anything from warm waffles for brunch to mushroom bordelaise for dinner. However, the pizzas are worth buying whether you want to split them as an appetizer or eat them as your main course.

The pizzas at SunCafe are topped with tasty ingredients that produce flavor-blasting portions, from the vegan pepperoni pizza to the white truffle pizza. The fresh basil and smoked sea salt on SunCafe’s Margherita pizza make it a success every time, even though it is rather simple and standard. Brunch is also served at SunCafe, but don’t forget to get dessert. The options are tempting, between the mango cheesecake and the chocolate raspberry pie.

Going out for pizza can be a challenge when you are vegan, but Los Angeles has plenty of amazing and delicious options. From Pizzanista’s unique vegan menu to Purgatory Pizza’s vegan cashew mozzarella and SunCafe’s creative Margherita pizzas, there is something for everyone. You can enjoy the same classic pizza flavors without compromising on taste or nutrition. So, don’t miss out on the pizza fun, and get ready to indulge and satisfy your tummy with some of these delicious vegan pizzas!

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