African safaris are one of the most incredible places to capture wildlife photography images. Mother Nature at its best. The best African safari photography spots are not hard to find. But, it takes an expert guide to show you the top places in Africa where you can capture the best photographs. An expert safari tour operator knows not only what is hot but also suggests the locations that will provide a memorable photo experience and help you create amazing pictures that will last a lifetime.

Below are our favorite African Safari that we recommend you to visit.

Best African Safari

12-Daytour  is the perfect overview of Namibia’s highlights

Wild Horses of Aus

Groupe of wild zebras and antelopes in the African savanna against a beautiful orange sunset. Tanzania’s untamed wilderness. Artistic natural Best African Safari image.

Okahandja Mbangura Woodcarvers Craft Market

If you’re a fan of wildlife photography, our Okahandja Mbangura Woodcarvers Craft Market Safari is an absolute must. With one of the largest elephant populations in South Africa, our bush trips are a photographer’s dream! Free-ranging plains games such as zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, and antelope can also be spotted here. 

Okahandja Woodcarvers Craft Market is located in the heart of cultural Botswana. It is a wonderful place to explore the arts and crafts of the local people and learn about their rich culture and tradition


The town of Otjiwarongo is situated in the Otjozondjupa Region of Northern Namibia. It’s one of the most significant stopovers on any Namibian safari and provides the perfect home base for travelers seeking to explore the central region.

Otjiwarongo is the ideal entry point for your visit to Namibia and Northern Namibia. This delightful town has something to offer every visitor, with its traditional Namibian culture, historical sites, and natural beauty. It has a variety of accommodations, an excellent range of dining options, and some unique shops. Otjiwarongo is also great for securing guides and organizing self-drive safaris into Damaraland or Skeleton Coast National Park, or short tours of Etosha National Park.

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is one of the world’s great wilderness areas, featuring an immense salt pan where wildlife gathers in seasonal migration. On this tour, you can get close to zebras, giraffes, and wildebeest. You can explore Mother Africa and experience all she has to offer while staying at one of our luxurious lodges, which are surrounded by lush bushveld and a massive waterhole.

Etosha National Park is a very popular wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. It is home to over 600 species of birds, 500 species of insects, and reptiles. The park’s best-known attraction is the huge salt pan which covers about one-eighth of its total area.

Etosha Pan

Etosha Pan is a great place to enjoy the African landscape and wildlife. It is home to more than 20,000 animals, including the African elephant, rhino, and lion. The pan is not just a safari destination but also an important water source for the surrounding communities, it is also often considered one of Africa’s premier safari destinations.

Discover the best places to see animals in Etosha Pan, Namibia

Moringa Waterhole

Moringa Waterhole is a stunning landscape with breathtaking views, vibrant colors, and wildlife to see. The diverse variety of birds across this area makes it one of the finest wildlife locations in Zambia. A roadside hippo pool lies between two lakes and is a major tourist attraction in Luangwa National Park. Moringa Waterhole is well-known for great photo opportunities and is perfect for an African safari photography experience

Best African Safari

Best African Safari


Oaokuejou is a small mountain village about 60 km from Karatu town, Arusha region. This village is part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and has beautiful scenery. The game viewing here is excellent because the tourist center is situated within the National Park’s boundaries. With an early morning game drive, you will encounter wildlife such as elephants and wildebeests at the settlement area and eventually follow them when they move towards Agua Mobile River in search of food. The short rainforest walk from Sana ya Mchumvi to Barotse river (on the other side) offers another chance to see animals such as giraffes, warthogs, blue monkeys, and baboons among many others.

If you are looking for the best safari photography spots, Okaukuejo is your place. Here you can capture all the beauty of Botswana while enjoying a good meal at a charming restaurant under the African sky and you will have the opportunity to take amazing photos of the wildlife and landscape.

Hoada Campsite, Kunene Region

Beautiful Hoada Campsite & Camping in Kunene Region, Namibia is one of the best campsites in Namibia. The campsite is nestled in one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the country, featuring stunning scenery, swimming river pools, and a well-established bush camp with a fantastic backdrop for professional African safari photography.

This is without a doubt the most scenic drive of your trip to the Kunene region, giving you the privilege of experiencing two incredible waterfalls on this wonderful journey. There are not many places in Namibia where you can witness and photograph elephants and other wildlife whilst sitting in your car, yet at Hoada you will be able to do exactly that. The diversity of landscapes that you pass through is unbelievable and it seems that there is always some new vista around every corner!

Otjikandero Himba 

Explore the best African safari photography spots with us at Otjikandero Himba, the best wildlife and wildlife photography camp in Africa. Our professional guides will introduce you to the wildlife and share their knowledge and expertise so that you can capture the best shots of these amazing animals in their natural habitat.

Awesome scenery and photo opportunities in this area. The resort aims to offer visitors a chance to experience authentic Himba life and offers the services of local guides who can lead you on walks through the bush.

 Skeleton Coast National Park

The Skeleton Coast National Park is a vast desert coastline just south of the Namibian border with Angola. The park is famous for its extreme, rugged, and spectacular landscapes. There is an un-policed coastline consisting mostly of raging sea waves pounding on the rocky shoreline and sandy beaches that are home to various marine life such as whales, dolphins, seals, and penguins. The fauna here is abundant and varied. Lions roam the beaches but also venture inland onto rocky outcrops. The landscape is home to Cape Fur Seals on nearby islands in the Atlantic Ocean, elephants and giraffes on the beachfront plains intermixed with rivers and streams that river into Lake Shirwa.

Cape Cross

For the ultimate safari experience, trust the best: Cape Cross. With a variety of accommodation options, from comfortable rooms to fully equipped tents, and African game scouts who do the hard work so you can focus on the adventure. Cape Cross offers what no other luxury safari experience can: a genuine sense of Africa.

Zeila Shipwreck

The Skeleton Coast, or Boesmansriviermond as it’s called in Afrikaans, is a stretch of rocky coastline in Namibia. It is known for its reddish white sand beaches, which line the seafront even though the water is dark and wild, with strong currents and rolling waves that can reach heights where they crash into the rocks. The landscape is at once sublime and treacherous and dotted with shipwrecks, washed up after being torn apart by these treacherous waters.


Swakopmund is the place to go to find the BEST AFRICAN SAFARI photography spots. The coastal town on the southern tip of Namibia’s Atlantic coast offers a wealth of activities and attractions, including world-class surfing, golfing, and hiking as well as excellent food and shopping.

This adventure-rich town is located at Walvis Bay and Bethel viewpoint for the best African safari photography spots.


African Safari is a one-of-a-kind experience that should be treasured by every traveler. It’s always great to have an insider who has the best spots for photographers on the African continent, no matter what you like to photograph.

Discover the most beautiful and exotic wildlife in Africa. This book is packed with the best Safari photography spots, from sunrises to sunsets, and everything in between.


Sesriem is one of the best African safari photography spots. The landscape provides an excellent backdrop for captivating photos, and the animals that roam this area make every visit special. Sesriem also offers swimming holes ideal for cooling down on hot African days.

If you want to see wildlife, especially elephants and zebras, then this is the place to go! There are several game lodges in Sesriem that offer guided safaris and accommodation. We recommend Harrisons.

Dune 45

Dune 45 is a famous best African safari photography spot in Africa. This dune is located in Namibia, a very interesting and beautiful place with amazing landscapes and landscapes backgrounds to take pictures.

Dune 45 brings the best African safari photography spots in one place. All you need to do is book your flight, select your package and prepare for an exciting and memorable wildlife adventure


Sossusvlei is one of the most famous sights on the African continent, revered for its dramatic landscape and stunning red dune fields. Sitting at the height of 1,200m above sea level in Botswana, it’s a sight that must be seen to be believed, where rolling sand dunes have been beautifully sculpted over hundreds of years by wind and water erosion.

Sossusvlei is one of the most beautiful and dramatic places on earth. It is a place that every nature lover should visit at least once in their life. The towering white sand dunes are some of the highest in the world, reaching above 300 meters tall. The intense contrast between the blue sky and white sands creates an unforgettable backdrop against which your African safari photography will be the star!


Deadvlei is one of the most mind-blowing spots on this planet. The surreal sand Dunes have been brought to life by the way they are lit up by a bright sun and mountainous background at sunrise. While not as well known as Namibia’s salt flats, Deadvlei is a truly amazing place to visit. It’s located in a private concession very near to NamibRand Nature Reserve, which means you can visit both sites in one trip.

Gondwana-Desert-Collection Klein-Aus Vista

This Gondwana Desert Park (South Africa) photography safari is designed for serious photographers who want to experience world-class photography in the same remote and magnificent location where the acclaimed movie, “The Lion King”, was shot. You will be driving to various locations that were filmed as part of the movie, including face-to-face interaction with the pride of lionesses hunting for food. Then we head out at sunrise for an hour-long hike to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park borders where one can photograph desert mammals like gemsbok, springbok, and kudu. After lunch, we head out again this time stopping at the “Olifants” river crossing while watching elephants drinking from it and then again photographing them on the banks before leaving this section of Botswana.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

The Kolmanskop Ghost Town is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This place is known as one of the most spectacular places to take pictures in Africa. The sand dunes, sea views, and harsh desert sun make for some of the most amazing shots you can ever get. If you love taking photos like we do this is an experience not to be missed!

If you are passionate about photography and Africa, this could be an interesting experience for you. The ghost town Kolmanskop is one of the most interesting destinations in Namibia where you can go and experience life on the edge.

Take a look at what you can expect to see on an African safari and make your dream of being an explorer come true with our bucket list!


Luderitz is the top destination in Namibia to experience the best of what animals have to offer. With one of the best African safari photography spots in Africa, it’s no wonder that this place has been a household name for tourists who are looking for an unforgettable experience at its best.

With its marine, bird, and small mammal diversity it’s a hidden gem for nature, wildlife, and landscape photography. A truly unique and amazing experience that is waiting to be discovered.

Diaz Point

Diaz Point is a Safari photography spot far away from civilization. It’s a small strip of land where visitors can be one with nature, but also have an incredible landscape to photograph. Diaz Point has wide open spaces and structures that make it a dream location for photographers. There are never problems taking photos or capturing distant subjects because you have so much space at your disposal. With so many opportunities for stunning photos, Diaz Point is one of Africa’s leading wildlife photography spots.

Diaz Point is one of the BEST photography spots in the world!!

Best African Safari

Best African Safari

Wild Horses of Aus

This small African Safari is often overlooked, but the Wild Horses of Aus are well worth a visit. Located in the semi-arid regions of South Australia, these horses graze under the hot sun and rest under cover during rainy days. With nearly 3,000 wild horses roaming the vast expanses of outback Australia and no natural predators, these beautiful creatures are free to maintain their herds for thousands of years.

Combine this with a friendly professional service ensuring your camera gear will not let you down when photographing feral horses and at our photography workshop you will learn how to capture their beauty on film!

Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Campsite

Klein-Aus Vista is one of the best African safari photography spots. It can be found in South Africa and it was declared a national park in the year 2000. The area is known for its beautiful scenery and natural diversity, but it’s also home to some of the last wild remaining lions in South Africa, as well as cheetahs and leopards—all of which you can see while visiting Klein-Aus Vista. This private, peaceful, and remote campsite is perfect for those who want to experience the heat of the day without having to travel long distances as well as those who want to get off the beaten track.

Quivertree Forest and Giant’s Playground

Quivertree Forest and Giant’s Playground is one of the best photography spots for an African safari. The location offers sandy browns, dusty greens, and purple hues, creating a colorful backdrop for your photos. A short walk brings you to the campsite at Quivertree Forest, where you can sit near a warm fire and learn about the animals around you.

The Quivertree Forest and Giant’s Playground are locations in Africa where animals come out to play at sunset. If you’re interested in taking some great photographs of wildlife, these are two spots that you should add to your itinerary.


Windhoek, a city in Namibia, is famous for its expansive parks and beautiful scenery. Windhoek is considered the capital of Namibia, however, Rabat serves as the legislative capital and Okahandja is the official administrative capital. 

Windhoek is a source of knowledge about the best sites for African safari photography. Taking photos of wildlife and animals in Africa is nothing but an engaging experience that one can do after visiting this site.


Custom African Safari -Create your own Adventure

AfriCat Foundation

Custom African Safari. Best African Safari

Traveling to Africa is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have, and with this tailor-made safari, you can make it exactly what you want it to be. Zanzibar is a never-ending well of fun, adventure, and excitement, whether you’re in search of a thrilling vacation with the family, a break from the monotony of everyday life, or the chance to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If you want to go on a Safari but don’t want to go through a tour company, you may always try one of the national parks we recommend below.

Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara is one of the best places to see wildlife in Africa. The lake is a large body of water situated on the edge of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where it is fed by freshwater springs. As such, it attracts a variety of animals including several species of hippo, various bird species, and elephants. The park contains one of the best-preserved examples of a once widespread but now fragmented ecosystem, which contains a very high density of mammals and birds.


One of the most amazing safari experiences in Africa is a trip to Serengeti National Park. Home to some of the greatest predators on earth, this park also has abundant wildlife, so it’s best suited for travelers who want something with a bit more danger in it!

The Serengeti is one of the most famous and popular safari destinations in Africa, known for its annual migration of wildebeest and zebra between Kenya and Tanzania. This breathtaking spectacle attracts thousands of visitors each year, many of whom make the journey specifically to see it.


One of the best safaris in Africa, Ngorongoro takes you through the heart of Lake Ngorongoro and its surrounding wildlife. You’ll travel in a unique way to see the nearby Gorigor Swamp, Devoui Plain, Oldeani Crater, and Olmoti Crater. You’ll spend a night on the rim of the Crater floor at this unforgettable destination.

Ngorongoro is one of the least explored and most exciting destinations in Africa. The crater is part of the famous Serengeti-Mara ecosystem and offers diverse habitats: mountain forests, volcanic plains, miombo woodland, swamps, and permanent rivers. Its rich fauna includes the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater floor with its endemic black rhinos and elephants; grass-covered Serengeti plains which feature the three iconic animals that made their first appearance on planet Earth buffalo, giraffe, and lions as well as lion, pride on the hunt; hippo pools scattered between green acacia hills; Speke’s gazelle jumping between dry river beds; plains zebra grazing alongside red-hot lava rocks in the middle of a volcanic crater.


Tarangire is famous for its large herds of elephants which can be seen crossing the river Tarangire River that runs through the eastern edge of the park. It also has excellent bird watching opportunities, with approximately 80 different species being recorded in the area.

Customize your Safari Adventure! From 2 Days to 10 Days

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African Big 5 Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda


African Safaris with magnificent trekking safari in Uganda. Best African Safari

This tour is one of the best 11-day African safaris with the magnificent mountain gorillas trekking safari in Uganda. It is filled with wildlife, cultural and heritage immersion experiences, wildlife walking safaris, breathtaking scenery, and breathless activities to engage in – from gorilla trekking to cultural tours in Uganda, you will never get bored as there are so many activities to do on this land. Here is a list of what you can expect:

One of the best safaris in Africa, this 11-Day African Big 5 includes gorilla trekking and bird watching. The trip starts with visits to Hoima Cultural Lodges, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary home to a unique population of only 300 Eastern Black Rhino, Murchison Falls National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here the chance of seeing all five of Uganda’s “Big Five” animals – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros – is excellent. You will travel to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where there are an estimated 700 gorillas left in the world and over half of these live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Bird watching here is very good in several habitats including rainforest and bamboo forest with over 350 species recorded from ground level.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Murchison Falls National Park

ZIWA Rhino Sanctuary Resort is one of the most exciting eco-tourism destinations in Uganda. It is a perfect stopover for those traveling to Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Our resort features an array of accommodation options including luxury tented rooms, semi-luxury chalets, and camping facilities where our guests can enjoy an authentic safari experience surrounded by wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles, lions, and buffalo.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is the most visited national park in Uganda. Its main attraction is the Murchison Falls, the third largest waterfall in Africa. In addition to the gorges and on-land attractions, there are many opportunities for adventure including swimming with crocodiles, rafting, and hiking into the jungle with a licensed guide.  The park also offers excellent birding as well as excellent hiking and climbing opportunities.

Best African Safari

Best African Safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is one of the largest protected areas in the world and home to many species of wildlife. The park is open year-round and has many activities, from game drives and guided walks to canoeing on the Kwitonda River. The park can be crossed in one day from north to south by car or from east to west by train. Let’s get off the road and explore this beautiful park at our own pace on a safari!

Isha National Park

Explore the Isha National Park, where a wide variety of unique and stunning wildlife can be found. The park is a haven for giraffes, leopards, elephants, and antelope. Gaze with wonder at the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Camp out in the park’s wilderness camps to observe animals up close and personal before returning home to tell tales of adventure to family and friends.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a protected rainforest area in southwestern Uganda. It is the second most-visited park in Africa, the most popular being Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The park is home to one of the largest populations of endangered mountain gorillas, with over 320 individuals living in the wild.

Embarking on an early morning game drive in hopes of spotting the Big Five in Murchison Falls National Parks, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, indeed the former park is the “Queen of parks” in Uganda.

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African Safari

Diaz Point

Big Elephant. African Safari. Best African Safari

This safari is the perfect introduction to an African Safari. This is an ideal trip for first-time visitors, families, and those who have very little time but wish to experience the world-famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. On this tour, they usually start off with a game drive in the reserve itself where you will be able to spot buffalo, elephant, and leopard amongst other big game. We then drive to the Mara Triangle where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset over the plains before heading back to camp for dinner.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve, located on the savannah of East Africa, is one of Kenya’s most breathtaking attractions. The reserve supports four different ecosystems making it an ideal safari destination. The plains have an abundance of wildlife, including giraffes, gazelles, elephants, cheetahs, and lions while the wooded areas support tree-climbing lions and zebras. If you have time, head to Oloololo Escarpment to see black and white rhinos as well as hippos in the riverbeds below.

This Masai Mara tour takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in one of Africa’s most amazing wonders, the savannah of the Maasai Mara!

The Great African Escape

Dune 45

This 12 Day Across Africa Private vacation showcases the best of the 4 bucket list destinations of Southern Africa. The Great Escape. Best African Safari

This 12 Day Across Africa Private vacation showcases the best of the 4 bucket list destinations of Southern Africa. Explore South Africa, Zambia, Botswana + Zimbabwe in unforgettable days of the city, safari, and cultural experiences. Stay in some of the country’s best luxury lodges with opportunities to spot games from the front door, head down through the Cape Winelands to sample varieties of South Africa’s premium wines, and discover luxury hotels, a gorgeous harbor, and top restaurants and shopping. View Zambia’s wildlife on walking safari tours and on leisurely boat rides on the Zambezi River. View the spectacular cascades of Victoria Falls, the jewel of Southern Africa.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the best-known landmarks in the world, and Africa’s most famous mountain. It is often seen as a symbol for South Africa, and many visitors to Cape Town feel like they have seen the city when they have climbed it or at least had a view from its summit. However, many don’t know that it also has some amazing conservation efforts, namely Table Mountain National Park and Robben Island. These places make for amazing days out for tourists and locals alike.

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is one of the best safari spots in Africa. This breathtaking location is where you can observe wildlife, including elephants and giraffes. You can also hike to a few different destinations and take trips to some of the local beaches where you might witness whales swimming before swimming yourself in Table Bay.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony

Boulders Beach is famous for its penguin colony, located just outside of Cape Town it is a beautiful place to visit. It offers you the opportunity to explore a colony of African penguins that nests on rock outcroppings, often called ‘penguin cities’.

Visit the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony and take a guided walk on the boardwalk. Penguins are South Africa’s beloved mascot, and they can be seen in their natural habitat at this conservation site. Guides will reveal more about these adorable creatures as you watch them frolic in their rocky habitat.

Robin Island Museum

Robben Island has been at the center of South Africa’s history, and during its years as a prison and then a museum, has witnessed many of the most significant events over the last five centuries.

This is the most historically significant place I’ve ever been to. It was fascinating to learn about the political history of South Africa and visiting this prison for political prisoners and dissidents was an eye-opening experience.

Best African Safari

Best African Safari

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Sabi Sand Game Reserve is one of the best African safari destinations that offers excellent game viewing experiences. It is located in Mpumalanga and it’s known for its marvelous views and great accommodation choices.

Sabi Sand is one of the best safaris in Africa. It has a variety of animals and bird species. There are many activities such as camel riding and car racing. You can also go on a guided full-day safari or enjoy the flexibility of camping under the stars with some amazing food prepared by our chefs.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the best African safaris. The roar of the falls, the sound of elephants and rhinos in the distance, and birdsong fill your ears as you explore this natural wonder. Spend a lazy afternoon relaxing in our poolside lounge or take a game drive further into the bushveld as you search for some of Africa’s most impressive animals.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is the most famous wildlife reserve in Botswana. Located on the border of the Okavango Delta, this massive park is home to some of the best safari animals in Africa. With a fantastic selection of wildlife and game, a wide array of accommodation options, exciting activities, and beautiful natural landscapes, Chobe National Park is essential for any self-respecting safari tourist.

This 12 Day Across Africa Private vacation showcases the best of the 4 bucket list destinations of Southern Africa. Explore South Africa, Zambia, Botswana + Zimbabwe in unforgettable days of the city, safari, and cultural experiences.

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10- DAy African Tour Experience

Etosha National Park2 1

Discover Uganda’s hidden treasures. Our 10-day African Experience Tour takes you to the heart of Uganda. Best African Safari

Discover Uganda’s hidden treasures. Our 10-day African Experience Tour takes you to the heart of Uganda and provides you with your very own ranger guide for a fantastic wildlife safari, visiting Bwindi National Park, and spending time at our state-of-the-art Orphanage of Hope. You’ll enjoy luxury accommodation, good food, and unlimited enjoyment. Your contribution to the welfare of our children ensures they have a roof over their heads and food on the table – all profits from the tour will go towards these daily costs!

Kibale Forest National Park

The Kibale Forest National Park is one of the oldest and most biodiverse national parks in Africa. The park borders Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is another popular destination for safari enthusiasts. Here, you can see a wide variety of animals such as primates, elephants, leopards, and also many birds like hornbills, etc. It is truly an amazing place to go on a wildlife adventure tour!

Uganda Equator

Experience the thrill of an African safari with Uganda Equator, one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa. Our knowledgeable safari guides will take you on a journey to see rare and beautiful African animals in their natural habitat. We are an eco-friendly institution dedicated to protecting our environment as well as conserving its wildlife.

Lake Mburu National park

Lake Mburu National park is located in the western part of Kenya and is one of the best national parks in Kenya, with spectacular landscapes and a wide variety of wildlife. The park is famous for its diverse vegetation, from grasslands to woodlands and forests. A number of rivers flow through the park creating habitats for many creatures. Wildlife found in Lake Mburu National Park include buffaloes, bushbucks, oribi antelopes, honey badgers, hyenas, and leopard cats.

Go on an adventure. Read more about the 10-day African Experience Tour

African Safari Adventure Nambia

Hoada Campsite

Experience an African safari in the heart of Namibia. Best African Safari

Experience an African safari in the heart of Namibia, a country that is home to a wide variety of African wildlife, from desert elephants and giraffes to endangered rhinos and cheetahs. You will be outfitted with everything you need for a successful safari, including binoculars and sleeping bags. Wildlife sightings are common, so expect to see plenty of big game like lions and zebras. 

Namibia is the place to go for your African adventure. With more than a third of the country protected by law, you can explore stunning landscapes and view wildlife on self-drive game drives. Trek through the Namib Desert (the oldest desert in the world), swim with dolphins, or take part in a guided tour of some of these unique attractions!

Travel deep into the wilderness of South Africa. Read more about the African Safari Adventure in Namibia

African Lion Safari

Okahandja Mbangura Woodcarvers Craft Market

African Lion Safari is a world-class facility. Best African Safari

Experience the raw power of one of the most majestic predators on earth: lions. Through a two-hour safari ride on our open-air vehicles, take in spectacular views of the African plains as you learn about conservation efforts and how to help protect endangered species like elephants, giraffes, and zebras.

African Lion Safari is a world-class facility, where you will experience the thrill and excitement of seeing exotic animals up close. The property, located in the heart of the Serengeti Plain, covers more than 4,700 acres and includes lush grasslands dotted with acacia trees and baobab trees; grassy picnic areas to enjoy lunch; open-air seating under big umbrellas for shade and protection from the midday heat; underground hides for unobstructed views of animals; miles of vehicle tracks where you can see zebras, impalas, elephants, and giraffes as they roam freely together; a visitor center with an observation mezzanine overlooking one of our central lakes.

Seek out South Africa’s uncharted wilderness. Find out more in the African Lion Safari

10-Day African Safari in Uganda from Kampala

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Best African Safari in Uganda is one of the best experiences you can have in your life.

African Safari in Uganda is one of the best experiences you can have in your life. From Kampala, you will take a flight to Entebbe international airport and meet your guide there who will help you with all transfer arrangements. We highly recommend arriving at Entebbe Intentional Airport as early as possible to avoid long queues.

Nature lovers will have a great time on an African safari in Uganda. Our Kampala tour packages take you on wildlife safaris and gorilla treks, both in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and in Kibale Forest National Park. You can also visit the Murchison Falls National Park where you can see the impressive Victoria Nile Gorge or go white water rafting down the river! At your leisure time, you can relax at our decadent hotel and spa.

For the last decades, Uganda has continued to receive negative media coverage. However, if you don’t look beyond what is printed in the world newspapers and your social media timelines, you could miss out on how richly beautiful this country really is – its lush greenery, rapid rivers, and rolling hills.

Zika Forest

Zika Forest is one of the best African safaris you can experience. Located on the edge of the spectacular Ngorongoro Conservation Area, its diverse landscape offers the wildlife experience of a lifetime.

Zika Forest is a nature park in western Cameroon that offers an unforgettable African safari experience. It’s a favorite destination for families, honeymooners, and people who want to explore one of the most biologically intense ecosystems in the world.

Murchison Falls National Park

If you love seeing wildlife, then the Murchison Falls National Park is for you. This park is home to an amazing variety of both big and small games, including different kinds of antelopes, elephants, giraffes, and hippos. To experience it all up close on a walking safari might just be one of your most memorable moments.

Lake Mutanda

Lake Mutanda is one of the best safari parks in Africa. It offers a wide range of activities including game drives, boating and even swimming with hippos. Beach lovers can enjoy a lake swim and barbecue on the beach under brilliant African skies.

Gain a comprehensive overview of Uganda’s wild highlights on this private 10-day cross-country safari tour. Travel from savannah to rainforest in search of lions, elephants, chimps, gorillas, and more, passing through reserves such as Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Meals, accommodation, and transfers come included, ensuring a hassle-free trip.

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Best African Safari

Best African Safari


If you want to enjoy the best African safari adventure, you have to prepare yourself first. This is because it’s a journey that requires patience, hard work, and a lot of effort. Preparing yourself will make it possible to get good results, whether you’re planning a solo or group adventure. You also need to be committed to doing the activities that you choose.

We’re thrilled that houses the world’s most comprehensive database of photography locations.

If you’re looking for information on great photo ops around the globe, you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind that we are constantly updating and adding to our location guides. Photography guides are a great resource for learning about nature and organizing your next adventure.

Take a day trip and visit African safari photography spots. Our professional guides can help you to capture the best pictures of wildlife.

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