Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas. There are many photo opportunities in the city of Austin with options ranging from natural, outdoor spaces to modern city views to cultural and historic locations. A photographer in Austin can expect to find lots of murals, green landscapes, and bold skyscrapers. There’s lots of popular spots as well as some lesser known gems that are just as photo worthy. To figure out what to add to your itinerary, just check out this list of the best photography spots in Austin, Texas.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas

1. Mueller Lake Park

There are lots of photogenic backdrops in this central park. A good example are the colorful umbrellas that have been hung from the sky before. There’s also lots of areas around the lake to explore with beautiful scenes at sunset as well as fun sculptures like the one that resembles the Loch Ness Monster.

2. Blanton Museum of Art

There’s lots to see inside the museum with its massive collections and shows. However the architecture of the museum is what is truly photo-worthy. It has these colorful window blocks that contrast against the white building with the curved top.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Blanton Museum of Art

3. Texas State Capitol Building

The Capitol building is a beautiful place to capture history and architecture. This building sits on beautiful grounds and it’s not just close-ups that will make it stand it. It is also easy to feature the Capitol building when you’re taking pictures of the city.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Texas State Capitol Building

4. Rhapsody Mural

This mural is located in East Austin and is a tribute to musicians in the city. It was created by three artists and represents the culture and history of Austin.

5. Austin Central Library

This is a modern library with open spaces and lots of light. The design incorporates geometric shapes, color, and indoor and outdoor reading spaces. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy a good book, and take some pictures.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas

6. Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail

image2There are 10 miles of photo opportunities that can be found here. This is a tree-lined path along the river that also happens to sit beside the skyscrapers of the city. It’s a great option for capturing the skyline or even bat watching.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Texas Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail

7. Tau Ceti Mural

image8There is no shortage of murals in this city. There are many talented artists that have designed murals on walls all over. The Tau Ceti mural is the tallest of them all and can be found downtown. It is a gradient of rainbow colors and looks great when the sun hits it just right.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Texas Tau Ceti Mural

8. Fannie Davis Town Lake Gazebo

This is an interesting looking gazebo that is now a historic structure on the shoreline of Town Lake. It sits against the backdrop of South Austin as well as a lake and beautiful green spaces that make any shot look good.

9. Larry Monroe Forever Bridge

The Forever Bridge was made by over 100 volunteers in the community to honor Larry Monroe, a beloved member of the community who hosted Blue Monday and was a lover of musical legends. It is a testament to his music-loving legacy.

10. “Your Essential Magnificence” Sculpture

This sculpture was created to honor South Austin and its cultures. It is made up of thousands of colorful tiles and was commissioned as an addition to Austin’s outdoor space on Congress Avenue.

11. “Greetings From Austin” Mural

There’s nothing like a postcard to reminisce on your experience. This mural is a fun design that looks like it could be sent through the mail. It is located at 1720 S 1st St. and is a popular attraction for those who visit.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas

12. Austin Muralsimage3

If there is one thing you can expect to find in Austin, it would be an endless supply of murals. From graffiti art to the popular “You’re My Butter Half” wall, there are lots of fun designs and drawings to find and photograph.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Austin Murals

13. Zilker Botanical Gardens

This botanical garden is known as the “Jewel in the Heart of Austin”. It’s a really cool area to walk around and explore. There is a Japanese garden with koi fish and a teahouse as well as rose gardens, herb gardens, a historic schoolhouse, and a butterfly garden trail.

14. Zilker Park

image7This park is over 350 acres of lush green lawn and is located right in the heart of downtown Austin. This is a location that will give you beautiful views of the city and looks especially pretty at sunset when all the clouds are coated in pastel colors.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Zilker Park

15. Allens Boots

image1This quirky store is home of an iconic sign that is recognized for miles around. This is located on South Congress Avenue and is a family-owned store that sells cowboy boots, apparel, hats, and belts. This will give you that perfect Texas feeling.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Allens Boots

16. 360 Bridge Overlook

Also known as the Percy V. Pennybacker Jr. Bridge, this location has a viewing platform that gives you a view from high up. This is an industrial bridge that you can photograph after a short hike on the northwest side.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas 360 Bridge Overlook

17. Flamingo Automotive

This spot is located on Guadalupe Street and is located at an old, historic gas station from the 1930s. This is a really cute place because the entire shop is painted pink and has the retro lettering on its sign to match the vibe.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas

18. Austin Skyline Pictures

The Austin skyline has so many silver buildings that create a cool landscape especially if you catch it at just the right time. When the sun sets in the evenings, you can find beautiful pastel colors that paint an amazing picture across all these buildings.

Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas Austin Skyline Pictures

19. South Congress Avenue

This is an area of Austin that is known for the shops, restaurants, and vibrant atmosphere. There are several places along the avenue to take cool pictures of neon lights or just life in the city.

20. The Oasis at Lake Travis

This is located slightly outside the city but is well worth the trip away from Austin. The Oasis is a spot that many use to watch sunsets over Lake Travis. I’ll take you up to an hour to get there depending on the traffic but you’ll be glad you did.There are many outer decks to photograph from and you can enjoy some food and drinks once you’re done.

21. Lady Bird Boardwalk

This boardwalk is located beside Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park and it is the perfect place to be for a relaxing stroll outside with your camera. This is a great spot for pictures because you can capture the city in the background and find reflections of the skyscrapers in the water.

These are the Best Photography Spots in Austin Texas

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