Best Photography Spots in Boston. The city of Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and, as such, comes with a long and interesting history of how America came to be. This city is filled with buildings, statues, and even boats reminiscent of the fight for independence. This was the city where many important revolutionary events took place including the Boston Tea Party. It is also now a huge metropolitan area in Massachusetts and the most populated city in the entire state.

Best Photo Locations in Boston

This interesting mix of old and new is what makes Boston, Boston. From old cobblestone streets to sleek bridges, there is a little bit of everything in this city. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find that it is easy to find in this walkable city. While there are endless photo opportunities, here is a list of the best spots in the city you should include on your list.

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The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

1. Beacon Hill

People would say that Beacon Hill is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. This is about one square mile of Federal Row-style houses that were believed to be built back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

image11Best Photography Spots in Boston, Beacon Hill

2. Boston Common

The Boston Common is located in downtown Boston and is a spot where you can experience and capture the essence of the city. There are beautiful green scenes to photograph in the summer and even an ice rink in the winter.

3. Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is a sight to behold. With towering, arched ceilings, marble accents, and a beautiful courtyard, there are a number of things to be photographed here. The main spots to visit are Bates Hall, the Grand Staircase, and the courtyard. Each of these are iconic spaces with stunning design elements like lion sculptures, mountains, and ornate ceilings.

best photography spots in boston, Boston Public Library

best photography spots in boston, Boston Public Library, boston photography guideimage1

4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This is a must-visit museum in the city. It houses the personal collections of artwork and manuscripts preserved by Isabella Stewart Gardner. In addition to the art and history, there is also a wonderful outdoor and indoor garden that is perfect for photos.

best photography spots in boston, isabella Stewart Gardner Museumimage4

Best Photography Spots in Boston

5. Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

This park is beautiful to visit at all times of the year. This North End location is right next to the water and has a stunning pergola that looks great whatever the season. When it is warmer, you can photograph it covered in greenery while in colder months, you’ll find twinkling lights on it to celebrate the holiday season.

6. Leonard P. Zakim Bridge

This is an iconic piece of architecture in Boston and can be seen from multiple perspectives. You can capture pictures of the bridge along the water or use the opportunity to practice some motion shots of the car crossing the highway.

image9best photography spots in boston, Leonard P. Zakim Bridge

7. Acorn Street

Acorn Street is one of the most picturesque scenes in the city and it is located right in the neighborhood of Beacon Hill which is also known for being a beautiful area to explore. The streets are lined in cobblestone and they pair nicely with the older brick buildings, street lamps, and American flags.

8. Marshall Street

This is an alleyway of cobblestones and brick buildings that brings you back in time to older Boston. The Oyster House sign is iconic here and really adds a retro and vintage vibe to any shot of this street.

best photography spots in boston, Marshall Streetimage7

9. Commonwealth Avenue Mall

The Commonwealth Avenue Mall was inspired by French boulevards and is a beautiful place in the Back Bay, especially in the fall when the leaves start to change color. This is definitely where you should go in Boston if you’re looking to photograph the famous fall colors of the East Coast.

10. Christian Science Center

The Christian Science Center is another interesting building in the city. It is located in Back Bay and has domes, towers, and even a large, rectangular reflecting pool. You can get great shots of the building at any time of day. If you’re lucky enough to find a higher up view, it makes for a beautiful picture of the area.

11. Fan Pier

This park is located right along the harbor and it gives you a gorgeous view of the Boston Skyline. This is a great place to photograph in the evening and night hours because the lights of the city look great when reflected in the water.

12. Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is a great place for photographers because there are always photo opportunities here. Take your time strolling through the area and enjoying the scenery while you’re looking for shots. Be sure to grab lots of shots of the city behind the trees.

image6best photography spots in boston, Boston Public Garden

Best Photography Spots in Boston

13. Mt. Auburn Cemetery

This cemetery is known for being the first garden cemetery in the country. There are monuments, ponds, and endless horticulture to capture here. You also have the opportunity to capture migratory birds that fly through the area late in the fall.

14. MIT Sailing Pavilion

The MIT Sailing Pavilion is on the Charles River. It has great views of the city skyline and also a fun and colorful line of winterized MIT sailboats. There are some really cool reflections that you can capture at sunset and sunrise too.

15. Boston Tea Party Ships

Boston went down in history as the location of the famous Boston Tea Party. The museum located in the Seaport District gives insight into this important event in history. There are also fully restored 18th-century ships docked here that you can explore.

Best Photography Spots in Boston

16. Fenway Park

This is usually a bucket list location, especially for baseball fans. While tickets to games can be tricky to get, the outside of the stadium holds many memorable photo opportunities.

image3best photography spots in boston, Fenway Park best photography spots in boston, Fenway Park

17. Brattle Book Shop

This is a unique bookshop located downtown near the Boston Common. There are plenty of shelves to explore and capture inside as well as an outdoor space that is flanked by old brick buildings. This is the spot most people go to for pictures. When you’re done snapping away, be sure to look around yourself because this is one of the oldest antique bookshops in the country and has plenty of rare materials to browse.

image5best photography spots in boston, Brattle Book Shop

18. Trinity Church

The Trinity Church stands out against the skyscrapers and office buildings in the area. It is right outside the front entrance of the Boston Public Library and should be easy to spot. It is a beautiful architectural piece that sits in the middle of the square reminding you of the past while showing you how far everything has come.

best photography spots in boston, Trinity Churchimage2

19. Boston Harbor

This is a classic spot for photos in Boston because so much history has happened here. The harbor looks completely different from what it once did back in the day and is now surrounded by skyscrapers and modern buildings. There’s a large chained fence that surrounds the harbor to keep people safe and it makes a great foreground to any shot.

image10best photography spots in boston, Boston Harbor

20. Old State House

Another example of old contrasted with the new. This historic building has been around since 1713 and is located at the intersection of Washington Street and State Street. It is surrounded by the financial district in Boston so it really gives you a flashback to the past when you’re

best photography spots in boston, Old State House

These are the Best Photography Spots in Boston.

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