Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a sight to behold and a unique location to photograph endless natural amphitheaters, hoodoos (tall, thin spire of rock), and canyons. The park is a beautiful place to photograph throughout the day as you follow the colors and shadows the sun causes in the canyon.

There are plenty of scenic overlooks, interesting rock formations, and secluded nature spots meaning a full day’s worth of photos and exploration for all photographers. There are numerous hiking trails and interesting stopping points. For those visiting the park for the first time or even those returning for more adventures, here is a list of the best photography spots to head to in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

The Gear

The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Bryce Canyon National Park Photography Guide

1. Sunrise Point

This is the most northern point of the park and is where most people like to head for the best sunrise pictures. This is because it gives you the perfect view of Bryce Amphitheater. Head here during the day as well to capture the yellows and oranges of the sunlight on the hoodoos and spires. There’s even an interesting tree here with exposed roots to include in your shot.

2.Sunset Point

This point can be reached from multiple trails and is the place to be for sunset photography. Sunset point looks beautiful as the sun sets behind the mountain. Expect the sun to provide a fiery display of colors followed by a “blue hour” of colors ranging from blue to violet against a warm evening glow.

image4Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

3. Boulder Mountain

Boulder Mountain offers a variety of nature scenes for the enthusiastic photographer. Here you will find alpine lakes, scenic vistas, and park wildlife to capture. It covers over 900 square miles and is the largest and the highest plateau within Bryce Canyon.

4. Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase is one of the remote wilderness areas in the park where you can search for wildlife and birds to capture. Those that are lucky may come across a golden eagle or California condor. This is also the location of Devil’s Garden which has slot canyons to explore.

5. Bryce Amphitheater

This is the most iconic area of the park because of its open access to the sky. During the evening when the sky turns a deep blue and purple color, the amphitheater makes a contrasting change and is filled with white-tipped hoodoos and vibrant orange canyons.

Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Parkimage5

6. Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive

This scenic drive is 18 miles long and takes you to all of the scenic spots in the national park. What’s great about Bryce Canyon is that you’re able to drive your own car on the route which means you can work at your own pace.

7. Rainbow and Yovimpa Points

This overlook allows you to see all of the colorful hoodoos down in Rainbow Canyon as well as various plateaus to the north, east, and south. One of the trails that lead here is home to a 1,800-year-old bristlecone pine which people believe to be one of the oldest living things in the canyon park.

image6Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

8. Agua Canyon

Those that are ready to look for different hoodoo formations should head to Agua Canyon. This is where “The Hunter” and “The Rabbit” are located. Both of these hoodoos, along with many others in the canyon, look especially dramatic when shot in the early morning light.

9. Natural Bridge

This arch was formed over the years by erosion in the park. It can be seen while on the Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive and stands at 125 feet tall. The area has green Ponderosa pine trees surrounding it and is best photographed mid-morning when the light shines into the underside of the arch.

image2Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

10. Rim Trail

This trail is well-maintained and easy to hike. There are benches located along the path so you can stop and relax while you are taking photos. Weather conditions can vary so make sure you are prepared with tripods and layers of clothing.

The Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

11. Paria View

Paria View is one of the only spots in the park where the hoodoos are illuminated at sunset. They face west in this area and easily capture the sunlight as it goes down the horizon. Make sure to stay here even after the sun is gone if you’re shooting in the area because the soft blue light of the evening and moon make beautiful layers in the sky.

12. Milky Way

Those staying in the park past sundown will be witness to some of the most beautiful views of the night sky. Some of the most ideal overlook to be at to capture the Milky Way include Inspiration, Sunrise, or Sunset Point, Mossy Cave Trail, or Natural Bridge Overlook.

image3Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

13. Mossy Cave Trail

This trail is located right outside the park entrance and has some cool features to it. Expect to find leftover winter ice that’s been sheltered in one of the alcoves and even a small waterfall known as the Tropic Ditch. The water is usually clear but sometimes you’ll be surprised to find a muddy waterfall during the spring.

14. Bryce Point

This viewpoint is famous for its expansive views of the hoodoos, red rocks, and amphitheater space. It sits at 8,300 feet tall which is why viewers can easily see across the landscape from tBoat Mesa to the Claron Formation.

15. Inspiration Point

This is the most well-known lookout point in the entire park and for good reason. It gives visitors and photographers a full view of the main amphitheater, offering a stunning perspective of the canyon below. This place is popular for sunrise and sunset photography but it is also the best spot to be for any mid-day shots because it shows off the warm colors of the canyon.

16. Queens Garden Trail

This trail begins right next to Sunrise Point which gives you easy access to several other photo locations after your sunrise shoot. The trail has some interesting scenes along the way from figures of people to slopes to lone trees growing in the distance.

17. Wall Street

This is a short trail that can easily be added to longer hikes you decide to take at the park. It has impressive views of the towering canyon walls and switchbacks and is one of the quicker slot canyons to explore.

18. Fairyland Point

This spot is easily missed because it is located right at the park entrance. These hoodoos are all situated around each other to create the impression of multiple little spires coming out of the ground. Stop here first thing in the morning for that amazing glow the sun leaves against the hoodoos.

19. Thor’s Hammer

This rock formation is frequently photographed because of its unique shape. It sits high above the hoodoos and is a striking figure against the rest of the canyon. Hike the Navajo Loop Trail in order to get the best shot.

image1Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

20. Navajo Trail Loop

This trail can be captured from multiple angles whether high up or close and in person. There are fun sections of the trail that also make for interesting photography compositions as well. One example would be the switchbacks located up and down the rail which are flanked by towering canyon walls on each side.

Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

These are the Best Photography Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

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