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Best Photography Spots in Dubai. Dubai is an epicenter known for its magnificent skyscrapers along the skyline, its booming business industry, and the mysterious deserts that surround it.

This city definitely lives up to its reputation of wealth, glamour, and modern architecture. There is plenty to do all throughout Dubai with a bustling city as well as picturesque landscapes right outside of Dubai. Here is a guide for where to visit Dubai so you are sure to capture all of the deserts, dunes, seas, skyscrapers, culture, and grandeur.

The Gear

The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens 14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai

1. Dubai Desert

Endless sand dunes, camels, and giant palm trees are what you will find with a visit to the Dubai desert. This is a can’t miss a spot that feels magical due to the untouched landscape and nature. You can also hitch a ride in a hot air balloon for extended views of the desert.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Dubai Desert

2. Jumeirah Palm-Fairmont Beach

This location gives you plenty of impressive views of the many skyscrapers in the city. You will need to request a guest pass in order to access the beaches but the outdoor views of palms, water, and the Dubai skyline is worth it.

3. Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and towers above the city of Dubai. The lower floors house the Dubai Mall and the top sit so high in the sky you can barely see it. You can catch a ride up to the top for panoramic views of the city or photograph the Burj Khalifa from many beautiful points around the city.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Bruj Khalifa

4. Madinat Jumeirah

An alternate perspective of the Burj Al Arab, this hotel is lined with canals and contains Arabain-style buildings, palm trees, and magnificent views of the famed Burj Al Arab.

5. Bastakiya

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and is now home to Dubai’s art scene. This area features traditional architecture and mosques for you to capture the cultural essence of the city.

6. Dubai Creek

This is a newly developed area of the city but already has plenty of picturesque locations to visit and explore. Some of the best views of the Dubai skyline can be found here and pictures of the riverside at sunset come strikingly unique.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Dubai Creek

7. Ras Al Khor

If you’re looking to photograph some wildlife in Dubai, look no further than Ras Al Khor. This spot is close to downtown and home to thousands of migratory birds, especially flamingos. They reside here during the winter months so between October and April you can expect to find plenty.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai

8. Al Qudra Lakes

These man-made lakes have become a migratory habitat for birds and is a desert oasis located just a short drive from downtown Dubai. This is a great spot to practice night, sunrise, or sunset photography.

9. Dubai Marina

This area is where yachts, boats, and other water-based transportation is docked. It sits right at the base of many large skyscrapers in the city, offering dynamic views of the water and Dubai.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Dubai Marina

10. Meydan Bridge

This bridge connects the Meydan Hotel to the main road and is brilliantly illuminated with ribbons of night every night. One of the longest bridges in the world, this gorgeous architecture is a great place to be photographing at night.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Meydan Bridge

11. Index Tower

The Index Tower is an 80 story skyscraper in Dubai. The views from the very top are like no other and there are opportunities to capture some truly beautiful pictures of clouds beneath you if the timing is right.

12. Dubai Fountains

The fountain show comes on every 30 minutes between 6 and 10 PM and goes on for 3 minutes each time it comes on. It looks spectacular against the setting sun and Burj Khalifa in the background.

13. Burj Al Arab

Known as one of the most expensive buildings in the world, this sail-shaped architectural masterpiece is a must-visit location. It sits on a small island right along the coastline and looks gorgeous when photographed against a blue sky.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Burj al Arab

14. Citywalk

The Citywalk is a modern shopping and dining center that features water fountains, street art, and interesting textured walls. This area is supposed to give off more of a European vibe and is a great place to photograph the beaches and water as well as more community areas.

15. Monorail

Hop on the monorail to explore the city in a quick way. Make sure to head to the front of the train where the windows are big and you have lots of opportunities to photograph hotels and buildings you come across like the Hotel Atlantis.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai

16. Old Dubai

This area of the city has authentic architecture reminiscent of traditional Dubai buildings. There are endless streets to explore here filled with restored buildings, wind towers, mosques, and courtyards.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Old Dubai

17. Miracle Garden

A beautiful garden with stunningly manicured displays and hedges, the Miracle Garden houses plenty of flower installations to capture. They have sculptures, heart-shaped tunnels, and colorful umbrellas to use as backdrops in your photos.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Miracle Garden

18. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is the place to head to capture some action shots in Dubai. This is a popular location for kitesurfing. Other than sports, the beach also has white sand and beautiful vantage points of the Burj al Arab.

19. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Located just outside the industrial and progressive architecture of the city, the desert conservation offers a completely different landscape for photographers to capture. This reserve is dedicated to honoring the biodiversity of the desert and has plenty of opportunities for fun and photos.

20. Atlantis, The Palm

This is a legendary hotel in Dubai that is situated on the Palm Jumeirah. While the hotel itself is beautiful, it is the aquarium inside the hotel that people are most interested in viewing. To explore the whole aquarium you will need to buy a ticket but part of the tanks are available for viewing from the hotel stairs.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Atlantis The Palm

21. Burj Park by Emaar

This park is filled with various sculpture installations, for example, towering steel dandelions. It also offers a great view of the Burj Khalifa. Photography is more strict in this area so it’s best to have a good phone with a wide lens as a backup.

Best Photography Spots in Dubai, Burj Park by Emaar

22. Palace Downtown

This is a well known hotel in the area and has some amazing views of the Burj Khalifa. The pool area looks magnificent as well due to its monochromatically tiled floors and the lines of trees that surround the pool.

23. Dubai Mall

The mall is not just a place for retail therapy. It is also an iconic location with lots of picture-worthy sights inside. One of the things that you must try capturing is the 24-meter tall waterfall that features sculptures of divers and is decorated with fiberglass.

24. Dubai Steel Heart

The steel heart is an art installation located right outside the Dubai Mall. Its reflective exterior is similar to that of the Bean in Chicago and gives off plenty of cool reflections to capture. Paired with the amazing sights of the surrounding city, this is a location that has plenty of cool picture opportunities.

25. Business Bay

Business Bay is a popular spot that shows up in photographs all of the time. It’s the perfect place to capture the skyscrapers of the city reflected into the water and framed by the arc of the bridge nearby.

These are the Best Photography Spots in Dubai

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