Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a city filled with a little bit of everything. If you are looking for deep history and medieval architecture, that is something that can be found here. Those seeking out the green and beautiful coasts of the Irish countryside can also find what they’re looking for. Even if you are looking for a few magical spots, you can be sure to find it in Dublin. There is no end to the beauty that this city has to offer. If you’re making your list of places that you have to capture, consider adding these ideas to your itinerary.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best photography spots in Dublín Ireland

1. Old Library at Trinity College

This is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It contains floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and houses some of the oldest books in the world as well. It is a popular tourist spot so you’ll have to be creative with your angles.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Old Library at Trinity College

2. Temple Bar

This iconic bar is a must-visit place for anyone visiting the city. There is live music, alcohol, and a great nightlife scene. There are lots of bars around this district that look classic in photos and the cobblestone streets help create a cool atmosphere.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Temple Bar

3. Georgian Quarter

Beautiful houses with fun, colorful doors is what you’ll find in the Georgian Quarter. This is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Dublin and the bright colors pop in any photo.

4. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

image4This is a giant cathedral that has no shortage of beautiful scenes to shoot. There is a garden in the back in addition to all of the intricate architecture inside. IT is very picturesque and is the largest urban park on the continent of Europe.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

5. Phoenix Park

This is also known as Bambi Park because of all the deer you can find wandering around the green space.

Best photography spots in Dublín Ireland

6. Samuel Beckett Bridge

This is a really cool architectural feat. The bridge sits above River Liffey and can be captured from cool perspectives all around. It is designed to look like a Celtic harp which is a symbol that people associate with Ireland.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Samuel Beckett Bridge

7. National Conference Center

This is an exceptionally modern building in the city. It is a curved structure that is completely covered with windows and is an impressive sight. Head into the building to capture some cool sky shots from inside.

Best photography spots in Dublín Ireland

8. Grafton Street

Someone looking for a classic shot of the city should head to Grafton Street where lots of locals are busy going about their days. This is a great place for people to shop and dine. It also features St. Ann’s Church at the end of the street.

9. Dublin Castle

This isn’t your average castle. It still looks really beautiful and well-maintained with a reddish-brown exterior and endless windows. There are different aspects to the architecture as you make your way around the building so be sure to explore as much as possible.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Dublin Castle

10. Ha’Penny Bridge

This pedestrian bridge crosses the River Liffey and has over 200 years of history to it. This is a white bridge lined with lights that create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. The buildings in the back and the river below it frame it in a way that looks great especially when the bridge is lit up.

11. Killiney Hill

This hill is located outside of the city but is one of the prettiest views yet. You are able to take in Dublin’s coastlines in all their glory and take a break from the city. You’ll be able to see the Irish Sea all the way to the mountains of Wales to Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains.

12. Zozimus Bar

This bar has a cool design to it that has attracted people from all around. Saturated on Anne’s Lane and located in the center of the city, the bar has a display of colorful umbrellas that hang from above.

Best photography spots in Dublín Ireland

13. Dublin Bay

This city by the sea gives you the opportunity to check out coastal villages and the bay. The closest fishing village is only about 30 minutes away and you are able to take boats to survey the area.

14. The Guinness Brewery

What is a visit to Dublin without a stop in a distillery? This one has a SkyBar that gives you a great panoramic view of the city. You can also walk around the inside and capture the making of beer as well as the cool waterfall on the first floor.

15. River Liffey

This river cuts right through the center of town and is located next to the Temple Bar District. It is beautiful in the evening as the sun is setting and is also the location of many cool bridges to photograph.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland River Liffey

16. Christ Church Cathedral

This is a Gothic and Romanesque-style church that has stunning architecture. This medieval cathedral looks interesting from any angle and is one of the most photogenic spots in the city.

17. Stephen’s Green

This is a beautiful park in Dublin that looks especially beautiful in the spring when the colors are in bloom. There is an arch that sits at the entrance of the park that looks great in photos.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Stephen’s Green

18. The Four Courts

These are Ireland’s most prominent court buildings and consist of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court, and the Dublin Circuit Court. It is the center of all legal life in the country which makes it a point of interest for many.

Best photography spots in Dublín Ireland

19. The Bank of Ireland

This is a magnificent building that is across the street from Trinity College. It is designed with large columns in the front and is an easy stop to make on your photo tour. It looks great in the early mornings or late afternoons when the sun’s glow hits it just right.

20. Chimney at Ballycorus

This is a popular photography spot in Dublin that used to function as a lead mine back in the 1800s. The chimney is well-recognized and looks really cool in photos. It blends well with the surroundings of plants and the ground which makes it an interesting subject of photos.

21. Poolbeg Lighthouse

image1This 66-meter tall lighthouse definitely stands out from its surroundings. Painted a bright red color and built in1767, it sits at the very end of a pier and looks great contrasted with the blue hues of the ocean. Aerial shots of this lighthouse look amazing.

Best Photography Spots in Dublín Ireland Poolbeg Lighthouse

22. Vico Baths

The Vico Baths are a great place to swim and photograph. This is an old pool that is free to access and gives you great views of the sea and the horizon. What is cool is that this is a complete seawater pool as well which is what makes it stand out.  

These are the best photography spots in Dublín Ireland

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