Best Photography Spots in Morocco. Morocco is a really exquisite country to visit. There are lots of nature and culture points of interest which means an endless amount of photo opportunities. It is located right beside beaches, deserts, mountains, and many imperial ruins. This is an ideal place for those who love to explore history as well as new cultures. You’ll find yourself thrown into the busy city life as well as the calm and peace of the landscapes.

These are suggestions for the best photography spots in Morocco if you’re looking to include a little bit of everything on your itinerary.

The Gear

For the best photography spots in Barcelona, we recommend the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco

1. Marrakech Market

image6This is a tourist location in Morocco that is known for its charm. You will find the streets are filled with street food and goods stalls, fortune tellers, snake charmers, and many more. There’s plenty of historic buildings, palaces, and beautiful gardens to photograph.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Marrakech Market

2. Dades Valley

image2This valley is millions of years old and was formed by the nearby river Dades. This is a popular site for hiking  and consists of red and brown buildings and a green oasis. The sandstone and limestone walls look amazing as the sunlight hits it at different angles.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Dades Valley

3. Chefchaouen Blue Village

This is what many will recommend as the most picturesque place in Morocco. The aspect that stands out the most is the varying shades of blue that light up the walls of the buildings from light to royal blue. The sun changes the way these buildings look throughout the day which make it a great place to wander and explore.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Chefchaouen Blue Village

4. Merzouga Desert

This city is at the edge of Erg Chebbi and is a common tourist attraction for those who are interested in giving the desert life a try. This is a great place to ride camels, camp in the desert, and partake in group conversations around a bonfire. This is great for a storytelling experience and those interested in capturing their moments in Morocco.

5. Casablanca

For those visiting the city, the Hassan II Mosque is highly visited and known for being one of the most beautiful buildings in the area as well as the world’s tallest minaret tower. This building is stunning with lots of arch detailing and hints of turquoise.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco

6. Ait Benhaddou

This is a UNESCO site that sits on the trans-Saharan trade route. Not only is it well-known from its appearance in movies, there are also many classic Moroccan buildings as well as restored architectural structures here.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Ait Benhaddou

7. Toubkal National Park

This national park is filled with mountain trails, pink houses, trees, and amazing, high summits. If you plan to hike to the peaks, you’ll have to set aside a few days but to truly take in the surroundings, a week spent in the park is best.

8. Rabat

image4This is an ancient city in Morocco that runs along the Bou Regreg river. It was a fortress when it was first created and is now a remnant of the incredible medieval architecture of that era. You can expect to find mausoleums, ruins, and garden.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Rabat

9. Ouzoud Falls

These are the tallest waterfalls in the country at 110 meters tall. They are surrounded by a beautiful arrangement of red cliffs and require a hike along small mills and deep canyons to reach. Capturing the light makes these photos stand out magnificently.

10. Sidi Ifni

This is a town located by the ocean that gives you beautiful nature views. A breathtaking site is the arches that are along the beach there which will have some stunning shades at sunset. The actual town of Sidi Ifni also has a Spanish feel to it with lots of hiking trails and cafes to explore.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco

11. Caves of Hercules

This is an archaeological cave complex that gives you access to the land and the sea. Part of this is a man-made opening while the other is natural This will give you some beautiful perspectives of the ocean especially with the vivid blue against the rocks.

Best Photography Spots in Caves of Hercules

12. The Sahara Desert

There are two places that many recommend if you’re looking to experience the Sahara Desert in Morocco and these are the Zagora and the Erg Chebbi. You can rent a camel tour that will help expand your experience and give you opportunities to spend time overnight in the desert as well as seeing the sunrise, sunset, and other riders in the desert.

Best Photography Spots in The Sahara Desert

13. The Fes Medina

image9This is a World Heritage Site that gives you the hustle and bustle of the city. There are lots of people passing through here and you can expect to find donkeys, mosques, and lots of stores. The culture and heartbeat of Morocco can be captured here. Just make sure to pack extra SIM cards.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco The Fes Medina

14. Essaouira

This is a coastal city in Morocco that lies along the Atlantic Ocean. There are many buildings here that complement that water as well as the natural beauty of the shore. This is great for those looking to escape to the ocean.

15. Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are made up of the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Anti-Atlas. There are lots of points along the mountain range that make for great photo opportunities as well as a wide range of landscapes. You can find snow-capped mountains in the High Atlas buildings to pears in the Anti Atlas.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Atlas Mountains

Best Photography Spots in Morocco

16. Azrou

Head to the Cedre Gouraud Forest near here to capture some really fun wildlife. Monkeys live in the area and you can find them jumping from tree to tree. Locals also sell peanuts to visitors if you are looking for some unique interactions.

image11 Best Photography Spots in Morocco Azrou

17. Mirleft

This is a Moroccan seaside town that will take you back to traditional Morocco. There are lots of ruins here to explore as well as an old French fort that overlooks the town. There is also a beach located 15 or so miles from this area which has some really cool rock archways that frame photos well.

18. Meknes

The Meknes is a good place to explore authentic markets, palaces, and buildings while still avoiding the crowds. It used to be an imperial city with lots of interesting architectural structures. There are many options for visiting during the week where the area is pretty much empty so it is great for photos.

Best Photography Spots in Morocco Meknes

19. Volubilis

This is a UNESCO site that dates back to the 3rd century. It became a major Roman city site and is now the home of the ruins of Volubilis which you can explore. There are many mosaics, stunning countryside landscapes, and reconstructed points of interest like the Triumphal Arch.

Best photography Spots Banff National Park

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