Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee is known for more than just its country music. This city is vibrant and bright with new murals popping up on buildings, shining lights and neon signs, as well as lots of classic shots of the city.

There is plenty to explore here and lots of opportunities to capture the essence of Tennessee. Get ready to find cool new bars and music joints while also appreciating the history of this music city. If you are wondering which places to add to your list, here is a guide for the best photography spots in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Gear

The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

1. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

This bridge is found downtown and stretches over the Cumberland River. This is a good place to go to admire the Nashville skyline while also highlighting the architecture of the city. You are able to park and take an elevator up to the bridge so use this high vantage point as a photo-taking opportunity.

2. Color Wall

One of the hundreds of murals in the city, the Color Wall was created by Jason Woodside and is located in the Gulch. This mural was designed to be fun and bright and is made of multiple colors, shapes and patterns.

3. Centennial Park

This park is home to the Nashville Parthenon which is a giant building that takes inspiration from ancient times. The architecture here is characterized by columns, stairs, and towering lines. There is also an art gallery located inside as well as a giant statue of Athena.

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee Centennial Parkimage1

4. Nashville Public Library

The Public Library is a cool place to visit not just for the books but also the beautiful design on the second floor. If you head upstairs you will find some marble stairs surrounded by windows that brighten up the room. There is also a children’s theater and courtyard in its vicinity that make for good photo subjects.

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee

5. Ticket Mural

Another mural in the city of Nashville, the Ticket mural is created from giant ticket stubs that feature various artists. It is located on 4th Avenue North at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium/Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum.

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee Ticket Muralimage3

6. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

This garden is a great place to visit because there are always new art installations coming through. The actual grounds of the gardens are also lovely and can offer a good time for exploring. You know you are sure to capture pictures of scenes that will only show up once at the gardens because everything is so unique.

image6Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

7. Percy Warner Park

This is a busy park in the city that also has its unique features. The entrance has some amazing stone steps that look great for capturing shots of people or of the landscape. This park is filled with animals, people, and events so if you’re looking for some everyday shots of the city, this is a good option.

8. Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is one of the top private schools in the country and has its own space within the city. The campus dates back to 1873 so there are plenty of Ivy League-esque buildings to look at. There is also a good amount of green space to relax on and take pictures of.

9. “I Believe in Nashville” Mural

The “I believe in Nashville” mural is located in 12South and captures the patriotism of the city. It was created by Adrien Saporiti and is used as a unifying symbol for the city. There are many places that this design shows up but this large painted wall is where most people like to stop.

image4Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee believe in nashville mural

10. Nashville Skyline

The Nashville skyline defines the city and is a can’t miss photo opportunity. What sits the tallest is the AT&T building which is an iconic skyscraper in the city. You can capture pictures of the skyline from multiple angles and locations. Depending on where you go you can even get the river in the shot.

11. Honky Tonk Highway

The Honky Tonk Highway is located in lower Broadway and is a strip of honky tonks that blas music from late night to early morning. A honky-tonk is a specific type of bar that is known for playing country music for its guests. This stretch of bars will pull you into the Nashville night scene and is a good spot for capturing that country atmosphere while also having a good time.

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee Honky tonk highwayimage10

12. Broadway

Broadway street is where it’s at if you’re hoping to get involved with the hustle and bustle of Nashville’s music scene. This is a historic street that has different alleys and stretches that are filled with different bars and nightclubs. The signs in this area are big and elaborate. They look great during day shots when people are walking around but also look cool at night when all of the signs are lit up.

image7Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee broadway

13. Nissan Stadium

This stadium is used for many types of events and entertainment from football games to private events. This is great for sports enthusiasts who are looking to catch a Tennessee Titans game while also getting some cool shots in.

image2Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee nissan stadium

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee

14. Amelia’s Flower Truck

This flower truck travels all throughout town but you may have luck spotting it outside of imogene + willie or White’s Mercantile. There are fresh flowers available on the truck every day and this cute and vintage scene creates a lovely picture.

image8Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee amelis flower truck

15. Country Music Hall of Fame

This museum is one of the largest museums in the world that is dedicated to country music. It has one of the most extensive music collections around and also houses a research center. If you are interested in tracing back the history of country music, head here to look at all the exhibits and memorabilia.

image9Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee country music hall of fame

16. AT&T Building

This is one of the skyscrapers that can be seen along the Nashville skyline and is the tallest building in the entire state of Tennessee. It is currently used as an office building that houses thousands of workers but many people also like to refer to it as the “batman” building because of its architectural design and its similarity to batman’s outfit.                        

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee att buildingimage5

17. Sunflower Mural

Called Import Flowers, this mural was painted in the summer of 2013 by Mark Palen. It is located in the Sylvan Park neighborhood and is a defining piece of art in the area. The painting consists of many sunflowers in a field and the colors are vibrant and lively.

18. Printer’s Alley

Printer’s Alley gives you a taste of the nightlife in the city and is lined with nightclubs, bars, and plenty of neon signs. This area used to be the home of printing and publishing companies but has completely transformed into a music district.

Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee Printers alley

These are the Best Photography Spots in Nashville Tennessee

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