Best Photography Spots in New Orleans. When we think about New Orleans we imagine lots of life, music, and color. This is a beautiful city with extensive and rich history that takes you to an entirely different world. There is a special charm to this magical place and it’s no wonder people leave with great memories and stunning photos. There are lots of places you can go in the city to capture that New Orlean’s spirit. Here is a list of the best photography spots to add to your itinerary.

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Best Photography Spots in New Orleans

1. Bourbon Street

This is a very famous street not just in the city but all over the world. This is located right in the center of the French Quarter and has a rich history that will leave photographers with much to enjoy and capture. The best part of this area is definitely the architecture and designs of the homes as well as the lively atmosphere created by street performers and colorful decor.

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans bourbon street

2. Jackson Square

This park is located in the French Quarter and is also a National Historic Landmark. There are many areas of interest around the park including the Cafe Du Monde which is a popular spot for dessert. At the center of the park, you’ll find a statue of Andrew Jackson on his horse to commemorate his role in the Battle of New Orleans.

3. Lafayette Square

This square is actually a park and is the second oldest one in the entire city. It is situated in the middle of the business district so there is a lot going on throughout the day. It is 2.5 acres in total and also sits across from the old city hall. 

4. St. Louis Cathedral

The St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest one in the entire country and is a beautiful place to admire and visit. It is right in the middle of Jackson Square so you can also catch a number of other cool spots when you make your trip over. 

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans ST LOUIS CATHEDRAL

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans

5. French Market

For those looking to photograph a busy area with lots of history, the French Market is the place to go. There are six blocks of shopping available to the public and lots of food and areas to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. This is an open-air market and definitely comes with the lively vibe. 

6. Mardi Gras World

This warehouse is where all of the Mardi Gras floats are built. Imagine all the colors in the world under one roof as well as lots of glitter, sparkle, and fun. The warehouse itself is around 300,000 square feet so there is lots of space to wander around and find that perfect shot to represent Mardi Gras. 

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans MARDI GRAS

7. Streetcars

You will find streetcars everywhere you go and in all sorts of colors. Heading to different locations in the city will get you a different result. For example, the Red Streetcar can be found near the canal and the Green Streetcar on St. Charles Avenue. If you’re trying to incorporate both into a shot, just go where these places meet. 

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans STREET CARTS

8. Superdome 

The Superdome is the location for lots of fun events from concerts to sports games. There’s a lot of history behind the dome including being a place of refuge for Katrina victims. However, the dome itself is also a great photo opportunity especially when the sky is painted in pastels from the sunset. 

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans

9. Beignets 

This is a staple of the city and a must-try dessert for those who are visiting. It is made from fried dough and topped with powdered sugar. There are lots of places where you can find beignets which means you can pair them with all different types of backgrounds from French-looking streets to quaint cafes. 

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans BEIGNETS

10. Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden

This sculpture garden delivers some of the most unique pieces of artwork in the state. The best place to visit would be in the middle of the week to try to catch it during off hours with less crowds around. There’s a lot to explore in this garden so take your time and make sure to pack an extra battery. 


11. New Orleans Museum of Art

Another place in New Orleans to find amazing art is at the museum. This is a museum with lots of modern, colorful art like the wall painted in colorful stripes. There are lots of places around this location to take inspiration from also and you can admire it from your own artistic perspective. 

12. Love Wins Locks

This fence of locks is near the Steamboat Natchez, along the Mississippi River. It stands out against the background because of all the colorful locks and love notes that adorn it. It is a great spot especially on a sunny day.

13. French Quarter

The French Quarter is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the city with buildings that have many balconies covered in flags, flowers, plants, and ribbon. They all look unique in their own way so each one you come across will be a new photo opportunity.

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans FRENCH QUARTER

14. City Park

City Park is a perfect location for some green shots.This park is 1,300 acres of land and comes with lots of oak trees, a carousel, and lovely tulips in the springtime.

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans CITY PARK

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans

15. Audubon Park

This park is located near Tulane University and is a perfect spot to enjoy on a cool, summer day. There are paths that take you through the park and under the giant trees with hanging leaves. Take advantage of the sun and light coming through the foliage for your pictures. 

16. The Bywater

This neighborhood in New Orleans is known for its colorful houses. They come in a variety of colors and some even have detailed murals painted on them. In addition to the great photo opportunities this area offers, you can also find live music and yummy food nearby. 

17. Garden District

The garden district comes with giant, old mansions and beautiful architecture. The homes in the neighborhood have antique details along their balconies and porches and look especially charming on a nice day. 

18. Cafe Du Monde

This coffee shop is visited by many who are in the city. It is open at all hours of the day and never closes so you will always find yummy food and photo opportunities no matter when you go. It’s famous for its cafe au lait and beignets so embrace the food photography moment.

Best Photography Spots in New Orleans CAFE DU MONDE

19. Tulane University

This is a beautiful campus to photograph and stroll through. The academic quad is surrounded by brick buildings and has its fair share of flowers and thoughtful landscaping to frame pictures. 

These are the Best Photography Spots in New Orleans

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