Best Photography Spots in New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. The country is located off the coast of Australia and is the perfect place for nature photographers to explore. This island country comprises a North Island and South Island, each offering unique sights for travelers that stop by. People are completely entranced by the mountain ranges, seaside views, lush greens, and vibrant colors that every photo opportunity here offers.

While it is nearly impossible to not find what you are looking for here, it is a good idea to go in with a game plan of the places and things you are hoping to photograph and see. With so many national parks, hiking trails, lakes, and additional hidden gems, it can be easy to get lost in the beauty and lose out on visiting the different locations. Here is a list of the best photography spots in New Zealand to help you stay on track and plan out exactly where you want to go!

The Gear

The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand

1. Hooker Valley

This valley is located in Mount Cook National Park and has some of the most magnificent views of New Zealand. It takes about an hour and a half to hike down here where you will find plenty of icebergs and the Hooker Glacier Lake.

image10Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Hooker Valley

2. Franz Josef Glacier Valley

The river that created this valley is over thousands of years old and has left modern-day travelers with a spectacular glacier that offers photographers beautiful views. There are plenty of points along the stream to photograph and those who have the time can even hike up to Alex Knob to get a higher vantage point.

3. The Wanaka Tree

The Wanaka Tree is one of the most recognizable and photographed trees in the world. This is a willow tree that looks like it is submerged in the water. It looks beautiful in all seasons with its changing leaves and colors.

image2Best Photography Spots in New Zealand The Wanaka Tree

4. Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is the location of The Church of the Good Shepherd which is a beautiful location for any photographer to capture. In the warmer months, there are endless lupin flowers and in the colder months, the snow looks striking against the sunset-painted skies.

image7Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Lake Tekapo

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand

5. Mount Cook

Mount Cook is a towering mountain that looks great at any angle. The road to Mount Cook also offers great pictures that help to highlight the mountain. This road takes you to Lake Pukaki and Mount Cook Village where you can start your hike to Hooker Valley within the national park.

image14Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Mount Cook

6. Okarito

Okarito is a quiet spot on the west coast of the country that is great for sunset photography. There is a pebble beach located here that gives you mesmerizing shots when timed right with the motion of the tide.

7. Mount Taranaki

This area is surrounded by mountains and peaks and offers a gorgeous view of the west coast of the North Island. When captured at the right moment, photographers can expect to walk away with a stunning picture of the mountain’s reflection.

image12Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Mount Taranaki

8. Roy’s Peak

Roy’s Peak gives visitors one of the most breathtaking views you can find in New Zealand. To photograph this perspective takes some work because the climb to the peak is over three hours long. However, once you reach the summit, you will find the Matukituki Valley stretched in front of you with lakes and mountains as far as you can see.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Roys Peakimage6

9. Nugget Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse is situated on Catlins Coast and sits at the very tip of a magnificent ridge overlooking the sea. There is also plenty of wildlife in this area to photograph from penguins and seals to seabirds and other marine mammals.

10. Milford Sound

Milford Sound is another location on New Zealand’s South Island that is beautiful to visit. There are stunning views of Mitre Peak here as well as the reflections of the sky and landscape in the water.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Milford Soundimage13

11. Auckland

Auckland is a metropolitan city in New Zealand that is known for its food, music, and culture. It is based near two large harbors and sits near an extinct volcano. Head here for a break in between natural landscapes and enjoy the bustling sights and sounds of the city.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand

12. Tasman Glacier Lake

This lake is located on the South Island and was only recently created due to the causes of climate change. It grows larger by the year and tells a bittersweet story of the environment.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand The Wanaka Tree Tasman Glacier Lakeimage8

13. Wharariki Beach

This beach is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems and is one of the most beautiful spots for landscape, beach photography. This beach is at the Northwest corner of the South Island of New Zealand and has sea stacks that rise from the ocean in interesting shapes.

image11Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Wharariki Beach

14. Lake Tarawera

Lake Tarawera is situated on the North Island and is a beautiful place to enjoy and photograph. It is surrounded by a lush forest and has colorful, pastel skies that are reflected on the water.

15. Fjordland

This region is located at the corner of the South Island and is known for the steep, snow-capped Southern Alps, deep lakes, and valleys. The area is home to pristine waters and stunning fjords created by glaciers from tens of thousands of years ago.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Fjordland

16. Moeraki Boulders

These circular boulders were formed millions of years ago in the ocean and found their way to the shores of the east coast of New Zealand. Make sure to check tide times since they could be fully submerged if you show up too early or too late!

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Moeraki Bouldersimage4

17. Purakaunui Waterfalls

These waterfalls are located in the Catlins region and are a quick and easy walk from the main boardwalk. There are also additional falls nearby that photographers looking to find waterfalls can photograph.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand

18. Lupin Flowers

These flowers start blooming late in November and are around for about six weeks. Some of the best places to find these purple blossoms are near Lake Tekapo as well as the surrounding lakes of Wanaka and Pukaki.

image1Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Lupin Flowers

19. Queenstown

Queenstown is the place to be to capture these remarkable mountain ranges next to the city. You can take a trip to the summit of Ben Lomond or to the Upper Gondola Terminal to get the best views.

image3Best Photography Spots in New Zealand Queenstown

20. Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfall

This is the largest waterfall in the country and the hike to get here is well worth the view you get at the end. Make sure to pack water-resistant or waterproof coverings for your equipment and get ready for a 30-minute hike to the waterfall.

21. Sheep

One of the biggest industries in New Zealand is farming which is why taking a picture of the sheep is also on the list of must-do things when visiting. There are over 39 million sheep in the entire country and New Zealand is known for having the highest density of them in the entire world.

Best Photography Spots in New Zealand mountain sheep

These are the Best Photography Spots in New Zealand

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