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Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden. Stockholm is a great place to visit for photography lovers who want to capture classic shots of Europe. While it is a city, there aren’t towering skyscrapers that will obscure your camera’s view of the beauty of Stockholm.

There are stunning places to get some really picturesque photos from the unique subway station designs to the beautiful skylines beside the water. If you are working on a list of places to visit while you are in town, check out some of these best photography spots in Stockholm.

The Gear

The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden

  1. Radhuset

There are many impressive subway stations in Sweden and Radhuset is one of the coolest. It was designed with a reddish-brown rock that makes it feel as if you are underground. There are lots of other elements here that are also interesting like old boots on the ceiling or old style elevators.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Radhuset

  1.  Sodermalm

Facades on the Sodermalm are very classic images of Sweden.This area sits right along the water and you are able to try capturing shots with reflections in the water or buildings or lights.

  1. Monteliusvagen

To capture one of the best views of the city, you’ll need to head to Monteliusvagen. This location is easy to access and you can take skyline shots of the city that are fit for postcards.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Monteliusvagen

  1. Stadion

Another subway station in Stockholm that is worthy of a visit. This one has a rainbow that covers the walls and ceilings and, if timed right, looks spectacular with the train pulling into the station.

  1. Prastgatan

This street is located in an area that has some really picturesque streets to photograph. While visiting in the day is just as lovely, nighttime adds an interesting element to the shots and you can play with long exposures.

  1. T-Centralen

Another subway station to make the list of beautiful places in Sweden to visit. These walls are designed with blue stems and leaves going up towards the ceiling. A wide-angle lens is helpful in this situation and using the passersby commuters as part of the shot looks good.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden T Centralen

  1. Stockholm City Hall

City Hall is an iconic location in the city and is great to photograph right at sunrise. You can photograph right on site and get some pictures of the arches in the area or from across the water.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Stockholm City hall

  1. Stockholm Public Library

This library in Stockholm has a unique design. Again, a wide-angle lens is good for this situation. The library is a giant circular area that surrounds the central tables and help desks.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Stockholm public libraryBest Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Stockholm public library

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden

  1. Brunkeberg Tunnel

This tunnel looks extremely cool, especially when captured by a skilled photograph. The tunnel seems to go for miles and disappears into a vanishing point. The circular elements of it also give it an urban edge.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Brunkeberg tunnel

  1. Globen

The Globen is the largest hemispherical building in the entire world. It is used as an arena for concerts and events and is a very interesting piece of architecture to photograph. There is also a Sky View here you can travel up and use as a vantage point for photographing the city.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden globen

  1. Fotografiska

This is not only a good photography spot but also a good place to explore. This is an Art Nouveau factory that used to function as a customs house. It is one of the best photography museums in the world so it is great for inspiration.

  1. Skinnarviksberget

To get to the highest natural point in the city, you need to go to Skinnarviksberget. It has magnificent views of the area and is a great place to enjoy the afternoon. You are able to see Old Town, Gamla Stan, and the island of Kungsholmen from here.

  1. Gamla Stan

This is an area of the city that houses The Royal Palace, The Swedish Academy, and a very photogenic square. It is often used in films and is an area of Stockholm that is very charming. You could spend a couple of hours wandering around to find the best shots.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden gamla stan

  1. Kaknas Tower

This tower is 155 meters tall which also gives photographers a great vantage point of the city. It has a viewing deck where you can also dine in while you admire the spectacular views. This tower is also used for television and radio broadcasts.

  1. Skogskyrkogården

This is a tree-filled cemetery that translates to the “woodland cemetery”. It is a UNESCO world heritage site for a number of reasons including that multiple well-known people are buried here. You can photograph multiple chapels in this area as well as lush green landscapes.

  1. Katarina Elevator

This elevator was used to connect the busy area of Slussen to the island of Sodermalm. It is located just outside one of Stockholm’s most important transport hubs. You can get a great view of the Gamla Stan here.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden

  1. Vaxholm Fortress

While not located exactly in the city, this is also another place to explore. This archipelago is filled with islands, buildings, cafes, and restaurants. The Vaxholm Fortress is an impressive building in this area that is a great example of a fortress built to protect the ctyi from Danish and Russian attack.

  1. Tyresta National Park

Another location outside of the city area but a great place to add to your list is one of the largest national parks in the southern portion of the country. There are many trails to walk through as well as lakes and beautiful greenery and old-growth forests. Those who like animals will enjoy this area as well because there are over 8,000 species that reside here.

Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden Tyresta national park

  1. Vasabron Bridge

Also known as the Vasa Bridge, this connects central Stockholm to historic Stockholm. This is an easy location to access as it is just located a few blocks from the Central Station. Stop by after sunset to see the bridge completely lit up.

  1. Riddarholmen Church

This 12th-century church is the main and dominating structure on this island and its spire can easily be recognized as a part of the Stockholm skyline. It is really easy to capture the church in one frame because there is plenty of open space in front of it.

  1. Storkyrkan Cathedral Clock Tower

While you are exploring Gamla Stan, make sure to wander the cobblestone streets until you find the famous Storkyrkan clock tower. This looks great against the different colored buildings as well as the narrow streets.

storkyrkan cathedral clock tower

These are the Best Photography Spots in Stockholm Sweden

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