Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada. Toronto has a lot to offer the wandering traveler, especially one that is also a curious photographer. There are lots of diverse neighborhoods in the area, interesting architecture to admire, and lots of activities for photographers. If you’re looking for places you should add to your itinerary, check out this list of the best photography spots in the city.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada

1. CN Tower

image8This is without a doubt one of the top photography spots in the city both from afar and within. It gives you panoramic views of the entire city and also stands out against the skyscrapers in the area. No Toronto skyline is complete without the CN Tower.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada CN Tower

2. Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square is a famous location in Toronto. There is city hall, an ice rink, and the iconic Toronto Sign. This is a lively area that has plenty to see. You’ll find more and more to photograph the longer you hang around.

3. Gooderham Building

This is a picturesque building that you’ll find featured on many people’s feeds. It’s older architectural style contrasts greatly with the modern skyscrapers that surround it. It makes for an interesting photography subject at night when you can play with lights.

4. Distillery District

The architecture of the Distillery Historic District is what makes this area fun to explore. There are galleries around the area and it is also the home to the Christmas Market in the wintertime which makes it a great option for photography and activities.

5. Toronto Islands

image1Many great skyline shots of Toronto are taken from the Toronto Islands. Before sunset is one of the best times to visit because it gives you enough time to catch the beautiful colors of the sun going down the horizon.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada Toronto Islands

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada

6. Toronto Public Library

You’ll find more than books at this public library. The entrance you walk into is a great photo opportunity. There is interesting architecture, winding stairs, and a nice ambiance. You should also search for the glassed-in room upstairs.

7. Royal Ontario Museum

image9This museum’s architecture is what most people flock here for. It blends old and new styles of buildings with its combination of traditional brick with a crystal glass spike that comes out of it. It incorporates the historic museum building into the design which is why it has been controversial in the past.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada royal Ontario Museum

8. Museum Subway Stop

This subway stop is one of the most iconic in the world. Located under Queen’s Park at Charles Street West, this stop features many sculptures and unique museum aspects. It is a favorite photo spot for many and some really interesting photos have come out of it.

9. Casa Loma

This used to be a private estate but has since been converted to a museum. There are lots of interiors with stained glass windows as well as beautiful outdoor spaces to photograph. Winter is a great time to visit because there are some magical scenes created with snow around.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada Casa Loma

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada

10. Poison Pier

This is a location that most aren’t aware of but can give you stunning photos of the Toronto skyline. Golden hour produces some fantastic scenes and you’ll find that you’ve walked away with some beautiful pictures of the skyscrapers in the city.

11. University of Toronto

image7This location is ideal for photographing and exploring. Walk around campus and enjoy the fresh air. There are stunning college buildings and landscaping at this university to look at and capture.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada University of Toronto

12. Humber Bay Bridge

This is a pedestrian bridge in Toronto that is also a popular photography location. There are lots of unique angles it offers and you can capture some cool views of the city as well from here. Sunrise and sunset are the ideal times to shoot here.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada Humber bay bridge

13. Graffiti Alley

The perfect urban scene is what can be found in Graffiti Alley. There is an endless amount of street art to explore along the three blocks of the Fashion District. It is a significant location for many people and is known for very high-quality art.

14. Union Station Skywalk

Union Stations all over the world are usually good bets when it comes to good photography locations. This one is cool because of the glass skywalk that gives you a glimpse at the world outside of the station. There are always travelers so practicing motion is an option.

15. Brookfield Place

image4This is a classic spot to visit in Toronto and you’ll find that you can take endless amounts of pictures of the beautiful interior and the intricate ceiling.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada Brookfield Place

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada

16. Sugar Beach

This beach is open year-round which means you can come photograph in the summer and relax or even come in the winter when it’s covered in snow and ice. The pink parasols are what stand out here and create vivid shots, especially against a blue sky.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada Sugar Beach

17. Scarborough Bluffs Park

This park is located to the east of Toronto. You will find beaches, parks, boathouses, and lots of nature to photograph here. It’s great to use this place to spend time enjoying the outdoors and exploring the unique photographs the park has to offer.

18. Atrium Mall

The Atrium Mall is near Yonge-Dundas Square and you’ll be amazed by the cool perspectives you can find inside this futuristic structure. Try looking up to capture a unique view. This is made up of multiple levels of the mall and creates an interesting shot.

19. Marina Quay West

Harbors always produce beautiful photo locations. From Marina Quay West you’re able to capture the boats, the skyline, and the CN Tower as well as cool reflections from the water when it’s not frozen.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada

20. Canoe Landing

Canoe Landing is located west of Downtown and features interesting artwork that may be interesting for photographers to see. They are vibrant and stand erect from the ground and look like fishing lures statues.

21. Fairmont Royal York

This hotel is very photogenic due to its gorgeous lobby space that features a beautiful clock and regal staircase. The best view is from the top level of the lobby. Looking down, you’ll find an elegant scene beneath you.

22. Toronto City Hall

image5This is a cool spot for photos because of the lights, fountains, and a large neon sign that says “Toronto”. The best time to shoot photos here is at night because everything is lit up and bright. The light show is only visible once the sun is down so pack your equipment and get ready for a fun evening.

Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada Toronto city hall

These are the Best Photography Spots in Toronto Canada.

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