Things To Do In Orlando - Universal Orlando

Things To Do In Orlando – Universal Orlando

If you are planning an epic trip to Orlando, Florida, you must be looking for the best things to do in Orlando. Here in this city, the fun never stops. 

Let’s begin with the Orlando stereotypes. If it is your first-time traveling to this city in The Sunshine State, you might easily get swayed with its stereotypes – all people in Orlando speak Spanish, it’s always hot in this city (but it also always rains here), and that traffic is everywhere, among many others, of course. 

Orlando is not only beautiful, but it is also a place dotted by lakes. In fact, its geography is mostly wetlands. There is a common misconception that people come here only for Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando, but there are so many things to explore in the area, from its rich performing arts culture to its satisfying cuisine. Brace yourselves for another list, and this time, it’s the best things to do in Orlando! 

Best Things To Do In Orlando

There are so many things to do in Orlando, but if we are just to choose the best 12, here they are.

1. Journey To What Orlando Is Most Popular For: Theme Parks

We’re not going to stall you any longer, because admit it or not, Orlando is popular to tourists worldwide because of these theme parks: Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studio. If you are not an avid traveler, you’d travel to Orlando to visit these places. 

Let’s begin with the Disney lovers, who come and visit Walt Disney World Resort. This resort is mainly known for its four well-loved theme parks – the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. 

Aside from these theme parks, Orlando’s Disneyland also treats you to a one-of-a-kind experience since there’s also a dining and shopping district here, sophisticated hotels, and water parks – water parks that reflect Orlando’s geography. There’s the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Perfect for the family, right? The second popular theme park in this Florida city is Universal Studio. Yes, you are right if you think about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But beyond the Harry Potter world, like in every Universal Studios theme park anywhere in the world, there are tons of other attractions here. These include Revenge of the Mummy, The Simpsons Ride, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Fast and Furious, and a whole lot more. 

True, Orlando has been equated to these theme parks. But hold on, there’s a whole lot of other things to do in Orlando that can make you fall in love with this place. Keep reading. 

2. Take A Rejuvenating Stroll Around Lake Eola And Lake Eola Park

Located right in the heart of Orlando’s downtown, Lake Eola and Lake Eola Park are highly recommended by nature travelers. This park, along with its Centennial Fountain, has been the center of city life from the time the earliest settlers used to water their cattle in this area. 

The place is also a preferred spot for runners and joggers, since the sidewalk around the lake is a mile long, making it easier for these runners in terms of the track. But, if you want the traditional experience, visit this place in the afternoon, and ride the swan-shaped paddle boats that sail with what else, swans. Truly a romantic experience.

3. Watch Great Shows At Dr. Phillips Center For The Performing Arts

If you are in Orlando, and love watching performances or missing Broadway in New York, there’s no reason why you should not head over to Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. This is the ultimate venue not just for live music, but also Broadway shows like “Hamilton.” 

It’s also the perfect destination for families. Kids will love the flicks shown here, and you will love it that the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra actually plays the score live while you watch the film! Class as its finest. 

Plus, this performing arts venue also presents the Orlando Ballet, “The Nutcracker,” “The Jungle Book,” and more. 

Things To Do In Orlando - The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Things To Do In Orlando – The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

4. Learn At Orlando Science Center

If there’s a great family-friendly destination anywhere in the world, that has to be Orlando. So it is just right that the city’s tourism department provides other attractions that both adults and kids will love, such as the Orlando Science Center. It is one of the things to do in Orlando if you are a lover of science. 

Make your trip to Orlando unforgettable by immersing yourself in everything science. It is a hands-on museum that features several interactive exhibits, laboratories, workshops, and even theaters. Kids and parents will love learning about everything from dinosaurs to taking care of Mother Earth here.

Exhibits here include “Food Heroes” where you’ll learn about the food system, “Kinetic Zone” if you wish to explore engineering, and “Earth Matters” for those who want to learn more about this planet, among many other exhibits. 

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5. Watch NBA’s Orlando Magic Live

It may be true that many NBA fans would lean toward supporting the crowd-pleaser Golden State Warriors, but here in Orlando, the love for Orlando Magic never wanes. And where else to watch this team play hoops live than in Orlando?

The action happens downtown, at the Amway Center, where Orlando Magic will show off their moves, perfect whether you are traveling with the family or with friends. But, a reminder: the area around the venue can get very congested if there are game nights, so prepare and head over to Amway Center earlier.

6. Get Up Close And Personal With Sea Creatures 

Orlando is dotted by waters, and especially with the weather here, tourists love to enjoy its water parks. But one of the best water parks where you can enjoy many things to do in Orlando is Discovery Cove. 

Here, adults and children alike can get up close and personal with sharks, dolphins, rays, and tropical fish while they bask in the warm Florida sun. This is also a place for foodies – and we mean those who love food a lot – because the place serves breakfast and lunch, well, buffets. 

Just be sure to buy your tickets earlier, as Discovery Cove only allows a limited number of guests each day.

Things To Do In Orlando - Lake Eola Park

Things To Do In Orlando – Lake Eola Park

7. Shop For Fresh Produce At Winter Park Farmers’ Market

If you are going to scour a list of the best places in the world for farmers’ market shopping, Orlando will be on top of that list. People love visiting farmers’ markets because they can shop for fresh produce here. 

In Orlando, Saturdays are all about fun at Winter Park Farmers’ Market. Situated at Central Park West Meadow, the market, which is open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., is crowned with locals and tourists alike browsing the stalls to shop for fresh goods, such as lemonade, plumerias, beef jerky, fish dip, and more.

Plus, Winter Park Farmers’ Market is also the perfect place if you want to take a walk, cycle, play golf, or play tennis, as they have areas for these activities.

8. Play An Escape Game

Escape games are incredibly popular, especially among groups of friends. For them, bonding through playing escape games is a way for them to get to know each other better, not to mention to test their friendships.

Check out The Escape Game Orlando, an hour-long mind-boggling experience where you solve mysteries to get out of the room. There are plenty of scenarios to choose from, such as “Prison Break,” “The Depths,” “The Heist,” “Special Ops: Mysterious Market,” “Gold Rush,” and more. 

If you’re visiting this place, keep in mind that the games range in difficulty and the number of people the rooms can contain.

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9. Hop On Gastronomic Experiences In Orlando’s Food Festivals

Looking for savory things to do in Orlando? Head over to the city’s food festivals. This Florida city is known for its fried chicken, seafood, and for those who want to take on a food adventure – Cuban food. Where else can you try all these delights than at the city’s food festivals?

Every fall season, Orlando hosts Magical Dining Month, where food enthusiasts get treated to a three-course meal at participating restaurants. During spring, Universal Orlando hosts the Mardi Gras, and every October, Walt Disney World Resort has the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic. It’s a food fiesta here!

Things To Do In Orlando - Walt Disney World Resort

Things To Do In Orlando – Walt Disney World Resort

10. Allow Your Kids To Get To Know Their Crayolas Better

If you think about crayons, it seems that there is just one brand that makes them (of course this is an overstatement). What is it? Yes, Crayola. 

In Orlando, there is a themed destination for everything Crayola, and that is at Crayola Experience. Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando are cringing. 

Here, your kids can get to know their crayons better. They’ll see how crayons are made, experience hands-on activities, and do some craft projects before, get this, they’ll be able to create their own Crayola crayon color! This is a great opportunity for kids to unleash their inner artist. 

11. Shop The Luxurious Way At The Mall At Millenia

Shopper-travelers will always look for The Mall at Millenia if their destination is Orlando, Florida. Whether you just want to window-shop or really spend your bucks buying luxury goods, these are both possible at The Mall at Millenia. 

The Mall at Millenia has over 150 stores and restaurants, including luxury boutiques that scream high society, such as Louis Vuitoon, Gucci, Chanel, and more. 

For millennials who cannot afford shopping at the luxury boutiques yet, they can instead enjoy shopping at the trendy retailers such as H&M, Sephora, and Lululemon, among others. 

Plus, what’s even unique in this mall is that they offer a complimentary personal stylist if you want to help you find the perfect dress, and there’s an onsite tailor for alterations. Get what you want, your way.

12. Weekend? Hangout At Plant Street Market

Part food hall, part brewery, and part space for entertainment, Plant Street Market is where locals and tourists head over to to hangout during the weekends. If you are heading over to this area, don’t forget to drop by Crooked Can Brewery, known for its delicious beers and vibrant outdoor block parties every summer. 

If you love sushi rolls, you can explore the market area where you can find a shop selling this. Revel at Plant Street Market.

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Things To Do In Orlando - Dolphins At Orlando's Parks

Things To Do In Orlando – Dolphins At Orlando’s Parks

Make The Most Out Of The Best Things To Do In Orlando: Some Essential Travel Tips

Every traveler to any destination in the world must know some travel tips before they touch down. The last thing you want to happen is to miss the most important tips that will make your trip more convenient. So, to make the most out of the best things to do in Orlando, take heed of these travel tips. 

  • Many theme parks are near each other, so if you’re looking to do theme park hopping, you can in Orlando. For instance, Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando are just around a 15-minute drive from each other.
  • Weather in Orlando is unpredictable, so be sure you are ready for this.
  • There are many transportation options in the city, such as taking cabs, the bus lines, or the train. 
  • You can save more if you buy tickets to museums, theme parks, and the like earlier. There are several deals you can snag. There are also city cards you can avail that offer admissions to attractions at lower prices.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and the like. You’re visiting a place under the Florida sun.

There are certainly more. Feel free to share your tips on the best things to do in Orlando. 

Things To Do In Orlando - EPCOT Center Drive

Things To Do In Orlando – EPCOT Center Drive

Experience The Magic In Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially for family travelers. There are so many things to do in Orlando. As a matter of fact, statistics show that Orlando welcomed a record-breaking 75 million visitors in 2018, earning it a spot on the list of the most popular cities around the world. 

Orlando may be in-demand for families, because of the many theme parks found in the city, but that does not mean other kinds of travelers are not welcome here. The city offers plenty of outdoor activities from hiking to kayaking, a vibrant nightlife, and a delectable culinary scene. With the various things to do in Orlando, this city in Florida will certainly provide opportunities to create the most wonderful memories, you’ll come back for more.

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