The Edge Observation Deck in New York City is one of the most spectacular views of the city. The Edge NYC is located on top of 30 Hudson Yards, it stands 100 stories tall and offers breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views from its outdoor observation deck. The deck has three levels that offer a variety of experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Views of The Edge NYC

NYC the Edge NYC Observation Deck Admission by Edin Chavez

The Edge NYC  by Edin Chavez

On the first level, visitors can take in stunning skyline vistas while standing on glass floors suspended 1,100 feet above Manhattan’s West Side streets below them. This thrilling experience is made even more exciting with LED lights that change colors every few seconds creating an ever-changing light show beneath your feet! On this same level you can also find digital photo booths where you can capture memories from your visit as well as interactive exhibits about NYC landmarks and culture throughout history.

Finally, at the highest point guests are treated to unparalleled bird’s eye views stretching up to 80 miles away across four states – New Jersey, Connecticut Massachusetts and Pennsylvania – all framed by floor-to ceiling windows showcasing iconic buildings such as Central Park South or One World Trade Center just steps away from their fingertips! With so much beauty surrounding them they will have no choice but marvel at how majestic this city truly is – making The Edge NYC Observation Deck an unforgettable experience like none other in NYC specially if you are a photographer!

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