Things To Do In Las Vegas
Things to do in Las Vegas

There’s a popular adage that goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and it is true. With so many things to do in Las Vegas, America’s “Sin City,” you can have a great time and do things you normally would not do in your residence. 

Las Vegas, the world’s ultimate “party city.” This economic center and largest city in the state of Nevada is the only major city in the American West to have been founded during the 1900s. Can you believe it was formerly just a small, desert-bound railroad service center at the turn of the 20th century, but became the country’s fastest-growing metropolis at the end of that century?

Tourists from around the world fly to Las Vegas for spectacular entertainment, endless partying, and perhaps thrilling casinos. But there is more to Las Vegas than it meets the eye? In this travel guide, you will learn about the most unique things to do in Las Vegas. 

1. Experience What It’s Like To Be In Zero Gravity At Zero G

The first unique activity to do in Las Vegas is actually experiencing what it feels like to be weightless, to be in zero gravity. We tell you right now that you don’t need to be an astronaut and go to space just to have this moment in your life. In Las Vegas, you can do this.

Head over to Zero G Las Vegas, and take off in a place that flies in 15 parabolic patterns (yes, you go up and down, up and down in zero gravity). It literally deletes all the effects of gravity for 20 to 30 seconds at a time. Fly like a superhero, or take a stroll along the sides of the plane (like seriously!). Let your imagination take flight.

2. Drive Exotic Supercars At Exotics Racing

Are you a car enthusiast? Or should we say, a supercar enthusiast? Well, actually, even if you are not, you will love this unique experience at Exotics Racing. 

If you want to drive the supercar you have been dreaming of for a long time, such as a Ferrari or Aston Martin, and if you want to race along a track at more than 100 miles per hour, this is one of the things to do in Las Vegas that you should not dare miss. 

Plus, Exotics Racing is very accessible. You won’t find it hard to spot it on the map. It is located just about 20 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip. Once you register, you will be given a test ride on the track, and asked to choose which among their 30 supercars in their collection you would want to drive. Is it a Porsche? Is it a Lamborghini? Name it. Then, you can get started and go up to 130 miles per hour. You read that right.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas

3. Sky Jump At The STRAT Las Vegas

Not all travelers would want to try sky jumping when they visit a certain place, say in Macau or Las Vegas. But there are some who would risk it all just to do something they have never done before. Such as, sky jumping.

In Sin City, you can experience this thrilling adventure at the STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod. For adrenaline junkies, there is no stopping them when they hear about this. Here, you can jump off a building over 800 feet tall in a controlled fall down the side. This is sometimes also called a vertical zipline. We recommend that you try this if you are looking for unique experiences.

4. Hop Onto An Encounter With Sharks At Mandalay Bay 

Mandalay Bay is known for its 11-acre beach, finely remodeled rooms, and casino area. But, also located within this resort is the Shark Reef where you can encounter, what else, sharks!

Traveling with the family does not mean you cannot try the thrilling things in your trip (as you know, usually, when traveling with the family, it’s all about the mellow way). Visiting the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is ideal for families who want to spice up their rather crazy visit to Las Vegas. 

While it requires you to purchase a separate ticket, the ticket price is not that expensive. Once you are inside, you will see not only sharks, but also exotic fish creatures. Like with many ocean parks worldwide, you can also find yourself under a sea tunnel that makes you feel like you are at the ocean’s bottom. 

Plus, you can also feed the sharks or come across the touch pool where you can go up close and personal with the creatures.

5. Reminisce Titanic History At The Titanic Artifact Exhibition

What would have been the first maiden voyage of Titanic in the early 1900s (that time, Titanic was the world’s largest passenger ship) turned out to be a tragedy, and people across the globe remember it until today. 

In Las Vegas, you can experience the wonder of Titanic at the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. Viewed by over 25 million people all over the world, the exhibition features more than 350 artifacts recovered from Titanic’s wreck site. Goosebumps, right? It is like traveling back in time. And, the exhibition also presents full-scale re-creations of the rooms of the ship. 

Truly, our hearts will go on. 

Things to do in Las Vegas

6. Take A Day Trip To The Valley Of Fire

If you want to skip the usual things to do in Las Vegas, such as partying in the neon lights or placing bets in its casinos, you might want to visit the Valley of Fire. Located just 45 minutes outside the Las Vegas city proper, the Valley of Fire is an eerily beautiful and unique natural rock formation that has taken the breaths away of many tourists from around the globe. 

It is called “valley of fire” since the rocks literally look like they are on fire when the sun hits them. And, did you know that this valley was used by the Anasazi, an ancient Native American culture, and believe us, some of their petroglyphs are still seen until today in this area. A petroglyph is an image created by removing a part of a rock surface through carving, incising, picking, or abrading.

7. Ride On A Helicopter And See Night Views Of The Las Vegas Strip 

Who says helicopter rides are only for the rich and famous? Of course, not! Nowadays, there are so many helicopter tours in different parts of the world, but one of the most unforgettable would be in Las Vegas. 

Hop on a helicopter as the pilot flies it over the Las Vegas Strip which you can see from atop. Absolutely a breathtaking experience. This is also the perfect must-do for couples, or, if you want to propose to your special someone while you are in flight. There’s no way they would say “no” to you.

8. Go Skiing At Lee Canyon

Skiing in Las Vegas? Is it really that possible? Las Vegas is known for its hot temperature because it is a desert, but finding an oasis at Lee Canyon is very possible. 

Lee Canyon is Las Vegas’ ultimate destination for skiing and snowboarding. It is a year-round mountain gateway resort that has been well-loved by both locals and tourists alike. 

You better try this. It may not feature the world’s best snow, or may not be like skiing in Switzerland, but being able to ski amidst the scorching desert heat in Las Vegas is a jewel to keep.

9. Take A Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Flight

Las Vegas is not just about the noisy partying and special entertainment. You can also go all, and try the heart-pounding things to do in Las Vegas – such as taking a hot air balloon flight. 

What’s even greater is that this experience is not going to cost a lot of dollars. It is very affordable – and convenient, too! Hotel pickups are available to bring you from your accommodation to the area. 

Then, you can enjoy beautiful mountain and canyon views, as well as views of the sunrise or sunset while on your hot air balloon.

How Much Budget Should You Have When You Travel To Las Vegas?

Before we end our guide, as bonus content, we are going to present you with information about how much budget you should prepare when you plan to visit Las Vegas. Your travel budget is a very important consideration to make because you wouldn’t want to get stripped with the wonderful experiences during your visit.

So here’s the answer to the question. For budget travelers, you can already enjoy Las Vegas for $40 a day. However, there are no frills in this budget if you want to make your experience even more unforgettable. So to enjoy Las Vegas to the fullest, preparing $100 to $150 a day is the ideal.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

It may be an understatement, but Las Vegas is a must-visit. There are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas. For many travelers, it’s visiting and taking pictures at the Hoover Dam, the Las Vegas Strip, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, Downtown Las Vegas, and the like.

However, for some travelers, it’s all about the thrills. It is all about the unique experiences. 

So, if you belong to that group, go ahead and try something you have never experienced before, and conquer your deepest fears. Your life is about to change once you visit Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

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