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Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal. Lisbon is a beautiful city to explore and with that exploration also comes endless possibilities for stunning photography. There are panoramic views from multiple places, iconic yellow trolley cars, and that gorgeous European architecture. If you are planning a trip to Portugal with the hopes of finding some of the best photography locations, this list will be a great help to your planning.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal

1. Miradouro de Santa Luzia

If you are looking for an expansive and cool view of the city of Lisbon, this is one of the first places you should head. This has a great spot that overlooks all of the buildings within the city and out towards the water. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Miraduro de Santa Luzia

2. Lisbon Cathedral

The Lisbon Cathedral is located between the Alfama district and the Arco da Rua Augusta. The exterior of the church is classic European architecture. This is a beautiful church that’s a must on your list. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Lisbon Cathedral

3. Arco da Rua Augusta

This arch was built to celebrate the city’s victory in overcoming the earthquake of 1755. There are many different views from which you can photograph the arch from underneath it or across the street from it. This is easily accessible from the Praca do Comercio Plaza.

4. Pink Street

Also known as Rua Nova do Carvalho, this street is a fun photo spot in the city that gets photographed very often. The area used to be the red light district but now is a place that is popular to visit due to its many restaurants and bars. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Lisbon Cathedral

5. Elevador da Bica

A good place to go tram and funicular searching is the Elevador da Bica which has two funiculars going up and down the path. One of them is covered with graffiti while the other is the classic yellow color you’ll find similar to others in the city. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal

6. Belem Tower

The Torre de Belem or Belem Tower is located farther out from the city center but is one of the most well-known structures. It was built in the 1500s and it was used as part of a defense system for the Tagus estuary. It is now a museum with a viewing platform you can use. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Belem Tower

7. Monument to the Discoveries

This monument was created as a dedication to the sailors and explorers that came out of Portugal. The structure is over 50 meters high and also has a nice viewing platform at the top that gives you a nice overlook of the river. If you’re good at recognizing important explorers in history you may be able to spot people like Henry the Navigator or Bertolomeu Dias in the monument. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Monument of Discoveries

8. Jeronimos Monastery

This is a stunning monastery that has very detailed designs throughout. It is in close proximity to the Belem Tower and the church that is attached to it is free to enter. The best time to visit is right when it opens in order to beat the crowd. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Jeronimos Monastery

9. Carmo Convent

This is a monastery from back in the 13th century. It is a cool building to see because of its many detailed arches and intricate design. This is also a unique place to visit because it also suffered some destruction as a result of the 1755 earthquake and is missing part of its roof.

10. Casa do Alentejo

This is a restaurant that has some really beautiful features and a great courtyard area to photograph. There is also an upstairs portion of the building you can enter without having to go through the restaurant. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal

11. Praca dos Restauradores

This is a busy area in the city especially when it is meal time. Not only are there plenty of options when it comes to dining, there are also many photo opportunities too if you’re looking to photograph everyday life in the city and people going about their day. 

12. Praca do Comercio

This is one of the most popular squares in the city and is covered with bright yellow pavilions as well as many office buildings and restaurants. This is a large square with a central statue of King Jose I as well as the Rua Augusta arch which both makes for creating subjects of pictures as well. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Praca do Comercio

13. Elevador de Santa Justa

This is located near the Carmo Covent and it is not only a cool-looking attraction, but it is also functional. This connects the lower streets of Baixa to the upper area. The platform at the top gives you great views of the city. 

14. Alfama Area

The Alfama district is the oldest neighborhood in the city and gives you great opportunities to capture some photos of classic Portugal. There are many narrow streets to walk around and you’ll come across some pretty cool shots of the buildings in the area. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Alfama Area

15. Church of Santa Engracia

This is a massive church that was only recently finished in the past century. It functions today as the national Pantheon and has unique architectural features that are reminiscent of baroque-style architecture. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal

16. Castelo de Sao Jorge

This is a giant castle in the city of Lisbon that was built on a hill which makes it a great option for an overlook point for those who want to see the city from high up. There is a 360-degree panoramic view that you can get of the city. The castle itself is also a really interesting place to explore and gives you a good glimpse into Portuguese history. 

17. Cristo Rei

This is a towering statue of Christ that sits on a small hill on the side of the river. It resembles the one in Brazil which is why it makes for such a cool photo to capture. There is an elevator on top of the statue that gives you a great view of the river and the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. 

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Cristo Rei

18. Pena Palace, Sintra

Sintra is about half an hour to an hour away from the city but it has some really unique outdoor photography opportunities. There are great lookout points and the Castelo dos Mouros that offer a great view of the palace.

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Pena Palace Sintra

19. LX Factory

This factory is a formerly industrial area of the city and is now a space for artists to showcase their works. There is no shortage of street art here and you can find it in the midst of cobblestone streets, restaurants, and boutiques. 

20. Village Underground

The Village Underground was created from old shipping containers that are a variety of colors. These are all stacked on each other to great really cool spaces that are used for eating, working and event planning.

21. Tram 28

The yellow trams that travel around the city are some of the most iconic parts of Lisbon. It not only takes you to a bunch of different locations and landmarks to explore, but it is also pretty photogenic too. Since they are all over the city, you can capture them against any type of background and then hop on to the next destination.

Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal, Tram 28

These are the Best Photography Spots in Lisbon Portugal

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