Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia. Sydney, Australia usually makes it off people’s must-visit places in the world, and for good reason. While this is a bustling city filled with millions of people, it also has its fair share of beautiful beaches, clear skies, and cityscape. You also can’t forget about some of the world-famous venues that are located in Sydney.

If you are deciding where to begin, look no further than this list of the best photography spots in the city. There are a number of iconic spots as well as peaceful nature scenes and unique views.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the most famous spot in all of Sydney. It is a must-see venue and is known for its sail-like architectural features. There are many places to shoot from including across the water or up close on the lawn.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Sydney Opera House

2. The Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade gives you a historical experience. This is a shopping arcade with many shops and cafes lining the pathways. The most iconic photos of this spot are from the second overlooking the main strip.

3. Angel Place

Located in downtown Sydney, this is an art installation that consists of many hanging bird cages. It is called “Forgotten Songs” and is a permanent part of the city. There are digitally recorded songs hear and lots of interesting angles to photograph from.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Angel Place

4. Luna Park

This amusement park is colorful and fun and has cool photography subjects. You could photograph the Ferris wheel with its many bright seats or even the front entrance which is a giant face wearing a crown.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Luna Park

5. Chinatown

Chinatown in Sydney is filled with neon signs that light up the streets. There are glowing shops and colorful patterns on some of the alleyway walls too. You’ll want to shoot here at night because that is when the photos will have a cool blue tint to them.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia

6. Dawes Point

Dawes Point can be reached if you walk the path underneath the Sydney Harbor Bridge You can get views of Luna Park as well as the Sydney Opera House from here. This point provides you with unique perspectives of subjects that are often photographed.

7. The Harbor Bridge

This is the famous bridge in the city of Sydney and is often included in pictures of the city. It is close to the Opera House and gives you some stunning shots of life next to the harbor.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Luna Park

8. Circular Quay

If you are wanting to capture some of the Sydney skyline, Circular Quay is a good place to try. This is the main port area of the harbor and is closely located to the bridge and the Opera House.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Circular Quay

9. Royal Botanic Gardens

This garden gives you endless walking paths to explore as well as a variety of beautiful scenery to admire. Expect to find flowers, birds, statues, and large ponds here while you enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Royal Botanic Gardens

10. Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building is also a well-designed shopping center in the city. The tile on the floor is a unique pattern and the walls show off a colorful and bright orange. The details in the building are really incredible and worth a few shots.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia

11. St. Mary’s Cathedral

For those who are fans of photographing churches, St. Mary’s Cathedral is the perfect place to go. You are only allowed to take pictures of the outside but it is stunning enough to give you some really good shots. There is also a pool of water at the entrance of the church that you can incorporate into your photos.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, St. Marys Cathedral

12. Hyde Park

This park is located next to St. Mary’s Cathedral and it is a serene area to walk around. Located here is also the Archibald fountain and the ANZAC Memorial. It is also a short distance away from the Central Business District so you can make all the stops in one afternoon.

13. Central Station

While this station isn’t as grand as other train stations you may find in Europe, it does offer some interesting architectural details and angles. If you are the type of person that is interested in exploring train stations, this would be the spot to go.

14. George Street

This is the main road through the city and is currently cleared out because it is the location of a new tram. This means there is no traffic in this area and you can walk along the street while capturing unique perspectives of the main downtown.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, George Street

15. Blue Mountains National Park

While not directly in the city, Blue Mountains National Park is a popular day trip that many will take outside of the city. You will want to head to Lincoln Rock if you are looking for a good view that overlooks the park.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia

16. Observatory Hill Park

This park has it all from art to tennis courts to a rotunda and, of course, a great view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This is a great viewpoint to relax at. You can bring a picnic and enjoy your time while you shoot away at the bridge as the sun goes down.

17. Mrs. Macquarie’s Point

This is a lookout spot that has two different options for views. One of these is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and the other is below it on the walking path by the bay. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is more elevated and gives a great view of the Opera House while the other provides you with a similar perspective at a lower angle.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Mrs. Macquaries point

18. Bondi Beach

This is another very recognizable and well-visited spot in Sydney. There is a pool as well as a beach and the contrast of turquoise waters with the waves washing against it. You can grab aerial views for free but if you want to go for a swim yourself, there is a fee.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Bondi Beach

19. Macquarie Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located in the Watson’s Bay area and its stark white colors really stand out in the photo against the landscape. It is great for clear days or for early morning sunrise or late evening sunset shots.

20. Watson’s Bay

Watson’s Bay has plenty to see including a couple of lighthouses, boardwalks, and beautiful coastlines. There is a good section to stroll through that will lead you to many of the lighthouses and take you across Camp Cove which is a lovely bay in the area.

Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia, Watsons Bay

21. Manly Wormhole

This photography spot is located at Queenscliff Beach. Just walk up the rock steps on the far left side to find this unique view. There is an arched rock opening heart that gives you a spectacular view of the waters and the nature scene across the beach.

These are the Best Photography Spots in Sydney Australia

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