Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. The capital of the United States is filled with endless photography possibilities. There are lots of options just within one small area of the city filled with lots of nature, history, and interesting buildings to take pictures of. There is no shortage of marble, well-designed greenery, or quaint D.C. homes. If you are looking for a list of ideas for your photography trip, check out these must-visit locations we have included.

The Gear

The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C

1. Washington Monument

While you can get tickets to visit the top of the monument, photographing from afar is what will get you the best pictures. This is one of the most recognizable locations in the city and sits at one end of the Reflecting Pool.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. washington monument

2. Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is a perfect spot for photos. There are many points of views you can capture it from but the east side will give you a clear sight of the huge glass panels reflecting the dome.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. Capital Building

3. City Center

This is a fun alleyway in the city that is redecorated every season so there’s always something new to find. You may find beach balls, pink kites, or any other number of things hanging from the ceiling. The buildings that form this alleyway are very reflective which also make shots more interesting.

4. Friendship Arch

This arch is located in Chinatown and is right in front of the Capital One Arena. It sits at a busy intersection which makes it a great location to practice some motion photography at night.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C

5. Culture House

This is a very colorful church located right in the city. It used to be known as the Blind Whino and has beautiful stained glass in addition to the dozens of colors splashed on the exterior.

6. Tidal Basin

The best time to visit the Tidal Basin is during peak cherry blossom season. There are lots of really iconic shots you can capture around here as well as an opportunity to take pictures of the many famous monuments in the area.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. Tidal Basin

7. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

image3This memorial was sculpted to look just like MLK and is located on the Tidal Basin. There is a lot to explore around this area with lots of additional memorials and sculptures to stop by and observe.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

8. Lincoln Memorial

image5The Lincoln Memorial is also a popular place for people to visit. For one, you get a great view of the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool. There’s plenty of space to walk around and find that perfect picture of the columns.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. Lincoln Memorial

9. Library of Congress

This is the largest library in the world and the inside definitely shows. The high ceilings are intricately crafted with detailed stone and the stairways and rails are great for framing or being the center of any picture.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C

10. National Arboretum

This is a wide open space that is free to visit. There are large fields, bonsai trees, and towering pillars to photograph. You can find plant collections from all around the world here and spend lots of time shooting the beautiful nature scenes.

11. U.S. Botanic Gardens

There are plenty of areas to explore at the botanical garden, there are various sections that feature different types of plants. There are also a number of main areas where you can enjoy water features, bridges, and the wonderfully done exhibits.

12. National Cathedral

This is a beautiful area to explore especially when the entire place is in full bloom for the spring. There are no bad angles of this cathedral. You can take photos from far away or beneath flowers that are on the grounds.

13. Hirshhorn Museum

This museum is a unique piece of architecture. It is a circular shape that is filled with many windows. There are also many interesting exhibits that you can explore here including the Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama.

14. Union Station

Union Station is a short ways away from National Mall. There are lots of interesting photography opportunities here because of all the different perspectives you can find. From winding staircases to arches to atriums, there are lots of cool shots.

15. Capitol Hill Houses

There are plenty of cute neighborhoods in the area to explore and Capitol Hill is one of them. There are many colorful houses located here and a lot of great scenery to explore.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C

16. United States Air Force Memorialimage4

This memorial is located right outside the city and beside the Pentagon. This is a very cool structure that rises up into the sky. It looks especially fantastic against the colors of the sunset.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. United States Air Force Memorial

17. Georgetown

image7This is a very picturesque place in Washington D.C. There are lots of colorful homes, a beautiful waterfront, and also very quaint and adorable shops to photograph.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. George town

18. The White House

You can’t leave without visiting one of the most famous buildings in the world. This is a popular place to visit and is stunning to behold. You can capture the front lawn of the White House from the street.

Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C. The White House

19. National Gallery of Art

This is a really interesting museum to visit. There are lots of art pieces here that make for great pictures as well as the design of the rest of the museum. A couple of key things of note include the fountain in the main atrium, the LED tunnel, and the pyramid mirrors outside.

20. Dumbarton Oaks

This is a historic estate that resembles a European garden. There is an entry fee but the experience is beautiful especially if you go in the spring when everything is in full bloom.

These are the Best Photography Spots in Washington D.C

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