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Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany. Hamburg, Germany is an amazing city for photographers to explore. There are many beautiful places and things to see from areas by the water to historic buildings and streets. This is the second-largest city in the country and it definitely feels that way. The urban vibe of the city blends nicely with all the reminders of Hamburg from the past. With so much to wander through, it can be easy to get lost in the beauty alone. Here’s a list of the best photography spots in Hamburg to keep you on track and help you see all the sights.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany

1. Speicherstadt

This is a must-visit place when you visit Hamburg. It is the largest warehouse district in the world and is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While it used to be home to coffees, teas, and spices, it now is lined with many sightseeing attractions like exhibits and museums highlighting coffee, German customs, and many other ideas. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany SPEICHRSTADT

2. Rathaus

This is a government building that is recognized all over the city. The details on the outside are very intricate and will leave you in awe of the neo-renaissance design that was incorporated. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany Rathaus

3. Handelskammer Hamburg

Also known as the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, this is a beautiful building to take photos of because of all the natural light that’s available. This is a great spot to practice your interior shots. 

4. Deichstraße

A trip to Europe must come with a tour of the historic streets that each city has to offer. This is the oldest street in Hamburg and dates back to the 17th century. This means there’s lots to admire and capture that will take you back in time. This once merchant homes are now restaurants and pubs so you can take your time photographing the area and soaking it in. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany Deichstraße

5. Elbphilharmonie

This is Hamburg’s tallest building and is a nice blend of old and new. This is an iconic building completely covered in glass. The design was modeled after waves and like the water, make the most beautiful reflections of its surroundings. This building houses a concert hall, restaurants, a hotel, and apartments so there’s plenty to enjoy. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany Elbphilharmonie

6. Steinwerder

This is located at the southern bank of the city but is definitely worth the ferry trip over. Sunset is the ideal time for photographing because you catch the sun’s rays and all of the boats passing by. This is great if you’re wanting to capture a shot of Hamburg’s skyline. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany

7. St. Michaelis Church

This is a well-known church in the area and is characterized by its Baroque-style architecture. The copper roof and clock tower can be seen from miles and the inside is just as grand and beautiful. If you take the lift up to the top you can grab the perfect panoramic view of the city. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St Michaelis church

8. Alster Lakes

This is made of the inner and outer Alster lakes and is at the heart of the city. These were artificially created but still bring that nature and recreation to life in Hamburg. The Jungfernstieg is the best part of the waterfront to take photos. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St Alster Lakes

9. Planten un Blomen

This is a large park in an urban area that has a little bit of everything. You can expect to find a rose garden, Japanese garden, a tropical greenhouse, and an endless supply of fountains to photograph. You can also see the telecommunications tower or Heinrich-Hertz-Term from here which looks great in photos. 

10. Dockland

This office building resembles a ship and sits above the northern bank of the Elbe river. It’s futuristic design is what makes it so interesting to photograph. Head here during the early morning or evening to get that golden hour lighting and the beautiful colors of the sky in the background. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St Dockland

11. Oberhafenbrücke

A little known fact about the city is that it has the most bridges in the world. You have to add a few to your itinerary. With around 2300 bridges, they can’t be missed around the city. Try this one right next to Hafencity to get a dose of the city of bridges. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany

12. Nikolaifleet Canal

This canal is located in one of the oldest areas of the city and you should find it within close distance of the Elbphilharmonie. The cool thing about this canal is that it is the only one left in the city that has palaces reminiscent of Hamburg-style design. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St Nikolaifleet Canal

13. The Chilehaus

This building was created by architect Fritz Hager and definitely stands out from the rest. It is a very popular photography spot and is located right at the street corner where the building comes to a point that helps it stand out even more. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St The Chilehus

14. Old Elbe Tunnel

This tunnel was officially opened in 1911 and is used to connect Landungsbruken to the Hamburg port area. It runs right under the Elbe river and creates an interesting perspective when photographed. There’s also a great view of Hamburg once you come out of the tunnel so have your camera ready. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St Old Elbe tunnel

15. Levantehaus

Step inside this building and you will be amazed by what you see. This was built in the 90s and is now a place for people to shop. The interior structure has some really photogenic shots. Take time to admire the ceilings and the stairs and take in all the beauty. 

16. Elbe Beach

Elbe beach is a nice place in Hamburg to escape the city. It’s in close proximity to many other interesting alleyways and homes and sits across the water from container cranes which are known as the “harbor giraffes”. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany

17. Hafencity Subway Stations

The subway stations in the city are no ordinary places either. These are great spots for architecture lovers to photograph and enjoy. One you can add to your list is the Elbe Brucke subway station which has a glass and steel arch that creates great photo opportunities. The Uberseequartier Metrostation and the Hafencity Metrostation are also great ones to include on your list.Each has its own distinct characteristics and vibes. 

Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany St Subway stations

18. Hamburg Street Art

Cities aren’t cities without their share of urban art. There are many areas around Hamburg with really cool street art on the side of buildings. You can find the “Great Wave of Kanagawa” in Ottenser Barnerstrabe and “The Last Sea Bear” in the backyard of Lippmannstrasse 57-69. There’s lots of art to find if you take the time to look.

19. Fischmarkt

This is the weekly outdoor market that you’ll need to wake up early to enjoy. At 5am you can expect to find lots of stalls selling fruits, vegetables, and lots of varieties of fish. You can even have it prepared on the spot for you to enjoy. Bring your camera to capture the crowd and taste away.

20. Miniatur Wunderlund

This is an interesting destination and for good reason. Miniatur Wunderland is an exhibit of miniature worlds that is over 1,300 feet long. It houses the largest model train display and features different scenes from countries around the world from America to Italy to Scandinavia. 

These are the Best Photography Spots in Hamburg Germany

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