Photographers of all skill levels can take good pictures in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a popular tourist spot because it has beautiful scenery and is easy to get to from Estes Park. It is possible to see some of the most beautiful places in the world in just one day.

1. Adams Falls

Adams Falls

Adams Falls is one of the most accessible places to climb up to. It is near Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Lake. You can hike up 0.9 miles round-trip from the East Inlet Trailhead to reach these beautiful waterfalls.

2. Rainbow Curve

Rainbow Curve

One of our favorite pictures from Rocky Mountain National Park was taken at Rainbow Curve. Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road is one of the best places to see Horseshoe Park and Fall River. Beaver Meadows, where you enter the park, is less than 13 miles from the lookout.

3. Milner Pass

Milner Pass

Milner Pass is a widely accessible route over the Continental Divide. The Mississippi River, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean, is located east of the Continental Divide. Colorado River and the Pacific Ocean may be seen from where water flows.

4. Moraine Park

Moraine Park

You should visit Moraine Park, one of the area’s most beautiful green spaces. Mountains, rivers, and coniferous woods may all be seen from this vantage point. Getting there from Estes Park is easy since it is the shortest travel on our list. The east-facing mountains get the sun’s first rays as it rises over the horizon, making dawn the most adequate time to shoot images.

Because there are so many various perspectives and angles to pick from, photographers should carry both wide-angle and telephoto lenses to the location. There are beautiful views of the elk mating season in this area.

5. Gore Range Overlook

Gore Range Overlook

Trail Ridge Road leads to the Gore Range Overlook, approximately a mile from the Alpine Visitor Center. You’ll feel more liberated than ever when you glimpse anything above the canopy of trees. You can view and feel the Gore Range and Never Summer Ranges from 12,048 feet above sea level, where you can breathe pure air and feel the wind on your face.

6. Town Of Grand Lake

Grand Lake

Grand Lake is a year-round destination for tens of thousands of residents who enjoy the town’s magnificent lakefront location at Rocky Mountain National Park. Skiers, snowboarders, and ice anglers may take in the Lake’s crystal clear waters while strolling along the Lake’s historic promenade or the city’s historic streets.

This becomes abundantly evident when the alpenglow illuminates the 12,000-foot-high Mount Craig on the horizon.

7. Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls begins the Glacier Gorge Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. Bear Lake Road diverges from Highway 36 here, approximately 8 miles away. Park shuttles may be necessary during the peak season to get to the trailhead. The Bear Lake Trailhead serves as an alternative starting point for hikers. This will add two-tenths of a mile to your round-trip commute.

8. Deer Ridge Junction

Deer Ridge Junction

This second-to-last stop on your Trail Ridge Road photography journey is around forty miles from Grand Lake. Take a photograph of one of Trail Ridge Road’s most recognized sites, the Deer Junction Tunnel at Rocky Mountain National Park, if you dare. The trail’s crest ridge necessitates at least a dozen switchbacks to reach the summit. 

9. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Flattop Mountain and Longs Peak may be seen from the Emerald Lake route. The paths leading to Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lakes all begin from Bear Lake, so it’s an excellent place to start. It’s a path that goes “out and back” for 3.3 miles and climbs about 700 feet. Because of this, it’s an excellent choice for both new and experienced hikers. Bring a wide-angle lens with you on this hike, and you’ll be ready.

10. Bear Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National ParkTake Bear Lake Road to the trailhead parking lot from Rocky Mountain National Park’s Beaver Meadows entrance. From here, hikers of all abilities may choose from various scenic and challenging routes around the park. However, carrying a telephoto lens with you on your vacation is a good idea to get images of animals such as moose.

11. Gem Lake

Gem Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park is home to two well-known lakes: Gem Lake and Lake Minnewanka. Gem Lake is a 3.5-mile round-trip walk from the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead. Snowmelt and precipitation condensed in a depression encircled by massive granite cliffs produced this Lake.

12. Mills Glacier

Mills Glacier

A glacial mill on the Palü glacier may be seen by visitors to Cavaglia’s Glacier Garden from May to October each year. Glacier water, debris, and pebbles have eroded 15-meter-deep holes in the granite over thousands of years.

You may walk to the glacial mills in Cavaglia around 10 minutes from the Rhaetian Railway station. You may follow the arrows and other directional indications to reach your destination at Rocky Mountain National Park.

13. Lily Lake

Lily Lake

As a result of its accessibility, Lily Lake is a well-liked summer getaway. The Lake is stunning if you can see beyond the crowds. Getting a bird’s eye perspective of the region is as simple as strolling along the Lake’s edge or making your way up the Lily Ridge path in Rocky Mountain National Park. A wide-angle or standard-angle lens is all you’ll need to capture the sights on this trip.

14. Chasm Falls

Chasm Falls

Hikers may drive to the Chasm Falls Trailhead when Old Fall River Road is accessible for a few weeks in the summer. The observation platform clearly shows the little granite aperture into which the falls plunge. Chasm Falls waterfall is one of the best in the park in Rocky Mountain National Park. A 25-foot drop is possible.

15. Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake, which is nearby and offers stunning views of the adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park mountains, is another excellent option. A well-maintained trail around the Lake. It may be accessed by a side road off Bear Lake Road.

Early risers will be rewarded with spectacular color and scenery as the sun rises. A wide-angle lens will allow you to capture the whole vista, while a telephoto lens will make the mountains and trees in the front seem layered.

16. Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road

On this road, it’s possible to drive all sorts of cars on this road even though it’s entirely paved, and the scenery is stunning. The sunsets are spectacular in the Rocky Mountain National Park, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture them on camera.

17. Old Fall River Road

Old Fall River Road

Enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park’s natural splendor from the convenience of your own automobile with a trip along Old Fall River Road. It’s a scenic drive. In addition to the Alluvial Fan, aspen trees, and odd rock formations, there are many more natural wonders. This is a lovely spot to explore in the autumn when the aspen leaves change color. Because there are so many opportunities to capture pictures, you should carry a range of lenses and equipment to the park.

18. Tyndal Gorge, Hallett Peak

Tyndall Gorge

Tyndall Gorge includes climbing on Hallett Peak’s alpine rock routes, the south face of Flattop Mountain’s rock climbs, and bouldering near Emerald Lake. Short alpine cruises, lengthy conventional routes, challenging ice climbs, and boulder issues are all available in this region.

Final Thoughts

Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular tourist destination since it is one of the country’s most photographed national parks. Regardless of how long you’ve been photographing or how recently you began, Rocky Mountain National Park is a beautiful spot to visit.

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