The Dominican Republic is a stunning piece of Caribbean real estate. The Dominican Republic is home to an abundance of picturesque locales, making it an ideal destination for holiday photography. Puerto Plata is a popular destination for photographers, but they don’t only take pictures of the ocean.

You’ll find more photogenic subjects if you go inland. Go to the tiniest village or hamlet in the world if you want to capture something unique.

1. Cabarete


In terms of Amber Coast destinations, Cabarete and its surrounds are among the most desirable. A year-round kiteboarding hot spot, but there’s a lot more to see and do in this area! Kiteboarding is best enjoyed from June to September when there is plenty of wind.

Beachwear that is lightweight and simple to move in should be brought. This bustling city has a wide range of things to do, such as casual restaurants and places to dine by the beach.

It’s possible to find various uninhabited beaches and lush mountains on the eastern side of Cabarete. Because of the swaying palms, certain parts of this beach may be almost abandoned at certain times of the year.

2. Playa Bavaro

Playa Bavaro

Punta Cana’s best beach is Bavaro in the Dominican Republic. Macau is the last stop on the route. Despite the absence of a formal definition and the difficulty in defining where Bavaro Beach ends, and other beaches begin, Playa Bavaro, the Spanish name for Bavaro Beach, is the region’s longest beach.

Punta Cana’s most popular beach activities take place here as well. You may find local shops, public access points, and spontaneous activities on this beach in Punta Cana.

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy beach to shoot and post on, Playa Bavaro, also known as Bavaro Beach, is the place to go. It’s the perfect place to take pictures, relax, swim, and have a drink.

3. Santo Domingo

St. Domingo

The Cultural Capital of the United States of America for 2010 was Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Museums, art galleries, restaurants, and other cultural attractions abound in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santo Domingo may be accessed via the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana, Samaná, La Romana, and Puerto Plato for less than $10. A historic neighborhood in Santo Domingo has been there for more than 500 years.

Many of the buildings have been rebuilt and maintained, while earthquakes and storms have damaged others throughout time. Public places are awash with people doing their own thing or simply sitting on the benches. It’s up to you whether you want to take a photo tour of the city or just sit back and take it all in.

4. Paseo Dona Blanca

Paseo Dona Blanca

Puerto Plata’s Paseo Dona Blanca was named for Mrs Bianca Franceschini, one of the first ladies to bring visitors to the city in the late 1700s. “Dona Blanca” was the nickname given to Mrs. Franceschini.

Taking photographs for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions is easy since the walls, seats, and flowers are all pink. Isidoro Rainieri and Bianca Franceschini arrived in Puerto Plata from Italy in 1898.

To meet the growing demand for lodging, they constructed the Hospedaje del Comercio, later renamed Hotel Europe. In spite of its grand appearance, the Victorian mansion continues to perform its original function, and it’s a perfect place to create beautiful pictures.

5. Las Galeras

Las Galeras

Las Galeras, a little fishing village on Samaná’s northeastern coast, is nestled between two lush promontories that shield it from the sea. Aside from the humpback whales, the area is sparsely populated, with few options to eat or relax with a massage. However, even if the surroundings stay the same, the situation has undergone a considerable transformation.

There are now diving schools, French-Caribbean fusion restaurants, and bohemian villas, but you can still see the original jungle-covered mountain capes and verdant cays on top of coral reefs.

The last stop on the Samana Peninsula is Las Galeras. Despite the difficulties of getting there, the trek is well worth it if only to see the beautiful beaches. Beautiful beaches with fine sand may be found all across the area. It’s a beautiful place, yet there are no cities. This provides stunning views of the shore.

6. Buen Hombre

If you’re looking for a place that’s really off the beaten path and great for photography, make the long trip to Buen Hombre. In the foreground, there is a beautiful stretch of shallow beach made even more beautiful by the bright colors of the reef and seagrass. Far away, you can see green hills with plants on them. 

There may be pictures in your mind of beach hut restaurants that are brightly colored and a little worn down. Around 4 p.m., when the wind picks up, kiteboarders leave the water and take it to the air. If you want to try sports photography, watch these daredevils as they do amazing aerial acrobatics.

7. Kite Beach

Kite Beach

The name “Kite Beach” didn’t just appear out of nowhere. The water inside Kite Beach is calmer than the sea outside because it is close to a reef. Also, there are few or no breaks on the beach (usually). Due to the above benefits, it’s easy to learn how to kitesurf. Since the beach break is smaller, it is easier to get into the water, and the flatter water makes it easier to body drag and surf.

When it’s windy, there will be more things to see and hear. Kitesurfers who are good at the sport can do tricks up to 10 meters in the air. There are some activities and sports photos here.

8. Pico Duarte

There are no other mountains hzgher in the Caribbean than Pico Duarte, dominican republic’s highest peak. During that time, you will set up camps along the way. In the Dominican Republic, hiking trips to Pico Duarte are an excellent choice for nature lovers who want more than just a tropical vacation.

Even though it was hard, the view in your Dominican Republic Instagram picture was worth it. People talk much about the Dominican Alps because of its milder weather, green valleys, and very high peaks.

9. Fort San Felipe, Puerto Plata

Fort San Felipe fort san felipe puerto plata

When you go to Fort San Felipe, you can feel what life was like in colonial Mexico. The Puerto Plata fort is on a cliff with a view of the ocean. You can take pictures of broken cannons, walls that are 2.4 meters thick, and gorgeous views of the azure sea. 

The San Felipe Fortress in the Dominican Republic, near Puerto Plata, has seen a number of significant events in history. In the West Indies, their warships attacked the merchant ships of the other country. People also call this battle the “war without a name.”

After being fixed up from 1972 to 1983, the museum reopened in 1983. The fort is on a hill and is surrounded by large grassy areas where people can relax and take in the fantastic views. The area has become an entertainment complex with a beautiful arena that has hosted several well-known acts since 2017.

10. El Limon Waterfall

El Limon Waterfall

El Limón, a 52-meter waterfall in a mountainous area, lies hidden amid green-covered rocks. Despite its stunning beauty, the swimming hole at the end of the walk might be dangerous to swim in since it is frequently too deep and frigid. We begin our journey in El Limón, a little community about thirty minutes outside of Las Terrenas. 

This waterfall, which drops 40 meters (130 feet) from Sierra de Samaná’s top, will leave you speechless. El Limón cascades down the mountain, and you may take a pleasant dip in the green pool of clean water under the falls.

11. Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata was the first Dominican Republic resort built with tourists in mind. Puerto Plata has many all-inclusive beach resorts and is in a close race with Santo Domingo to be the most visited city in the Dominican Republic.

The Amber Coast is another name for this area. Many of the city’s historical buildings are from the late Victorian era, and there are a lot of places to see there. Playa Dorada is one of Puerto Plata’s best-known white-sand beaches.

After seeing Parque Central, where the church and main plaza area are, walk along the streets next to it to see Paseo de Dona Blanca, Umbrella Street, and streets with “gingerbread” homes. Take the cable car to the top of the 812-meter-high Monte Isabel de Torres to see amazing coast and city views.

12. Jarabacoa


Jarabacoa is a peaceful and lovely town in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Alps may be seen far away. This region’s beautiful beach towns and resorts are where they prefer to spend their vacation time. If you don’t mind the creepy feel of Jarabacoa, you’ll find a lot to love about it. A photographer’s delight, this area has towering pine trees, lush woodlands, and intimidating mountains, rivers, and waterfalls.

Few tourists to Jarabacoa have a chance to experience this facet of Dominican culture because of the area’s rolling hills. One cannot miss the Jimenoa Waterfall because of its 35-meter plunge into a peaceful lagoon below.

13. Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a Caribbean cruise ship’s favorite destination. Coral reefs in the area are known for their tranquility. Mount Orizaba, the highest peak on Catalina Island and the island’s largest community, is among the island’s most popular attractions.

An undersea “Living Museum of the Sea” might allow divers to investigate shipwrecks. Don’t worry about properly planning your vacation to Catalina Island since the Channel Islands National Park includes it.

14. Saona Island

Saona island

This beautiful Caribbean island is accessible by the full-day journey from Punta Cana. Palm trees and sandy beaches surround it. Starfish may be swum with during an exhilarating speedboat ride to the island. It’s easy to spend a day on Saona Island, wandering along the white sand beaches and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Take a relaxing catamaran ride around Saona Island in Cuba while sipping a Cuba libre and enjoying the wind in your hair. To get the most out of your vacation on this tropical island, you’ll want to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, live Caribbean music, swaying palm trees, and freshly made Pina Coladas in pineapples.

15. Samana


There’s no better place in the Dominican Republic to visit than Samana. There are white sandy beaches, blue waters and coconut palm trees, and lush tropical greenery around it. Indeed, it is a natural wonder. The Dominican Republic’s northeastern peninsula of Samana is home to the world’s most giant coconut trees per square meter. In the shadow of majestic mountains are breathtakingly beautiful beaches with white sandy shores and brilliant blue waters.

Humpback whales mate and give birth at Samana Bay between the middle of January and the end of March. Tours may last anywhere from three to four hours, depending on where the whales are and how many there are.

16. Barahona


The secluded Barahona area of the Dominican Republic is home to some of the best coffee in the world. There aren’t many places to go in the Dominican Republic’s far southwest, known as El Sur Profundo. Although being so far away has its perks, you’ll soon discover that the country’s most biodiverse reserve and parks, surfing beaches that attract athletes seeking their next break, fresh water cascades that have been converted into natural swimming parks, birding havens nestled in the mountains, and plantations that produce some of the country’s finest coffees.

The “Southern Pearl” or “La Perla del Sur” is also referred to because of its beauty. Mountain range views are stunning, and the pubs in the town center are always full. 

17. Cayo Levantado

Cayo Levantado 1

This little island called Cayo Levantado is about 3 miles away from Samaná Bay. White sand beaches and palm trees abound here. Since a Bacardi campaign was filmed there in the 1970s, it’s also known as Bacardi Island. Samaná’s Avenida Marina harbour serves as the primary launching point for daily boat taxis to this secluded island.

Swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are all permitted on the island’s public side, as is eating locally caught fish. There’s also the option of staying at a neighbouring five-star resort that takes up half of the island. Located close to Cayo Levantado, the Dominican Republic’s capital city lies Samana. 

18. Scape Park Cap Cana

Scape Park in Punta Cana allows visitors to swim, hike, and zip line. You’ll find the cenote near the Cap Cana resort town of Scape Park. Park guests may explore the swimming hole. Scape Park is a terrific place to get away from it all in Punta Cana’s southern Adventure Park.

Scape Park is a unique adventure park in the middle of a large, dry wilderness. From the Farallon Cliff’s crest, you can view it.

The transportation to and from most nearby hotels is provided free of charge. Before you drop into a cenote, there are 16 stations and 8 lines on the Farallon Zip Line course.

19. Playa La Ensenada

Playa La Ensenada

This beach, known as La Ensenada Beach or Playa La Ensenada, is ideal for families and children since the water is typically calm. Undoubtedly, Playa La Ensenada, located only a short distance from Punta Rucia, is the most beautiful beach in the region surrounding it.

It’s 4.5 miles long, and the water is crystal clear and serene the whole way. You may explore the reefs in this area by snorkelling in water up to your waist or by taking a 12-minute boat excursion through the mangroves.

Because the sandbar’s form and size fluctuate with the tides and the seasons, you never know what to anticipate. Weekends at Playa La Ensenada may see an increase in foot traffic due to the presence of bards.

20. Bahia de las Aguilas Beach

Bahia de las Aguilas Beach bahia de las aguilas beach dominican1

The Bahia de Aguilas beach is renowned in the Dominican Republic for its kilometre-long stretch of pure white sand. Tourists flock to Eagle’s Bay in the Dominican Republic because of its magnificent beach, which is also one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

There are no resorts on Bahia de las Aguilas beach in the Dominican Republic, but the pristine white sand and crystal blue ocean make it a perfect location to unwind. If you want to escape nightlife while relaxing on the beach, Bahia de las Aguilas Beach is your best option.


In addition, the Dominican Republic is well-known for its vibrant culture as well as its breathtaking coastline. Because some of the world’s finest hotels and golf courses can be found in this area, it is an excellent choice for a vacation spot.

My favourite part of the holiday is taking stunning pictures everywhere. The spots mentioned above are perfect for taking in the Dominican Republic’s breathtaking scenery, making photography an absolute need while on vacation there. This essay will, without a doubt, assist you in accomplishing the photography goals you have set for yourself.

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