Do you want to capture gorgeous photos of sunsets? The Ultimate Sunset Photography Guide. We’ve got all the information you need on the top lenses, camera filters, techniques for shooting, and camera settings to take photographs of sunsets.

Do you want to know how to shoot sunset images? Sunset photos are a timeless kind of photograph that every landscape photographer must be able to include in their collection. They are universally attractive photographs, great news for those looking to sell your photography of landscapes, and are the absolute best when posted on Instagram. They’re also beautiful additions to your portfolio on Instagram, which will help you get new followers and customers.

The ability to capture stunning images of the sunset does not necessarily require a lot of special equipment. Still, it could require some finesse, including carefully adjusting the camera’s settings to ensure that your photo of the sunset is in line with the stunning scenery that you can see in front of you.

If you’re not a professional photographer of sunsets, it could be a daunting task but don’t worry. Following an easy guide below on how to shoot sunsets, you’ll have breathtaking sunset pictures in just a few minutes. Let’s get started!

The Art of Sunset Photography Guide

Whatever your expertise or your equipment’s fancy, there are some basic techniques for sunset photography that anyone can profit from.

Safety first: be cautious when you are taking pictures of the sun! The sun’s direct view, even with a rangefinder — for an extended amount of time could cause damage to the retina and, in extreme instances, could also cause damage to the camera’s sensor. The best option is to make use of the LCD screen in the camera to compose your photo, but do not use it for longer than you’re required to. (remember this is only when you have really harsh sunlight and the sun blinds you after looking at it)

Before meeting with the big glowing ball of fire in the air, you should consider looking through the portfolios online of your favorite travelers and photographer of the landscape to get some ideas. What are they doing to capture their breathtaking sunset photographs?

Check the weather before heading out for your trip. You’ll require an unobstructed view of the sun. However, if there are some clouds, do not fret: clouds can create a sense of atmosphere and intrigue in sunset photographs by catching different colors in the lighting or creating silhouettes of the sky.

Sunset Photography Guide3

Sunset Photography Guide


Make sure you know when sunset is on that day, so you have time to set up your shot before it happens. Most of the time, the weather apps on your phone can also tell you when the sun will set for the day. On the other hand, more specialized apps for landscape photography can figure out the exact lengths and angles of sunset shadows and further details. Make sure your camera and lens are working well. When there is a lot of light,  annoying dust and dirt can be made more clear. The best sunset photos show how the sun’s rays affect the things around them or the landscape around them, making the most of the intense lighting.

Which Cameras Are Best For Sunset Photography?

Anyone looking to purchase an entirely new camera or system may be looking for the ideal camera for capturing sunsets. The good news is that pretty every digital camera with manual control over camera settings will be capable of taking a good job of taking photographs of sunsets!

However, certain features make specific models the most suitable cameras for shooting landscapes. In the case of photographs of sunsets, sunset photography guide is an essential aspect you should be aware of is dynamic range. It is details that a camera can capture in both dark and light regions in a single image. A wide dynamic range can ensure that you don’t get an image that is blown out with great clarity in darker areas or, in the opposite case, an underexposed, dark appearance that is clear in light areas. Anyone who is looking to purchase the latest camera or camera system may be looking for the ideal camera for capturing sunsets. The good news is that  all digital cameras with manual control over camera settings will be capable of taking a decent job of taking photographs of sunsets!

A few models of cameras that have been praised for their excellent dynamic range are the Sony A7R IV,  and Nikon Z7 II. For additional models, look at this list of the most effective still cameras to shoot landscapes.

How to Set Your Camera for the Best Sunset Photography Possible

Sunset photography guide 4

Sunset photography guide

The Ultimate Sunset Photography Guide

Setting and technique are much more critical than having special equipment when taking pictures of sunsets (good news for beginners and budget-oriented shooters alike). When setting up a camera for a sunset, like a DSLR, you usually want to maximize depth of field and consider how bright the sun is shining into the camera over other things like shutter speed.

Use the aperture priority mode on your camera, especially if you are just starting to take pictures of sunsets. You can usually find aperture priority by setting your camera’s dial to “A” or “Av”). In simple terms, aperture priority lets you select the size of the hole in the lens, and the camera will change the speed of the shutter for you. You can also use the manual setting on your camera.


Set the aperture number high (between f/11 and f/16) to get the most depth of field and keep as much of the scene in focus as possible. You can also get a cool starburst effect if you shoot your sunset photo with a high f-stop.


To avoid graininess, keep your ISO as low as possible. This will give you the best possible quality in a photo. Keep in mind that as the sun goes down and the scene gets darker, you will want to give it a longer exposure time with your shutter speed..

Balance White

The auto-white balance setting usually works fine, but you might want to play around with with your kelvin to warm it up or cool it down. Remember that the warmer the kelvin the better and more orange it will look.


Because there is so much detail in sunset photos, this is a great time to shoot in RAW. But it is always best to shoot RAW. Remember that JPEG is like a square of information to pull from in post, and RAW is a cube of information to pull from in post. 


Some cameras have trouble focusing in very bright light. You might want to switch to manual focus if this is the case.


You might want to turn down the exposure on your sunset photo so that the bright sunlight doesn’t thoroughly wash out the scene. You can also use this technique to make dramatic silhouetted pictures. Check out our guide to silhouette photography for more information on how to do this. You can do this by making your shutter speed faster, bringing up your f-stop or doing both of these things simultaneously.

What are the best lenses for photographing sunsets?

There is no need for an expensive lens to get stunning sunset photos. Many landscape photographers have achieved excellent results with the kit lens. However, each type of lens will add something different to your photography of sunsets.

Wide-angle lenses are a must-have addition to every landscape photographer’s arsenal. They are typically the most sought-after by photographers who shoot sunsets because they can capture the largest portion of the area surrounding your sunset photograph. They can also make the sun appear smaller than the rest of the frame, so your photo is less affected by a limited dynamic range.

A telephoto lens does reverse the process and makes the sun appear bigger and separates only a tiny portion of the landscape. It can be utilized to excellent effect if you wish to concentrate on a specific area of the landscape. Keep your mind that the telephoto lens works as a magnifying glass which is why it’s crucial not to look directly at the sun when shooting!

While some people consider their prime lenses’ focal length fixed as limiting to shooting landscapes, they create stunning photographs. If you experiment with portrait or silhouette Portrait photography when shooting sunsets using a prime lens, it can transform that background into stunningly diffused bokeh.

What are the Best Filters For Sunsets?

best sunset filter

If you are a frequent photographer of the sunset, filters are an essential addition to your camera equipment. The Gradually-graduated neutral density filter that changes from light to dark in an ombre-like pattern can enhance the dynamic range of the sunset photo, darkening the sky’s brilliantly lit and letting the camera take sufficient light to ensure that all the other landscape is well exposed.

Polarizing filters are typically used to increase hue and lessen reflections and are extremely popular among landscape photographers. However, some experts recommend taking them off before when you take a sunset photo and argue that they won’t always enhance the color of the image of a sunset and can create lens flares within your photograph.

What are the best tripods for photographing sunsets?

Best tripod for sunset photography

Best tripod for sunset photography

When you’re shooting the sunset, tripods – which are already among the most essential equipment to landscape photographers–are extremely useful.

While taking pictures of sunsets, you will most likely concentrate on getting the subtleties in a photo taken over rapid-moving motion, which makes this an ideal time to go for the security of a tripod over the versatility of handheld photography, which typically is accompanied by a significant risk from camera shaking. Also, a tripod will permit you to experiment by using longer exposures that are ideal for creating the look of fluid and ethereal in photos of sunset beaches.

Looking for landscape photography tripods typically involves the balance of lightweight, which makes your equipment simple to move, and weight which can prevent your equipment from being blown away by a sudden wind gust.

The Ultimate Sunset Photography Guide

Since sunset photography and beaches are inextricably linked, you might be looking for a tripod that can handle the occasional splash of water or sand. Carbon-fiber tripods, in contrast to metal tripods, carbon-fiber tripods are not susceptible to corrosion. Photographers have come up with various clever DIY techniques, including sliding PVC pipe purchased at the hardware store on the legs of their tripods to shield them from water and sand damage.

Alongside a tripod, you might also wish to buy the remote shutter release of your camera to give you that hand-free stability.

Tripods are crucial for shooting sunset landscapes. But remember that experienced landscape photographers warn against the tripod being allowed to “grow legs.” Once you’ve taken a few pictures that you are happy with at a tripod location, you can move it around between shots and try different angles and angles. Don’t be afraid to play with it! 

If you are serious about photography invest in a good tripod as it is the number one tool for landscape photographers after the camera. This is the one I recommend.

Taking Pictures of Beach Sunsets And Ocean Sunsets

Pictures of Beach Sunsets And Ocean Sunsets

Oceans, beaches, and seaside’s are among the most ideal locations to take amazing sunset photos. The interaction between glowing sunlight, reflecting water, and dark sand dunes and rocks can create stunning creative opportunities.

Being early to arrive is always a good idea when photographing sunsets, but in this case, you must arrive at least 45 minutes before sunset to make the most of the golden hour and take advantage of those deep sunshine tones that bounce on the sea. Sunsets can also cause long shadows in the sand or the waves, which adds a unique look to your sunset photos.

When taking photos of sunsets on the shore, you could be faced with many people in your picture. Based on the view, this could be a unique element or even a source of irritation. If you’d prefer to capture the beach in a serene setting free of sunbathers and swimmers, you should consider seeking a quieter part of the beach or visiting in the off-season.

As for gear, broad-angle lenses, particularly those that range between 28 and 35mm, is ideal for pictures of sunsets because they allow more of the stunning oceanside landscape in the frame.

What’s Next for Your Sunset Photography?

After you’ve learned the sunset photography guide, you’re now ready to upload those stunning sunset photos to your photography portfolio online. Are you missing a portfolio? Utilize a web builder to build one in no time.

Choose online portfolio sites. You can choose an online portfolio site that has stunning templates which will allow you to showcase your stunning sunset photos. If you’re planning for a way to sell print-quality prints from your sunset images or other images, you should have an integrated online shop that is a must in your portfolio. Integrating Instagram will show people browsing your portfolio your most recent photos of sunsets, and an integrated blog is always a good idea to let people who visit your website get an impression of your personality and discover the background behind each photo.

Do you not know where to start? Take a look at our guide on creating the perfect portfolio of landscape photography to get tips for narrowing your portfolio and creating a brand making a bio, and much more.