Why Choose Thailand?

Are you ready to capture some of the best photo spots in Thailand with your camera? Then get ready to explore the wonderful Land of Smiles!

Image of Thailand

Image of Thailand


Thailand is an incredible country that draws over 35 million visitors annually, making it the most popular tourist destination in the Asia Pacific,  and it’s no secret why.

The country has many attractions and is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, ancient temples, exotic beaches, and unique culture. From the bustling Bangkok Riverfront to the magnificent Similan Islands National Park, you’ll be able to find some of the best photo spots in Thailand. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get those lenses out, and let’s capture the beauty of Thailand by reading the guide below!

The Best Photography Gear to Bring to Thailand

Image of Example Photography Gear

Image of Example Photography Gear


But first, you have to plan out what you’re going to bring.

As a travel photographer, you know how it feels to arrive at an amazing destination without the right gear – and it’s no different in Thailand.

So make sure you have your camera and lenses + ND filters (square and circular) to help you capture the best shots.

A remote trigger shutter release, waterproof cases, and an extra battery pack/charger are also essential for shooting underwater scenes. Plus, don’t forget about the Holy Trinity of lenses – a wide-angle (14-24mm), 24-70mm zoom, and 70-200mm telephoto zoom, which will ensure the sharpest images in any light.

Don’t forget a tripod for steady shots, flashes, and other classic photography essentials. You can also bring a drone for aerial shots (only if you’re willing to fill out paperwork)

With the right gear, you’ll be ready to capture your Thai adventures like a pro!

Bangkok Riverfront

Image of Bangkok Riverfront at Night | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Bangkok Riverfront at Night


At first glance, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of the Bangkok Riverfront. 

From its sparkling lights and vibrant color palette at night to its tranquil serenity during the day – it’s truly an experience like no other. Exploring this area with a camera will surely make your trip worthwhile!

That’s because photo spots on this river never disappoint; you’ll often find yourself in awe in every corner as you try to capture the magic unfolding before your lens. 

You’ll also find plenty of high-end hotels scattered about, not forgetting parks full of greenery and lily ponds – providing stunning views too! All in all—there’s never a dull moment when exploring this part of town!

The best time to take some shots is at sunset; that’s when the river reflects gorgeous lighting as boats cruise along the Chao Phraya. Just make sure not to forget your tripod and ND filters – they will be helpful when getting those fantastic sunsets!

The beauty doesn’t even stop at night. You might even spot fireflies cruising along the riverbanks if you’re lucky enough.

If you want to take gorgeous sunset photos with your camera, you can check this article here.

Similan Islands National Park

Image of Similan Islands | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Similan Islands


When first exploring the Similan Islands National Park, one can summarize the experience as paradise on Earth. The crystal-clear turquoise waters make this one of Thailand’s most popular diving and snorkeling destinations– which makes it one of the best photo spots, too!

Accessible only by speedboat, this group of islands provides plenty of incredible sights you won’t find anywhere else – perfect for capturing stunning images from sunset to sunrise.

When visiting, there are great opportunities to take amazing photos with your camera – whether it be vibrant coral reefs filled with tropical fish or landscapes overlooked by towering palm trees.

I found that the golden hour (the time shortly after sunrise and before sunset) is the best time here for capturing breathtakingly beautiful photographs due to its lighting conditions combined with shadows cast upon an already exquisite backdrop.

But if you want to take underwater shots, you’ll have to bring special equipment such as lens filters or underwater housings. Plus, don’t forget a snorkel!

Erawan Falls, Kanchanaburi

Image of Erawan Falls | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Erawan Falls


Photographers can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi, and for a good reason.

Comprised of seven tiers of waterfalls, This photo spot is like a dream come true for any shutterbug. It offers stunning panoramas of emerald green water pools for a perfect sunrise or sunset shot and the opportunity to capture some truly unique wildlife you won’t find anywhere else.

Of course, getting to the top tier can be an adventure in itself. You have to navigate slippery limestone trails and rickety ladders, but some of these spots can offer beautiful backdrops.

You may even be lucky enough to spot some macaques and water monitor lizards along the way. Who knows, you might even stumble upon friendly wild elephants wandering into your lens.

So if you want to take some unique shots worthy of framing or putting in any album, I’d definitely recommend visiting and exploring this popular spot.

Choui Fong Tea Plantation, Chiang Rai

Image of Choui Fong Tea Plantation | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Choui Fong Tea Plantation


If you’re a photographer with a wanderlust for nature, you’ll enjoy visiting Chiang Rai for unique landscapes and awe-inspiring sights.

From mist-blanketed hills to vibrant green valleys, the Choui Fong Tea Plantation in Chiang Rai is definitely one of the must-see spots in Thailand. And luckily, the plantation is open for public visits!

There, you’ll find a quaint tea house with stunning views of the plantation. Plus, there are restaurant and tea-tasting sessions. But for me, it’s the light that takes my breath away!

That said, I highly recommend getting here at sunrise for that perfect shot. The combination of an orange sky, fog rolling over the hills, and silhouettes of the terraced tea fields creates a scene that’s out of this world.

Later in the day, light conditions may be better suited for macro photography, so make sure you come prepared with plenty of batteries. For something extra special, you can even take aerial shots with a drone (just make sure to get the necessary paperwork with Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAT) first!)

Overall, it’s an unforgettable experience that will add quality shots to anyone’s portfolio (or Instagram profile).


Image of Ayutthaya | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Ayutthaya


From Wat Phra Si Sanphet to Tharuea Khlang, Bang Pa In Palace, and all the street vendors in between – there’s lots of opportunities for photo spots in Ayutthaya! With almost 200 ruins in the 289-hectare park, this ancient capital of Thailand is nothing short of a mini Angkor Wat.

The most spectacular temple is undoubtedly Wat Chaiwattanaram— not only because of its impressive Khmer-style stupas and 42-meter-long reclining golden Buddha— but also because it’s one of the few temples where you can climb to the top for stunning sunset views. Make sure to pack wide-angle and telephoto lenses to capture the many different scenes from various angles.

However, the cherry on top is to experience some of the city’s special occasions like Loy Krathong or Songkran.

There’s nothing quite like taking unique photographs during these vibrant traditional festivals since you can capture many of the city’s natives fully immersed in their culture.

Red Lotus Lake

Also known as Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake, this seasonal marvel is something to behold from November to February when the lotus flowers are in full bloom, taking on an even greater splendor at sunrise. With the light bouncing off the blanket of flowers, I can safely say that it’s made for the perfect shot!

As the sun rises, the water comes alive with a glow that can’t be recreated anywhere else – if you want to capture it in its full glory, the best way to do so is by hopping in a boat and taking a slow cruise around the lake.

You can also catch a glimpse of the prehistoric rock paintings, which can be found in Phu Phra Bat Historical Park nearby.

To capture all the beauty that the Red Lotus Sea offers, make sure you’re equipped with a macro lens and extension tube, and some ND filters if you can. Trying some long exposures in this place can produce some truly immaculate shots.

From romantic reflections to classic silhouettes, your portfolio will be bursting with stunning shots from this magical place.


Image of Phuket's Buddha Statue | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Phuket’s Buddha Statue


Phuket is a goldmine for photographers since breathtaking landscapes to captivating wildlife dot the area, making it the perfect place to capture quality photos.

This beautiful island has stunning beaches (which we’ll cover later) and clear waters along its western shore, nestled amidst lush rainforests and mountainous terrain.

For starters, the Big Buddha statue provides some pretty incredible views. Sitting 45 meters tall atop a hill, this spot offers some of the most stunning sunrises and sunsets imaginable.

Plus, you can use the statue as a backdrop for your own unique portrait shots– a great way to commemorate your trip!

Next, you can’t miss the Phromthep Cape. Perched atop a rocky cliff, this spot is a must-visit for its spectacular ocean views, romantic lighthouse, and iconic photo ops. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture some stunning images here.

Old Town Phuket is another great place to explore. Here, cobblestone streets, lively locals, and colorful colonial-style buildings dot the area– making it the perfect place to hone your street photography skills.

Ko Phi Phi Islands

Image of Ko Phi Phi | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Ko Phi Phi


These six islands in the Andaman Sea are the ultimate tropical paradise, with crystalclear waters, white sand beaches, and towering limestone cliffs.

Take a boat tour around the islands and capture incredible shots of Maya Bay and Viking Cave. Make sure to also hike up to the Phi Phi Viewpoint for panoramic views and visit Loh Lana Bay to spot monkeys and exotic birds.

For underwater photos, the Koh Phi Phi Islands offer plenty of colorful marine life. Snorkel or scuba dive at sites like Hin Klang, Shark Point, and Bida Nok to capture stunning shots of reef sharks, turtles, and schools of tropical fish.

You‘ll also want to take a stroll through Tonsai Village and capture photos of local markets, street food vendors, and traditional longtail boats.

You can also experience the Koh Phi Phi Islands at night by staying overnight on the islands, thanks to the plenty of accommodation options available, so you can choose from budget hostels to luxurious resorts. You have the option of waking up early to capture the sunrise over the ocean or taking a night-time-long exposure shot of the stars above.

Koh Samui Beaches

Image of One of Koh Samui's Beaches | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of One of Koh Samui’s Beaches


Few places can match Koh Samui in Thailand’s Surat Thani province.

From stunning seascapes to breathtaking natural landmarks, this photographer’s paradise has something for everyone. With endless possibilities for capturing memorable shots, it’s no surprise why so many photographers flock to Koh Samui every year.

Chaweng Beach is one of the most popular spots on the island. It boasts crystal-clear waters and a serene atmosphere perfect for capturing that perfect landscape. And in the early morning, the beach is still calm and peaceful before the crowds arrive.

Lamai Beach is another fantastic destination for photographers. This beach has shallow waters and soft white sand that create an opportunity for unique compositions with reflections. It’s also the location of the famous Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks, often referred to as the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, a great spot to capture a beautiful sunset.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more private and tranquil, then Maenam Beach is the perfect spot. Located on the northern coast, this stretch of shoreline offers stunning seascapes, with clear blue waters and soft white sand.

Wat Tham Sua

Image of Wat Tham Sua Temples Buddha Statue | Best Photo Spots in Thailand

Image of Wat Tham Sua Temples Buddha Statue


If you’re a travel photographer looking for something truly unique and awe-inspiring, Wat Tham Sua, also known as the Tiger Cave Temple is for you.

This temple, located in the province of Krabi in southern Thailand, is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

You’ll be amazed at the sheer size of the complex, with countless structures and buildings ready to explore. The intricate carvings, colorful mosaics, and numerous golden Buddha statues will provide plenty of opportunity to capture some stunning images.

But the real highlight of Wat Tham Sua is the 1,237 steps leading up to the summit of the temple’s central hill. It may seem daunting, but the effort is more than worth it.

As you climb higher, the views become more and more magnificent until you reach the peak of the hill and bask in the incredible panoramic view of the region.

And that’s not all – you’ll also get the chance to see real tigers as they roam around their enclosure on the grounds! It’s an incredible experience and a must-have shot for your portfolio.

However, make sure you dress appropriately when you visit the temple – covering your shoulders and knees is a must (to respect local customs).

Ready to Pack Your Bags?

There is no denying that Thailand has some of the best spots in the world. From Central Thailand all the way to the islands of Southern Thailand– there’s a little something for everyone!

So if you’re looking for an adventure this summer, why not go explore these beautiful places with your camera? Pack your gear and get ready— it’ll definitely make memories worth framing!

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