Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography. Drone photography is an exciting and innovative new way of capturing the world. With drones, there is a whole host of new opportunities to capture classic locations and unique, new locations from a different perspective. This can make certain angles easier for photographers and also create pictures from a point of view that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to see.

Using a drone to take pictures requires an entirely different set of skills and learning new equipment but the need for an artistic eye is the same. There are also different rules when it comes to drone photography. Just like how some places do not allow cameras, there are also rules around where you can and can’t fly a drone. For example, national parks in the United States are off-limits. If you’re curious about the places you can go to not just take drone pictures but also take some of the most mesmerizing drone pictures, here is a list of the best photography spots to add to your agenda.

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Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography

1. Prince William Sound, Alaska

This is located off the Gulf of Alaska and is a good place to see marine life. This gives you the opportunity to capture migrating marine mammals like whales from an aerial view. In addition, there is plenty of coastline, glaciers, and mountains.

2. Atacama Desert

This desert is a great place to start flying especially since there are so few people around. The landscapes are exciting to capture and create beautiful scenery.

image4Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography

3. Patagonia

The only area to avoid here is the famous Torres del Paine. Make sure to double-check the rules however flying in most other parks near this region is allowed.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography patagoinaimage11

4. The Philippines

The Philippines has some really cool structures and scenery for drone exploration and photography. They sit on the Western Pacific Ocean where the weather is sunny and the waters are striking and vibrant.

5. Lofoten Islands, Norway

This mountain range in Norway has plenty of Nordic scenes scattered throughout the area. Flying and photographing around these islands will look beautiful at any time of the year.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Lofoten Islands

6. Trango Towers, Pakistan

This region of Pakistan is covered with tall mountain peaks and a layer of snow. This creates stunning photos especially if you are able to play with the daylight.

7. Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

Any pictures taken by this lake will turn out fantastic. It is a red landscape with snowy mountains in the background of shots. Be careful about disturbing wildlife because this could violate rules.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Laguna COlorado Bolivia

8. Tepui, Venezuela

This location has lots of photo opportunities high above the clouds. It is famous for the plateaus that have steep cliffs and rainforests.

9. Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its underwater waterfall which is actually just an optical illusion. However, capturing it from an aerial perspective makes the illusion look as real as can be and something out of a tropical dream.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Mautitius

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography

10. Mount Evans, Colorado

This is located in the Rocky Mountains and you are able to access it using the scenic byway which is the highest paved road on the continent. Road conditions can cause closures so check ahead of time.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Mount Evans Colorado

11. Key Largo, Florida

The Florida Keys is a beautiful tourist destination as well as a great place to take drone pictures. It has gorgeous sunsets, plenty of boats coming in and out, and amazing horizons.

12. Australia

There is not much in Australia that wouldn’t look amazing from a drone. From beautiful blue waters and marine life to desert landscapes in the Outback, there is plenty to capture here.

13. Hawaii

There’s so much to capture in Hawaii from volcanoes to crystal clear waters to beautiful, lush greenery. When you are tired of mountains, you can head to the sea, and when you are tired of that you can photograph the jungle. There is so much to explore here.

14. Meteora, Greece

Head to Meteora with your drone to take pictures of the monasteries, also known as “floating temples” that sit on top of the rocks in this region.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Meteora Greece

15. Huanglong Valley, China

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has colorful pools, red rock formations, and green forests. Any drone picture from a distance or above will look magical.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography

16. Fort Rock, Oregon

This area of Oregon is a natural fort that is made entirely of rocks and sits in the desert. With how tall and wide it is, taking pictures with a drone is one of the best ways to go. The angles this location offers are great to experiment with.

17. Zakynthos Caves, Greece

This is an adventurous place to fly a drone. However, the blue waters and interesting, Mediterranean caves are worth it.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Zakynthos Caves Greece

18. Swiss Alps

You’ll have to time it right to take drone pictures in the Swiss Alps especially because of the weather. However, the mountains covered in blankets of snow in the sunlight look absolutely amazing.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Swiss Alps

19. Iceland

Iceland has endless lagoons, geysers, rivers, mountains, and snow. There are stunning opportunities here for drone photography especially in the winter. Take your drone with you to explore glaciers and ice caves.

20. Botswana

This is a game reserve that sits beside a prominent river in the area. While most see it from the ground, a bird’s eye view will take your breath away. Not only will you get to see lots of animals, you can capture them in their natural prides and herd formations which is an added perspective.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Botswana

21. Hong Kong

This urban area is busy with bright lights, neon signs, and lots of city skyscrapers. While it is exciting to see Hong Kong from the ground and take time exploring each area and its alleyways, seeing all these buildings from the air gives you a new appreciation for cities.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography HOng Kong

22. Taj Mahal

The unique photography opportunities that India has to offer are stunning. There are bright colors and iconic structures. There is no better way to explore the country from the air and experience the Taj Mahal from the eyes of your drone.

Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography Taj Mahal

These are the Best Photography Spots for Drone Photography.

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