Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam. There are lots of photo opportunities in Amsterdam. This is an especially photogenic city with canals, flowers, and interesting buildings. There’s not much you can’t find when visiting this Dutch city. Amsterdam is often visited by people all over the world. You could wander anywhere and find something beautiful to capture. If you’re looking for some iconic spots to add to your list of places, check out the best photography spots in Amsterdam.

The Gear

For the best photography spots in Barcelona, we recommend the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam Central Station

This is an ornate building that was designed by the same person who created the Rijksmuseum. It is a popular spot for photos because of the neo-renaissance style architecture and the bright orange color of the building. There are lots of opportunities here for detailed shots from the clock to the windows.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Amsterdam Central

2. Eye Film Museum

This is a good photography option on a clear day. It is located by the A’DAM Tower and the two together look great on a sunny day. Close up shots work just as well as those taken from further back. And, the entrance fee is free.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Eye Film Museum

3. A’DAM Lookout Tower

Capturing the city from above is great if you have a good vantage point. That is what the A’DAM Lookout Tower offers. This is a classic postcard shot of Amsterdam. You are able to see all of the city as well as Central Station.

4. NDSM Area

If you are looking for graffiti and urban photography locations in Amsterdam, this would be the area for you. This is the city’s underground or alternative space and is great for those who love street art. There are some really cool pieces that take up the entire sides of buildings.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam NDSM Area

5. Damrak

Damrak has narrow houses, water, lots of windows, boats, and uneven roofs which are all what people may picture when they first think of Amsterdam. The houses are all different shades of reds, oranges, and blues which also make them an interesting photo subject.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Damrak

6. Dam Square

Head to Dam Square to photograph the buildings in Amsterdam, especially the Royal Palace and the area surrounding it. There is also a gothic New Church located by the palace. Both of these buildings were built during the Dutch Golden Age so they transport you back to the 17th century.

7. House of the Seven Countries

Also called Zevenlandenhuizen, this is a row of seven houses that are decorated in different architectural styles based on different European countries. These include Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, and England.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam

8. Rijksmuseum

This is a neo-renaissance building that was constructed with detail in mind. There is a garden as well as a library with three floors of books to explore. You are allowed to take pictures inside so take your time exploring. This National Museum is completely dedicated to the art and history of the city. There are lots of famous paintings on display like those by Rembrandt or Frans Hals. You can take a trip back to the 17th century and admire the background of Amsterdam.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

9. Groenburgwal

A place to capture a classic Amsterdam shot, the Groenburgwal allows you to photograph canals, buildings, boats, and a church tower all in one spot. Using the bridge as your point of perspective is a great way to go about taking pictures here.

10. Red Light District

The Red Light District is known all over the world and is a great place to photograph the social culture in Amsterdam. Just be careful not to point your camera directly at any of the girls working because that is not allowed.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Red Light district

11. Seven Bridges

Also known as Reguliersgracht, this is the one place where you can see seven bridges one after another in the city. The bridges are lit up with sparkling Christmas lights in the winter and also have picturesque houses that line them on each side.

12. Amstel River

There are many spots along the river where you will be able to find good picture opportunities. A few include the Magere Brug or the Blauwbrug which also gives you the perfect photograph of the National Opera Ballet.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Amstel River

13. Nemo Science Museum

The museum is a great place to photograph on its own but one of the best characteristics about it is that you are able to take great aerial shots of the area. There is a great view from the Nemo Museum that lets you overlook the water and the city.  

14. Flower Market

There is no shortage of flowers in Amsterdam. Tulips are one of the most recognized symbols of the Dutch. Those that travel in the spring will have lots of opportunities to come across flowers. You should be able to find many stalls throughout the streets.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam

15. Prinsengracht Canal

A classic Amsterdam picture is one of a bicycle resting beside a bridge that sits across the Prinsengracht Canal. There are many boats lining the water as well as the Westerkirk clock tower that is located in the distance.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam Prigsengrancht Canal

16. Vondelpark

This is a well-known green space in the city and where many locals like to hang out in the summer. While summer months are great photo opportunities, heading here when it is colder gives you a chance to capture the park without all the visitors.

17. Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens anywhere make a great impression for their beauty and diversity. The Amsterdam Botanical Gardens are no different. There are over 6000 different plants that are grown there and it is known as one of the oldest gardens in the world.

18. Molen Van Sloten

The Molen Van Sloten is an example of classic Amsterdam with the large windmill that you can photograph. It’s not as old as some other traditional ones since it was only built in 1991 but it still has the potential for impressive shots.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam

19. Chinatown

Chinatown is a crowded area in the city but it is cool to visit if you have time. There is a temple located here that looks good in photos as well as a bunch of delicious food to try. It is also near Nieuwmarkt where you can find delicious Dutch snacks and drinks.

20. Bloemenmarkt

This is the only traditional floating flower market in existence which means it is completely unique to Amsterdam and a must-visit spot. There are many tourists that visit as well as a number of shops that don’t allow photography so take what you can get but know that you’ll walk away with something spectacular.

Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam bloemenmarkt

These are the best photography spots in Amsterdam.

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