Real Estate photography is not as easy as it seems, just like with everything else you have to know what you are doing to create stunning real estate images.

Realtors will pay anywhere from $100 – $1000+ per photo shoot, with this kind of money on the line it is important to know what you are doing.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you take better real estate photos, so you can wow your next client by delivering incredible images.

Real Estate Photography

1. Use a tripod. It’s important to bring a tripod to your next shoot. A lot of homes can be very dark and having a tripod will guarantee a clean sharp image every time.

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2. Use a flash. Using an on or off camera flash is a nice way to light up a room. This can help set the mood of a room by splashing a little light in what otherwise would be a dark corner or a shadow.

Using a flash is also a good technique to use when you want to see what is outside the windows. To do this you expose for the outside and fill in the room with light from your flash creating a beautiful image every time.

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3. Move around, don’t stand in the same place. Step into a room and walk around looking for the best possible angle to get the best possible shot. Move up and down, get waist-high and shoot upwards, get a bit higher and try to shoot that way. See what works best.

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Real Estate Photography

4. Use a wide-angle lens. Rooms are often small and you can benefit from a wide-angle lens by creating the feel of a big space. The wider the better but do NOT use a fish eye lens.

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5. Take your time. It is important to take your time thinking about your shot and making sure you get it. A lot of the times the homeowners will be there watching along with the realtor making you feel pressured. Do not let this affect you and take your time, make sure you get the perfect shot.

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Real Estate Photography

6. Edit your photos. Once you have a nice collection of photos, take them your computer and clean them up. It is important to touch up and color correct your photographs. Adding the final touches to your beautiful images is the perfect way to wrap up a real estate photo shoot.

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7. Use Lightroom Presets Whether you create your own or try our presets, this method speeds up your workflow and helps you get the best possible edit overtime and saves you a lot of time.

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Real Estate Photography

8. Batch edit your photos. Once you have edited one photo you can speed up your process by badge editing the rest of them. This will guarantee a prompt delivery to your client and will guarantee you more work in the future.

There is some tips that will help you get your Real Estate Photography business off the ground. Remember to take your time and edit your photos. It is very important to deliver outstanding work that will put you ahead of the competition.

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