Best Photography Spots in Colombia. Despite long neglect, tourists are starting to realize that Colombia is one of the world’s most beautiful and ecologically diverse countries. This is even though Colombia has been relatively unexplored. People who like shooting photographs will have a plethora of options to do so while traveling around Colombia.

Here is a list of the best photography spots in Colombia.


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens 14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

1. Barichara, Santander

Best Photography Spots in Colombia1

Best Photography Spots in Colombia


The rolling hills and old Santa Barbara and San Antonio churches make them great photography sites. No matter how few attractions there are in Barichara, it nevertheless attracts a lot of tourists. Because of that, it isn’t overrun by tourists or tourists.

Locally made products may be found in a few small tourist shops, although they are rare. It definitely has a Santander pueblo feel about it. Use your photos to make others jealous and to keep memories of Colombian locales alive for future generations.

No matter which of Colombia’s most popular Instagram spots you choose, you will return home with priceless mementos and images.

2. The Lost City, Magdalena

Hidden deep inside the Colombian jungles lies the “Lost City,” Ciudad Perdida, known as the “Lost City.” The Tairona people built the archaeological site more than a thousand years ago.

But it was only found in the 1970s. Known initially as Teyuna by Tairona, the city was given the new name Ciudad Perdida upon its rediscovery. It is frequently likened to Machu Picchu since it is located on a mountain in the South American jungles.

Any trip to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains should include a stop to see the ancient remains left behind by the indigenous people who formerly lived there. You may get a peek of the Lost City’s old circular terraces at the end of a four- to six-day hike.

3. La Candelaria, Bogotá

Best Photography Spots in Colombia4

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

The museums and tourist attractions of La Candelaria are some of the best in the city of Bogota. When in Colombia, this is a must-see. The museum’s official languages are English and Spanish, and both English and Spanish tours are available.

Museum entry is free on Sundays. However, even if the historic heart of Bogota does not have a distinctive ambiance, it is an Instagramer’s paradise because of the spectacular street art, massive murals, and what seems to be random political stamps.

The best way to see Bogota’s rich art scene is to take the Graffiti Tour. The tour takes visitors on a journey through the history of Colombian graffiti as well as some of the city’s most famous paintings. You may experiment with different filters at La Candelaria, the city’s outdoor art display.

4. Taroa Dunes, Guajira

The peak of the sandstone mountain, which has a steep slope, offers views of the Caribbean Sea. Both Colombia and South America’s northernmost point, Punta Gallinas, which is home to the Taroa Sand Dunes, may be found here.

They seem to be a phantom from the outside looking in. You’re about to witness one of Colombia’s most memorable tourist attractions that will leave you yearning for more.

The thrill of sandboarding into the Caribbean Sea from one of the planet’s most extraordinary desert sand dunes is unparalleled. The Guajira Desert meets the sea at South America’s northernmost edge, where the Taroa Dunes may be found. They’re one of Colombia’s oddest tourist attractions. Dune Mountains of Taroa.

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

5. Colombian Massif

This department, situated in southwestern Colombia on the Colombian Massif, is an excellent place to see Colombia’s abundant wildlife. There is a significant quantity of spectacular beauty in the area, which was first inhabited by the Pijaos, Andaques, Yalcones, Paeces, and Tamas. The territory was named after these indigenous people.

One of the many rivers and streams in this area, including the Magdalena River, which is the longest river in the country, has the potential to be used in ways that would result in financial gain.

Nevado del Huila, which is the highest point in the central mountain range, may be found not far away. On the peak of the mountain, which is located at an elevation of more than 5,000 meters above sea level, there is still snow.

6. Tota Lake, Boyaca

Best Photography Spots in Colombia2

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

People say the ancient Muisca tribe from Boyaca named Lake Tota, near Sogamoso. People thought a giant black fish with a bull’s head lived in Lake Tota, so they called it the “Devil Whale.” People called this fish the “Monster of Lake Tota.”

The Muisca people think that their ancestors made the lake so that they could use it as an astronomical observatory. The lake’s name in their language means “Astronomical Observatory,” which is what they think their ancestors did. Tota Lake is hard to tell from its beaches that it is a lake. Take a boat to the island’s center for the best chance to take a selfie.

7. La Cueva de Esplendor

Cuve del Esplendor is located inside the Cuchilla Jardn Támesis. Since it is their obligation, they are responsible for preserving and caring for the Cueva del Esplendor Natural Reserve. Enjoy this natural paradise with a waterfall that plunges more than 40 meters into the rock, towering sceneries, flowers, singing birds, and glass-like ravines.

To see this natural phenomenon, people visit the Cueva del Esplendor, a cave where a river may be seen flowing. La Cueva de Esplendor in Antioquia is a cave with a circular roof opening. A vegetation-covered rocky overhang disguises this entrance. People may swim in the frozen lake lying behind the waterfall known as La Cueva de Esplendor at their discretion and risk.

8. Cartagena

Best Photography Spots in Colombia5

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

Some of Colombia’s best vacation photos may be found in this city’s historic quarter. It is a fantastic destination for summer selfies because of its stunning architecture and year-round temperate temperature. Cartagena de Indias’ historic mansions and cobbled alleys are a sight. Cartagena de Indias is one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s known for its lively atmosphere, street art, and closeness to other Caribbean islands.

It takes two hours to get from Cartagena to the San Bernardo Archipelago’s nine coral islands and one manufactured island. It’s possible to book a romantic break or a family holiday aboard a floating hostel amid the blue waters of these breathtaking destinations.

It’s common for eco-friendly water hostels to be built on a concrete basis just below the water’s surface. If you’re planning a trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, you can look forward to sunny skies and crystal-clear water, hammocks, delicious food, fantastic snorkeling, and stunning sunsets.

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

9. Dapa

The Colombian department of Valle del Cauca has the little village of Dapa. It’s a peaceful location where people go to relax on weekends. Cali is around 15 kilometers away if you’re in the mountains. There are several dining options in Dapa.

Temperatures fluctuate dramatically as you rise, allowing you to see the city from a new viewpoint. Ecosystems of many kinds may be found in tropical and subtropical locations. Because of the hamlet’s numerous beautiful and vibrant views, you won’t be able to stop taking photos.

In the lower altitudes, dry grassland with a few trees, riparian woodland, and gardens. The top portions of the island are covered with cloud forests, humid woodlands, matorral, shrubby meadows, and gardens. All-terrain vehicle driving and equestrian riding are other popular pastimes in the area.

10. Punta Gallinas, La Guajira

Best Photography Spots in Colombia7

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

Punta Gallinas in La Guajira is South America’s northernmost point. Natural resources abound in this region. You can see the desert, the sea, and some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets if you go to some of the most famous spots. It’s also a great place to escape the city’s noise and pollution.

Watching the stars and listening to nature’s noises at night is a beautiful way to unwind. The Caribbean Sea’s huge beaches and deserted dunes are perfect for taking in the region’s allure.

11. San Agustin

The number of tourists visiting San Agustin, a lovely town in the Colombian department of Huila, has recently increased. The city of San Agustin attracts visitors from all over the globe due to its coffee, UNESCO World Heritage-listed structures, and beautiful views of the Andes. The region around the renowned historical site of San Agustin in the Colombian Andes has some of the country’s most magnificent alpine scenery.

The hundreds of anthropomorphic figures are the best way to show weird monsters such as human-monkey hybrids and infant-eating giants. The San Agustin Archaeological Park is not only a necessary trip but also surrounded by tombs and buildings that are well worth exploring.

12. Casa En el Agua

Best Photography Spots in Colombia8

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

image8On the Caribbean side of the San Bernardo Islands, La Casa en el Agua is the only hostel that has ever been built. Spending time in the ocean, surrounded by all its aquatic life, is a fantastic chance that not everyone gets to take.

Restricted activities at Casa en el Agua, like lounging in the sun on the balcony and sipping drinks at the bar, are sure to make your Instagram followers love you.

13. Villa de Leyva’s Plaza Mayor

Villa de Leyva is less than three hours from Bogota, giving it the ideal destination to escape the city’s bustle and activity. In the center of one of the largest public squares in the United States is a fountain, and flagstones extend as far as the eye can see on all sides.

The Pozos Azules is a collection of manufactured ponds five minutes from Villa de Leyva. Due to the presence of salts and minerals in the surrounding soil, the water in these ponds has taken on a brilliant blue hue, thus its name.

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

14. Monserrate

The beautiful Monserrate mountain is a must-see in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Monserrate is a mountain that rises above Bogota. It is 10,341 feet above sea level and is often considered the city’s most famous landmark. The mountain is a must-see because it has beautiful views of the city and the Andes and a long, exciting history.

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is at the foot of the vast, nearly 3,000-meter-tall Monserrate mountain. Monserrate, close to Bogota, is a popular place for Colombians to go on pilgrimages.

15. Caño Cristalesimage6

Best Photography Spots in Colombia6

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

Because of the vivid scarlet hue, the “river that fled away from heaven” title has been bestowed to Colombia’s Cao Cristales, which flows through La Macarena National Park. It’s a must-see in Colombia if you have the means and the time to make the trip. The Cao Cristales River empties into the Guayabero in Colombia. Colorful artworks like “River of Five Colors” and “Liquid Rainbow” are popular with the public.

More than only the red river may be seen and done at Cao Cristales. There is a vast national park called La Macarena, with grasslands, stunning rock formations, and rainforests. Three or four days is the typical time for a typical vacation.

16. La Pastora

Several places are within the boundaries of La Pastora’s Ucumar Natural Regional Park. Many people go to the tourist center of the natural reserve each year to disconnect from their stressful lives and the advances in contemporary technology. In addition to the many possibilities to relax and take in the beauty of nature that can be found in the area, there are also several trails for hiking and waterfalls.

17. Casanare

It’s possible to have an eco-friendly wildlife photography vacation with Casanare. In eastern Colombia, the Llanos are vast grasslands that Manuel Mara Paz depicted in his painting.

For example, the IBA Altagracia is a great place to go on a photographic safari. Since, you can go through the flooded savannas and get spectacular sunrise and sunset shots.

It is easy to picture herds of deer, otters, howler monkeys, and giant anteaters nearby. Some Civil Society Natural Reserves are accessible by driving, including the Lagunazo Lagoon, Buenaventura Estuary, and Yatea Canyon. Many photographs of animals and birds may be clicked on at any time.

18. Las Gachas, Santander

In the red river of Las Gachas, Instagram users have been snapping photographs and videos of themselves relaxing in the river’s jacuzzi holes and sliding down the banks into its water-filled craters for years. Guadalupe, a picturesque hamlet nearby, is only a short drive away.

Lovely, approachable, and not overwhelmed with tourists are just some of Las Gachas, Guadalupe’s best attributes. There are a lot of tour buses in Colombia’s little villages, and it’s hard to tell whether what you see is real or just a marketing ploy when you see so many of them.

19. Quindio’s Cocora Valleyimage3

Best Photography Spots in Colombia3

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

Located in the Coffee Triangle, Colombia’s Cocora Valley is a premier coffee-growing region (Eje Cafetero). The Andean highlands province of Quindo is home to this archaeological site. The Quindo wax palm, Colombia’s national tree and symbol, may be found here.

Slender, 200-foot-tall trunks may be wrapped around the palm of your hand. Viewing them is a lot of fun, in my opinion. It would be a fantastic and one-of-a-kind experience to shoot these trees.

Photos of huge wax palms growing in an Andean valley are almost impossible to beat. There is no need for a filter to capture the beauty of Colombia’s national tree and the condors’ shadows.

Best Photography Spots in Colombia

 20. La Guajira

Additionally, La Guajira is a great place to visit. Deserts, beaches with white sands, rocky outcrops, and green hills make up the landscape. It’s a stunning location. Everywhere you look, it is like a tropical paradise.

The only other peak in the area is Macuira, which is only a short distance away. Ocelots and blue-grey tans may be seen in the area. Los Flamencos, a marshy area where you may observe and photograph a large number of flamingos, is home to many of them. These three locations provide landscape photographers with the opportunity to hone their skills.

21. Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park, located on the Caribbean coast, has lakes with water as clear as glass, beautiful forests, ancient ruins, and towering cliffs along hiking trails. This place is a must-see for everyone who likes dinosaurs or being outside in nature. The most popular Instagram photos are aerial views of Cabo San Juan beach and two mirror-like beaches. The best of the Caribbean

The Park’s beautiful beaches and ocean views are perfect for anyone looking to relax and ponder. There are Tayrona relics dating back thousands of years in the Park. Wide varieties may be found here, ranging in altitude from sea level to 900 meters, depending on where you look. One thousand of the 15,000-hectare area is oceanic.

Final Thoughts:

Due to the amazing people living there, the breathtaking landscape, and the rich history, Colombia is an incredible vacation place. A trip to Colombia may easily be organized at any point throughout the year. The months of December through February provide the most pleasant temperatures, making these months the best time to go to Colombia. During certain months, an additional fee will be imposed on anyone who wants to avoid exposure to the cold.