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18 Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines.  There are excellent possibilities to shoot photographs all across the Philippines, and finding them is not as hard as you might think. So that your Instagram feed may look just like that of your favorite travel bloggers and influencers, we have compiled a list of Best Photography Spots in the Philippines.

1. Mayon Volcano, Albay

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines3

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

The Mayon Volcano stands out due to its lovely cone shape. Climbing the Mayon Volcano has become a must-do activity for visitors to the area due to the stunning vistas it offers. There is a Mayon Volcano in Albay Province in the Bicol region. It is located on Luzon’s southernmost tip in the Bicol region. In the past few decades, the Philippines’ most active volcano has erupted more than fifty times.

Albay’s Mayon Volcano is the country’s most well-known, visually stunning, and awe-inspiring mountain. The Philippines’ most popular tourist destination has been widely discussed on the internet, in blogs, and in newspapers for years.

Mayon Volcano’s majestic height and gorgeous cone form will inspire you to take photos. The Mayon Volcano in Legazpi City dominates the landscape and can be seen throughout the province. Magayon is a Bicol word that means “beautiful,” according to one version. From whatever angle, this awe-inspiring landscape is breathtaking.

2. Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

There are eight lakes in Coron, but only this one is open to the public. Swimming in the lake is possible since it has 70% fresh and 30% salt water. Most tourists to Coron look forward to seeing Kayangan Lake, considered the Philippines’ cleanest lake. Known for its magnificent rock formations and crystal clear water, this picturesque lake is sure to pique your photographic interest.

Kayangan Lake is one of the purest lakes in Asia and the cleanest lake in the Philippines. Tall vegetation-supporting limestone cliffs surround it. The granite formations under the surface are as clear as glass.

3. Intramuros

Intramuros, Manila’s oldest neighborhood, is called the “Walled City.” One of Spain’s most renowned stone forts, Fort Santiago, is one of the region’s colonial architectural legacies. Kalesa rides and Intramuros ecotours are excellent options if you want to learn a lot but still have some fun. Visit the nearby Casa Manila, Manila Cathedral, Silahis Center, and Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant, to name a few of the city’s beautiful attractions, all within walking distance. Writing about your trip down memory lane on Instagram is critical.

You’re missing out on some great photo opportunities if you haven’t been to Intramuros since your fourth-grade field trip. Consider taking a vacation from Manila’s current commotion and bustle to enjoy the city as it once was. Wouldn’t you agree that they create beautiful backdrops?

4. Palawan’s limestone cliffs

It’s safe to say that Palawan’s archipelago wouldn’t be nearly as fascinating if it weren’t for the odd limestone formations that can be seen all over the place. When vacationing in Palawan, tourists often take pictures of the sea and the limestone cliffs juxtaposed against the water. Instagram images of the limestone cliff, which have received many users’ likes, are popular in the Philippines.

5. Fort Santiago

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

One of Manila’s most significant and well-known historical structures is Fort Santiago, constructed in the late 1600s to aid the Spanish conquest of the Far East. An emblem of Spanish supremacy in the East, Fort Santiago increased in stature as the city flourished and became increasingly well-known.

Nowadays, Filipinos are pleased to display historical artifacts, such as those previously owned by José Rizal, the country’s national hero and one of the country’s most infamous prisoners of war. Enjoy a stroll, some time in the sun with your camera, and a picnic with the family here. Intramuros, the city’s ancient old district, has charming streets and colonial-style buildings that are perfect for photos. Take a walking tour or ride a calesa through it.

6. Mount Pinatubo, Tarlac

The crater of Mount Pinatubo will astonish you after a two-hour trek. You’ll feel like you’ve entered another world when you witness dark mountains that seem like glaciers and spew white smoke into a stunning crater lake. It’s mind-boggling, to say the least.

A really “extraterrestrial” experience culminates in this, the cherry on top of an already fantastic trip to the world-famous volcano. Tourists who first see Mount Pinatubo describe it as a “beautiful tragedy.” Pinatubo is a beautiful volcanic lake despite its terrible past.

7. Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

The Ifugao rice terraces are recognized as the country’s most important gift to the globe in addition to their cultural significance. The spectator can only guess at the astonishing surroundings. Even though it was created before current technology, it was nonetheless produced.

In addition to their visual attractiveness, these terraces are a must-visit destination for every Filipino traveler. It is a common theme in Philippine social studies textbooks. For many Filipinos, it represents the fulfillment of a long-held childhood fantasy.

8. Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte

Siargao Island, one of the Philippines’ most beautiful surfing destinations, is just a short flight from Manila. The main draws of Siargao are the island’s coconut palms, white sands, cascading waterfalls, and turquoise lagoons.

Tourists may get a spectacular view of this from the Coconut Mountain Perspective and the well-known Coconut Street, where social media stars pose for photographs. This shot of palm trees in the Philippines that they posted on Instagram isn’t that bad.

9. Manila Baywalk image8

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Known for its spectacular views of the setting sun across Manila Bay, the Philippine capital of Manila has a beautiful seaside promenade known as Baywalk. The area stays busy into the early morning hours because of the availability of outdoor cafés and street performers.

Beautiful bay views, lush flora, and soaring towers surround Baywalk’s famous golden sunsets. People-watching, food vendors, acrobats, mime artists, and street performers abound along the promenade. With palm palms and colorful lampposts, tourists may sit back and enjoy the view from the promenade.

If you go to the Manila Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard at the right time of day, you may see some of the best sunsets in the city. This 1.2-kilometer (1.9-mile) section of town is popular with joggers and walkers. It’s become a go-to spot for art exhibits and people-watching. Colorful lights from cafes and restaurants with outside seating keep customers tucking into dinner and drinks far into the night.

10. Basco Lighthouse, Batanes

You won’t have trouble finding a spot that will look great on Instagram in Batanes. Located in the Philippines, Basco Lighthouse is one of the country’s most popular Instagram spots.

The Basco Lighthouse is one of three lighthouses in Batanes that are both operable and popular tourist attractions. Sabtang and Mahatao own the remaining two. It was constructed in 2003 when Basco’s first building was finished.

The first Basco lighthouse was chosen as the shooting site. The American telegraph stations that connected Batanes to the rest of the state before the Japanese Imperial Army destroyed them were also located here. Others were transformed into enterprises, like a café that prospered in the area due to the lighthouse.

11. Pagsanjan Falls

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines


The Pagsanjan Falls in the Philippines is a place everyone visiting the country must see. When an American missionary found it in 1902, it was the Philippines’ first tourist spot. It is in a lovely place. Even though the waterfalls are in Cavinti, the boat ride to get there starts in Pagsanjan. You might want to look into nearby hotels and motels as the first step in planning a trip.

These beautiful waterfalls can be found in Pagsanjan Gorge National Park. A series makes Emerald Lake of waterfalls flow through a beautiful tropical rainforest. Plan to stay the night in Cavinti and walk in the next morning for some of the best photos. If you don’t go on weekends, fewer people will be at the waterfalls and canyons.

12. Calle Crisologo in Ilocos

Vigan City, in the Philippines’ Ilocos Sur province, is a famous tourist site for those interested in colonial life. Once upon a time, Vigan’s main tourist attraction, Calle Crisologo, saw a lot of business from tourists from Manila and Acapulco. Visiting the neighborhood’s historic colonial houses and cobblestone streets is easy with a kalesa.

Others have been turned into museums, restaurants, and shops, while others remain in the hands of their original proprietors. It takes around an hour to traverse the four blocks of Calle Crisologo. Just a few hours is enough to learn about Vigan’s history and shoot as many Instagram photos as you desire.

13. Chocolate Hills, Bohol

In any list of the best places to take Instagram photos in the Philippines, the undisputed star of Bohol should be included. Nothing is more awe-inspiring than seeing the symmetrical dome-shaped hills with lush green grass on top of the land.

A Chocolate Hills journey takes you to the villages of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan, where you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the region’s 1,000 cone-shaped hills spread across 50 square kilometers. A number of professionals have been confused by the Blue Hole, the most prominent Bohol tourist attraction.

Bohol, the province that is home to the stunning Chocolate Hills, is the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines, aside from island hopping. Lush, chocolate-colored flora grows on it when it is dry, which gave it its name.

14. White Beach, Boracay, Aklan

In regards to White Beach in Boracay, there is no exaggeration. If you’ve ever been to Boracay, you won’t be able to find a more beautiful beach. Not to mention the city’s fantastic nightlife, Boracay’s White Beach is one of the world’s most beautiful and peaceful spots. It’s a popular subject for photographers and social media users alike.

As a result of the rehabilitation of Boracay’s beaches, they appear to be even more spacious than they were before the restoration. Take your time snapping pictures for Instagram before diving into the ocean’s clear waters in the Philippines.

15. Dessert Museum, Manila

When you go to the Dessert Museum, your sweet tooth and your Instagram account will be satisfied. This sugary paradise has sprinkle slides, marshmallows, a gummy bear Jacuzzi, and more. We can’t think of a better way to spend the day than by getting free candy and chocolate. The Dessert Museum is fascinating because there are many places to take pictures.

This space is 12,000 square feet and has nothing but sweets. In each of the museum’s eight themed rooms, there are things like giant-sized desserts, historical information about how sweets have changed over time, games to play, and other things that go with the theme.

16. Fortune Island

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the ruins of a deserted island resort perched on a limestone cliff resemble the Acropolis in Athens, a sight not to be anticipated there. The Parthenon-like columns at this opulent island resort were built in the 1980s to entice wealthy visitors.

As a combination of ancient Greece and the Philippines, it makes for a unique vacation destination. Visitors and engaged couples continue to flock to the ancient Fortune Island resort despite the threat of typhoons.

Instagram users would believe you visited Greece if you posted just one snapshot from Batangas’ Fortune Island. As it turns out, you’re only two hours away by car from my location. After shooting the temple remains for several hours, don’t be afraid to plunge into the water.

Besides the beach, cliff jumping, snorkeling, camping, and sunset views, Fortune Island has a number of sunset sites and sunset views that you may enjoy. Fortune Island is a great weekend getaway from the Philippines’ capital, Manila, as it is only a three-hour drive away.

16. Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan

One hundred twenty-four islands are visible at low tide; however, only 123 islands are visible at high tide. Alaminos Pangasinan’s Hundred Islands National Park is a play on the number 100. Beautiful beaches and breathtaking views await nature lovers. Swimming, hiking, sightseeing, and taking in the breathtaking views are just a few of the many activities available.

The Christa, the Redeemer Statue in Brazil served as inspiration for the 56-foot-tall Jesus Christ statue recently completed in Hundred Islands National Park. It’s great to have this new information!

This park serves as a fine example of the Philippines’ well-deserved reputation for tropical beauty. About 120 islands and islets make up the area. Beautiful blue-green rivers, diverse land and marine flora and fauna, stunning white-sand beaches, and friendly islanders make it a popular tourist destination.

17. Bonifacio Global Cityimage6

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Best Photography Spots in the Philippines

Any Instagram user will tell you that the best places to stop for a quick photo are all around BGC, covered with murals and graffiti. One of Manila’s wealthiest and most hygienic commercial districts is Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Museums, art galleries, public art initiatives, and street art are some of the venues in this city where you may show off your creative side. In addition, BGC’s wide sidewalks and empty streets make it easy to get a great picture.

You’ll get a lot of likes on Instagram if you use one of the many street murals as a backdrop. The district’s unusual structures add to its uniqueness as a place in the city. Visit the BGC website to see all the murals and exhibits currently on display there. Photographing some of the world’s most beautiful artworks can also learn about them.

18. The Ruins

Despite its dark background, this 400-hectare estate is a fantastic location for photographs. Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a baron in Mexico before World War II, lived in this Italian-themed ancestral mansion on a sugar plantation.

The U.S. military urged Filipino rebels to destroy the house so that Japanese forces couldn’t use it as a base during the struggle against the Japanese occupation. The three-day fire did not affect the mansion’s foundations.

Visitors now call it “The Ruins,” which may be rented for events. Repaired foundations and rustic furnishings are now in place throughout the home. With a beautiful meadow and a well-known fountain in the background, this house is a great place to take a picture of your family. You may go out to dinner afterward. Some people have nicknamed it the “Taj Mahal of Negros,” even if you’ve never heard of it. Stay close to your tour guide to find out what’s going on.

Final thoughts:

The Philippines are home to a wide variety of naturally stunning and manufactured attractions, each of which is deserving of a spot on your Instagram account.

We hope that you will take advantage of your time in the Pearl of the Orient Seas by immersing yourself in the area’s history and culture while you are on vacation. The Philippines stands out as a one-of-a-kind destination among all the other countries and regions on earth.