Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong. There are many places to head to in Hong Kong to admire and capture the many skyscrapers, beautiful sunsets, interesting streets, and intricate culture.

This large metropolitan area is the center of business and culture with many innovative and modern designs located around the city blended with traditional street markets and fishing villages.

Best photography Spots in hong kong, Lugard Road

Plenty of neon lights and busy streets will this urban jungle. While it seems like an enclosed space, there is plenty to explore. Check out this list of places to find the best photography spots in Hong Kong. 

The Gear


The gear we recommend is a good camera and the holy trinity.  A wide-angle lens.  14-24mm or something similar.  A 24-70mm or something similar and, of course, a 70-200mm or something similar.

If you do not have these particular lenses, do not worry; something similar will be just fine. It would be best if you also had a tripod.


Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong


1. Lok Wah South Estate

This popular estate is difficult to get to but worth the journey. Many head here to capture the iconic blue circular entryways at the top levels of the building. These circles, when lined up just right, create an interesting and symmetrical photograph. 

2. Ping Shek Estate

This estate has an asymmetrical design that makes any shot of it very aesthetically pleasing. Many head here to get an upshot of the building and those who are lucky will happen to capture birds or an airplane flying through the monochromatic scene. 

Best photography spots in Hong Kong Ping Shek Estate

3. Chi Lin Nunnery

The Chi Lin Nunnery sits right outside the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and is a peaceful place featuring many halls and gardens. The Maitreya Hall is commonly photographed and is made of many wooden buildings that come together to highlight the calm and quiet of the area. 

4. Nan Lian Garden

Located right across from the nunnery, this garden is 35,000 square meters of pagodas, bridges, beautiful ponds, koi fish, and nature. You could spend hours capturing the scene of the garden and really enjoying the historical architecture.

best photography spots in hong kong, Nan Lian Garden

5. Yuen Po Bird Garden

This garden has multiple exotic birds housed in really beautiful and intricate bamboo cages. The birds are carefully taken care of by their owners who frequent the garden. Birds are a favorite of the people of Hong Kong and you’ll really see that in the way these birds are walked and preened. 

7. Flower Market

The flower market is bustling with vendors, customers, colorful flower arrangements of all types. This marketplace has any type of plants you could think of from old bonsai plants to beautiful blooms. The flower market is a great place to get some really beautiful colorful images. If you have a macro lens bring it with you. 

Best photography spots in hong kong Flower Market

8. Man Mo Temple

This temple is one of the prettiest ones on the island. Embrace the religion rooted in Hong Kong history by heading here and capturing the many red lanterns hanging, the spiral ceilings, and the many altars with incense sticks. 

9. Lugard Road

Lugard Road is the best view of the harbor you can get without having to pay a fee. This road is located at the very top of Victoria Peak and gives you a great opportunity to capture the skyline of the infamous Victoria Harbor below. Lugard Road is the place to take the photo you see around the internet. Bring a tripod and a wide-angle lens. 

Best photography spots in hong kong over view of the city Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong Lugard Road

Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong

10. Tian Tan Buddha

This location is home to the world’s largest outdoor sitting Buddha. You can visit this Buddha on Lantau Island. Make sure to bring a wide-angle lens so you’re able to capture this huge statue in its entirety.

Best photography spots in hong kong, Tian Tan Buddha hong kong

Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong

11. Po Lin Monastery

This monastery is an important Buddhist sanctum in Hong Kong. Its grounds are decorated with colorful designs as well as many orange trees that bear vibrant fruit that helps brighten up any shot. 

12. Wisdom Steps

These steps are lined with 38 wooden steels that each have verses from the Heart Sutra. These verses are prayers known by many religions and not only provide calming shots but also relaxing vibes on this short walk.

13. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

The promenade is a popular place for people of all ages to visit. While there are plenty of great shots in the day, you can also head here at night to watch the “Symphony of Lights: show that features lasers, lights, and music. The views are spectacular. Bring a tripod and a wide angle lens. 

Best photography spots in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

14. Temple Street Night Market

This photogenic night market has endless stalls of vendors selling products and food. Try to get to a higher vantage point such as a nearby carpark to capture the view from above. Make sure to spend time exploring the market as well to capture the essence of life in the busy city.

temple street night market hong kong

15. Sky 100 Observation Deck

This observation deck is situated at the very top of the tallest building in Hong Kong. the International Commerce Center (ICC). At 484 meters tall, you’ll get some of the best views of the city as well as great shots of the city skyscrapers.

16. Goldfish Market

The goldfish market is a short walk away from many of the other large marketplaces in the city. This place has hundreds of bags of tropical fish hung up for sale at high prices. These street pets are some of the most recognizable highlights of Hong Kong.

17. Yik Cheong Building

This building is a great representation of Hong Kong architecture. This dense building of residential apartments and homes have been featured in popular movies and is well-known as a feature of many Hong Kong photos. 

18. Choi Hung Estate

This estate is a classic Hong Kong location that many visit for its colorful buildings and vibrant basketball courts. Make sure to head here before the sun sets to really capture the fun colors of the estate’s exterior. 

best photography spots in hong kong, Choi Hung Estate

19. Jockey Club Innovation Tower

This is one of Hong Kong’s creative hubs and has architectural design worthy of many artistic photos. This building has all-white interiors, overlapping stairs, and stripped bare concrete to give any photo a chic and futuristic feel.

Best photography spots in hong kong, Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong

20. Sai Wan Swimming Shed

This is the only swimming shed in the city that still has public access. Its located near a bunch of local high-rises and is a great escape from city views, offering a calming and beautiful scene of the ocean and crashing waves.

best photography spots in hong kong, Sai Wan Swimming Shed

21. Ten Thousand Buddha Temple

This is a popular tourist attraction that features over 500 life-sized golden buddha statues along the path up to a temple. This monastery is nestled in a bamboo forest and also includes ponds, turtles, and plenty of nature to look at as you make your way up the hillside. 

best photography spots in hong kong Ten Thousand Buddha Temple

22. Western District Public Cargo Pier

This pier is also known as the Instagram Pier because of all the aesthetic shots that can be found here. This location has some of the best sunsets in the city and is also a beautiful place to visit right after a large storm. Rainwater usually collects on the pier and creates this great reflection of the sky. 

23. Tai O Fishing Village

This old village sits along a creek and houses a community that revolves around the water and fishing. There are small walkways throughout the village that sell lots of salty treats for you to taste and capture on camera. There’s also lots of quirky art around the village to search for. 

24. Nathan Road

Nathan Road is a busy road that many head to for night photography and capture the hundreds of neon signs that are lining the shops on the street. There’s plenty of cars that pass in the area and plenty of high-rise buildings to frame your shots. 

25. Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is well-known as one of the busiest ports in the world and sees plenty of Chinese junks, traditional ferry boats, and ginormous cruise ships in its waters on a daily basis. The best vantage point of the harbor is definitely from the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. 

Best photography spots in hong kong, Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

These are the Best Photography Spots in Hong Kong

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